Grateful Dead

Lindley Meadows - September 28, 1975

Lindley Meadows

September 28, 1975

San Francisco, CA US

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last "The Eleven Jam": 01-16-70 [424] - also: Jefferson Starship

Set List:

Help on the Way>
Music Never Stopped*
They Love Each Other
Beat it on Down the Line
Franklin's Tower
Big River
It Must Have Been the Roses
The Eleven>
Stronger Than Dirt>
Not Fade Away>
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad>
One More Saturday Night

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Wino's picture
Joined: Jun 14 2007
Free show for the home heads

A beautiful moment in time.

Joined: Jun 30 2007
Birthday Bash

The day of my 18th birthday. No better way to spend it than catching an amazing free show in Golden Gate Park. That's hard to top.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Lindley Meadows, September 28, 1975

If memory serves, this was a surprise concert which came during their mid-70s hiatus. I was living across the street from the Park at the time and heard music wafting, raced over to Lindley, and spent the afternoon in a tree. The band was pretty ragged, but nobody cared. They were back!

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Joined: Sep 26 2007
s.f. chrnicle newspaper clipping

e-mail 4 more tatt2 flix goto shop if anyone out there can help me out i am looking for the front page clipping of 2 little hippiegirls sitting on the hill holding eachother. i am pretty sure it was from this show. and although they were only about 12/13 yrs of age at the time iremember them making the trip from bekeley to the city .they r both x,s of mine [brigette a.k.a. stoney n robin cochran] thyanx

Joined: Nov 25 2008
thanks mom

My mom took me to this show in the park when I was 8 years old! We lived right near by on Irving St. My first show!

Joined: Jan 27 2010
Maiden voyage of my 1960

Maiden voyage of my 1960 Morris Minor from Fairfield CA. Surprise announcement on the radio. Wow! Look what I've become. Fan for life. An' still dancing bare.

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Joined: Jul 13 2007
Lindley Meadows 75

This was a wonderful day. My friend Alex turned me onto the free concert and we had a blast there that day. I shot from sitting on top of his shoulders to get above the crowd! A real memory. Overcast but comfy. Rich, saturated, muted colors of the park. Debut of Jefferson Starfish. They parked a big semi trailer next to the stage with a big new airbrushed colorful Starship mural painted on the side of it facing crowd. Kind of garish for the park, really. Personally I enjoyed the Dead better that day but I guess the Starfish really got some business done. Got great photos of Jerry and white Travis Bean guitar and Bob in tan corderoy bells smiling, laughing and kicking right towards me and my camera. Sadly, the best shots for timing and composition were blurred by my bopping movement in my telephoto lens. Well, Deadhead 1st, photographer, 2nd. Natural order of life.

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Joined: Jul 13 2007
My first Grateful Dead

My first Grateful Dead Concert was one of Pigpen's last in SF . Although I watched them a few times in the 80's and once in the 90's, almost all of my many concerts were in the 70's in the Bay Area during the Keith and Donna years. What a privlege to have these memories!

Joined: Sep 13 2007
Wow, this show took place

Wow, this show took place just 25 whole days before I first arrived on this bright blue ball just spinning,spinning free dizzy for eternity!

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Joined: Feb 15 2011
Total surprise

I was in the park leaving with my flower child girlfriend and a huge stream of people flowed toward us. I asked where are you going. I turned around fast and saw the whole beautiful event with big trees and kites and frisbees and my friend from vermont ready to share. Oh Yeah I like it !


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Lindley Meadows - September 28, 1975