Grateful Dead

Activity Center - October 6, 1977

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Activity Center

October 06, 1977

Tempe, AZ US

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*broadcast on King Biscuit Flour Hour

Set List:

Promised Land
Tennessee Jed
Jack Straw
Dire Wolf
Looks Like Rain
New Minglewood Blues
They Love Each Other
Music Never Stopped

Good Lovin'
Friend of the Devil
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Not Fade Away
Black Peter
Not Fade Away
Around and Around

Uncle John's Band

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Joined: Jul 13 2007
Second Set

I recorded the last half of the second set off the radio the night they broadcast it, but had to put it on the end of two separate cassettes (bummer). I have never heard a better combined version of Black Peter/NFA/Around & Around.

I would love to see this show released on CD. I don't know if GD can do so (maybe KB owns the rights)?

Joined: Jun 9 2007
trickrider : I was living

trickrider : I was living and working at the Grand Canyon this year and caught a ride to Tempe with some folks who dropped me off in a park close to ASU where the show was. It was pouring rain and about midnite when we got there, had never been there before, so I crawled under a picnic table and tried to sleep. About 4 am I walked over to the ASU Activity Center where the concert was going to be that nite and crawled into the brush down by the utility entrance below the main level. As workers started arriving around 7:30am, they couldn't help noticing this body wrapped in a sleeping bag in the bushes. Security was called and a guard eventually showed up and poked me with his nitestick to see if I was alive or not. He was cool. Let me sleep another hour after I quickly explained what and why I was there. So about 8:30 or 9am he rousted me out and I wandered back to the park and dozed on and off the rest of the day. Went over the the Activity Center about 4 that afternoon and snuck inside and was listening to the sound check and trying to be as unnoticeable as possible when after awhile one of the roadies spotted me and came over to ask if I knew where there may be some good weed. Of course, never having been to the Valley before and not knowing anyone except the folks who drove me down, I had no idea where to score anything. He then told me I had to leave!! Oh well, wandered over to the Howard Johnson's and ate a bite, hung out and then went on back to the Activity Center for the show. Wound up running into the folks who had driven me down and afterward partied with them and caught a ride back to the Canyon the next day.

Joined: Aug 16 2007
radio broadcast

The radio broadcast of the second set excerpts referred to above was an episode of "The King Biscuit Flower Hour." I too had it on tape and was very pleased about that, as I had been in attendance that night as well.
This was a very big deal back then. In the pre-digital, pre-Internet, pre-GDH world of the late seventies, to have 45 minutes or so of some live Dead copped off the radio was a real score.

Oddly perhaps, despite six appearences in Tempe ranging from '73 to '83, this was their only performance on the ASU campus.

Joined: Feb 24 2009
missing the whole show

All of what was not broadcast is still missing to this day which is a lot. Even the REAL broadcast parts are hard to find in decent quality. This screams for a complete SBD official release. The complete show STILL remains missing in 2011. If it's in the Vault, dig it up & lets get this one out in it's entirety as it is well deserving. The community will eat it up. Promise.

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Joined: Sep 10 2007
quick thoughts

Music is the standout in Set 1, but Jack Straw, Dire, LL Rain and Minglewood are all very well done. Eyes is the highlight of set 2 (the 2d solo!). VG show, 8.5/10

Joined: Nov 4 2011
First Show

This was my first show...I too had it on tape from the King BIsquit Flower was broadcasted on KDKB-FM back in 77..however I have lost it...perhaps the best LL Rain I have ever witnessed...but then most shows from 77 were quite awesome.
Why can no one find this show? I have searched...I have a stream but people say its not the real show...
anyone ??


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Activity Center - October 6, 1977