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It’s that time of year, when the Dave’s Picks subscriptions for 2014 go on sale. In 2012, the series was limited to 12,000 units of each release. Last year, we increased that to 13,000. And for 2014, you guessed it, each Dave’s Pick will be limited to 14,000 units.

It’s that time of year, when the Dave’s Picks subscriptions for 2014 go on sale. In 2012, the series was limited to 12,000 units of each release. Last year, we increased that to 13,000. And for 2014, you guessed it, each Dave’s Pick will be limited to 14,000 units. And just as all releases in 2012 and 2013 sold out, quickly, we expect the same in 2014, particularly with the quality of music we have planned for release. The only way to ensure you’ll receive all four releases in 2014 is to subscribe.

For those of you who can't stand the suspense, news has come in about Dave's Picks Vol. 9, the first of our four releases for next year. We're very pleased to revisit the Wall Of Sound era, with a complete show that took place on May 14, 1974, at Adams Field House at the University of Montana in Missoula, the Grateful Dead's only appearance in the state of oro y plata. This monstrously hot show is the third official show of the Wall Of Sound, which had debuted in March 1974. (You can find more details about this show in the 2013 Almanac.)

Although we haven’t mapped things out too far beyond Dave’s Picks Vol. 9, further digging through a batch of tapes returned to us in 2012 revealed more than we expected, so you in turn can plan on something excellent from the 1969-1971 era, likely something you’ve never heard. We spend months working on each and every release to make sure it’ll be something that you’ll happily hear again and again, and we’ve already got some great ideas in mind for the four releases in 2014.

Show specifics aside, no matter how you slice it, Dave’s Picks subscribers get the very best deal – four spectacular limited-edition numbered releases, free domestic shipping, and a stellar bonus disc that will arrive with Volume 10, in May 2014. The last two bonus discs have proven immensely popular, so naturally we’ll have another cool, interesting, exciting and rare treat for you in 2014.

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Coconut Phil's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Don't forget, remember how things were a few years ago.

We all need to remember how lucky we are to have Rhino, Dave and THE VAULT. No other band in history has the legacy the Grateful Dead have. They had the foresight to tape their shows, then archive them. Now shows are taken out and made to sound as best as technically possible, then mailed to our mailboxes, we don't even have to drive to the record store. All the complaining and whining is pathetic. Imagine if the vault did not exist, then this website would be really nothing special, but it is special. We get new shows, box sets every year, then starting tomorrow we get free music all month. The Tapers Section has music to stream every week for FREE! So please stop all this complaining. There is one troll among us that needs to simply move on, you know who you are.

Dave's Picks is really just beginning, only two years in. I'm sure there will be plenty of releases from many eras along the way. Remember a few years ago when all the legal stuff was going down, we did not get anything at all. Now we are getting a lot, Jerry's vault is putting out releases at a nice pace. We all have much to be grateful for heading into 2014. Dave is doing a great job, I'm thankful for everything we get. Dave spends a lot time working on things for us, so please cut him a little slack. Sorry folks, just needed to get that off my chest.


mustin321's picture
Joined: Aug 12 2011
Full Shows

I get more enjoyment listening to GD when I know I have the full show in hand. I love drums and space too but its really about the flow of the entire show and how they build up to the biggest jams. Its one large time stamp in history.

Joined: Jun 4 2007

To all out there im still looking for a soundboard of 2-25-95 my BD show or 6-3-95 my last show would gladly trade anyone of daves picks1-8 or i would buy 9 if wanted that one thanks

Joined: Oct 29 2013
Back in The Dead ol Days

Well its been a long strange trip to say the least,,,1968 if my memory serves me well,,,when The Greatfull Dead came rolling into my head and soul,,,,,,danced mant a streets , concert halls , fields of green grass/dirt and polo fields would love to do it all over agian,,,,,,,

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
it's not that hard to be nice

You know its perfectly possible to express a passionately held opinion without being rude to other people. Calling them idiots, snobs etc or even trolls. If folks here were discussing the Dead in the queue to a show would they be calling eachother names?

just be nice

and anyone who disagrees with me is a .... :-)

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010

The fox is rich y'all.

As for this comment... "some of us, who were hoping for an '80s show, were upset with the release"

There will be an 80's show in the mail in 2 days. Wow, short term memory for these Eighties Heads.

Give your 1990 box another listen or wait 2 days.

It'd be like late 70's head beggin for some 77.

Lastly: 73 and 74 are nothing a like, same with 77-78 , and other two year stretches. Listen, the time signatures, song selection, vocals, tape quality, venue sound, not to mention what magic J. Norman is mixing, it seems all very new each time for me and my friends.

Maybe you need a new Macintosh receiver or another set of speakers, but what it seems like you need is a friend. Please leave your vast wealth and constant negativity at the door and go see some shows, meet some folks, and enjoy your journey. Peace

matchewy's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2008

Not trying to be contrary, but I believe Dick was not trying to win any popularity contests when he released his picks. He did pick his favorites, as the title of the series suggests. I think Dave has been a bit more open to the general opinion of Heads.

I agree, more 80's would be great, and I am thrilled with any news of an 80's release. But, I will enjoy whatever is released. If I am not that thrilled, it can be a rainy day listen.

This is one release for the year in this series. There will also be two box sets in 2014. Let's keep our fingers crossed for some prime 80's, and I am sure we will be graced with some nice early and mid era as well.

Joined: Oct 2 2012
PF, You are trolling. I was


You are trolling. I was in the process of essentially writing the same thing when Star Dark posted. You are under no obligation to purchase these subscriptions. You certainly spend enough time on this site to buy the individual copies without the risk of them selling out. In the mean time, go pester U2 about releasing some 80s shows.

Dr. Lunchbox,

My sentiments exactly. I have been a long time advocate for a release of 10/12/1984. From what I read, the tape has some pretty bad cuts. Nevertheless, even a bonus disc with parts of the show would be great, as long as it included from Uncle Johns on out. Laughing a bit as well as I was listening to the 5/19/74 Truckin on the way into work today. Nice stuff.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
The 80's need more official representation

I notice that a lot of anti-80's hostility is starting to creep back into the discussions here and the notion of subpar performances or lack of releasable recordings from the middle of the decade is pure BS. Dave's Picks numbers 1, 3 and 7 are very sub par average shows that may be somebodies favorites because they either attended them or only like that particular era, yet they were officially released.

I've read interviews with both, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh where they say that they don't suggest what shows to release and even seldom give input or a final say as to what gets released. This leads me to believe that those of the inner circle who are deciding what to release are only picking their own personal favorites, or shows they themselves attended. I often refer people who only like a select era as tape snobs.

I can understand that there has to be a criteria met for shows to be released, and if they opt to not release, say an '84 show, because Jerry botched the lyrics to a song, just listen to 5/14/74 on the Archive and pay particular attention to Bob screwing up the lyrics to Black Throated Wind, the sad amateur hour performance of Must Have been The Roses or the terrible mix on the opening Bertha. Don't get me wrong, 5/14/74 is still legendary show, and the meat of it, WRS>DS>CD makes this a worthy release. The Playing In The Band is quite awesome as well. Fast forward 10 years to the '84 Greek, or any of the Summer run for that matter, and what you get are a Grateful Dead that sounds contemporary, tight, energetic, a few botched lyrics here and there (like they did during every era of their touring existence) and some of Jerry's best guitar work of his entire career.

A number of people have stated that they don't particularly care for the second half of the Deads career, and whether it's because they got on and off the bus before hand, or attended "x" amount of shows in one era and "x" amount of another era, are either short changing themselves from the half of the bigger picture or/and are snobs.

I revert back to the obvious...the biggest audience, most commercial success and arguably best shows of their entire career, and demand for the Deads music is in the '80s. The first clue should be the record rapid sell out of Dave's Picks 8.

This is speculation, but perhaps the real reason they are holding off on more '80s releases is when they increase the numbers of picks annually (12k for 2012, 13k for 2013, 14k for 2014 ect) is because they anticipate a massive influx of interest for later era shows when they increase the numbers that will be available. A lot more people are going to get a lot more enjoyment from Red Rocks '87 or Laguna Seca '88 than they are Horton Field House '78.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
star dark you can't be serious!

you think i'm trolling? you think i'm negative? i'm not the one who said they dislike the last 15 years of a band we're supposed to be celebrating. that is negative. for the record; the jubilation comment was directed at those who relished in the fact that some of us, who were hoping for an '80s show, were upset with the release, not necessarily those who were happy with the dave's picks 9 selection. (i.e. stoltzfus)

my main points: whole shows are overrated. sometimes you can get better releases from partials (dick's picks 12 > dave's picks 2). i also want different sh!t. is it really too much to ask to get some stuff from other years?

as for star dark, who took it upon himself to attack me personally; let me just say, you don't know me. honestly, money isn't an issue, so it really doesn't matter what they release. i can buy it all, even if its nothing more than iTunes fodder.

Joined: Mar 8 2009
MT '74

This has been one of my favorite '74 shows for a long time. I just listened to this and Portland, 5/19 recently because Dave had mentioned the latter show in some context. I thought that 5/19 would come out before Montana, but I'm very happy with this release.

I'd love to 2/15/73 released as well - another favorite of mine.

I'm looking forward to the new 69-71 reel return releases as well. If these are anything like DaP 3 & 6 I'll be uber-pumped.

Dave was on Tales from the Golden Road recently and said there isn't much '67 in vault, as in almost none.

A lot of folks are disappointed about the lack of 80s releases, and I can empathize with that, however, it is important to remember that those recordings often have a lot working against them. With Betty, Kidd, Bear, et al manning the tape machines in the 60s and 70s the sheer number of quality tapes is likely greater for the 70s and is certainly a factor for release.

It's tough not knowing what exactly is in the vault and in what quality, but I guess that's life. The listening party for DaP8 sounds awesome and I hope that Jeffery Norman can leverage the matrix again to piece together 10/12/84. I'm sure a lot of people can get behind that. Perhaps I'll send a note to Dave to see what he has to say about that....

matchewy's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2008

Can anyone say Spring 1990 box vol. 2 for Spring box set release?!

matchewy's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2008

We get the Family Dog show to satisfy those who like to hear something really different and novel.

Who knows what will be in store for a Spring box set that will come on the heels of DaP 9.

And more of the lost 69-71 stuff!!!

Okay, I'm done with my pep rally.

matchewy's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2008
(Un)expected releases

Also, the releases I felt luke warm about when announced are nice when I tire of listening to my favorite releases. They all have a welcome place in my collection.

matchewy's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2008
Expiring Credit Card

You will have to cancel current card to order a new one early, leaving you without a card for 3-7 days.

However, if the card expires in December, you should get a new one some time in November, and you have until the 27th of November to subscribe early with discounts, etc.

matchewy's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2008
More diversity

Yeah, more diversity would be great, early-mid eighties, more 67-69. But, I am pleased with this release. I remember a great track from this show during last year's 30 Days of Dead, so I am excited. If I had to pick the era for DaP 9, I would probably pick something else. But I am sure this show will be a nice addition, and I will enjoy it.

I am looking forward to DaP 8, and the Family Dog, and 30 Days of Dead. This will be a great November!

Joined: Oct 18 2009
Expiring Credit Card

So yeah I just tried to order the subscription and since my card happens to expire in December I got a message saying "card expires before the shipping date use another card." I don't have another card. Anybody know how to get around this problem? I mean I'll be sent my next card sometime in December but that's after the subscription price goes up. Can I go to my bank and get another card sooner? Sorry for the non-music related post.

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010

Glad you'd be fine. I wouldn't. Dave and countless others also continue to say that 80's shows recordings are hit and miss (more missing), probably a combo of technology and Healy attention. The mid 80's shows delivered less frequently as well in my and a lot of Heads opinions. So a combination of the band being ON and the tape hitting are less likely to produce a Pick. Dave is a deadhead, and in charge of the vault, he is going to play favs of course, but like I said earlier, we have a 80's show coming and we just got the 90 box. Relax bro.

Underthevolcano's picture
Joined: Feb 6 2008

keep em coming! I have them all-some I like a lot, some a little and some not so much. And, my opinions change over time as to those categories. Variety? yes, always a good idea, unique performances that have historical or other value-sure, the ones that seem to resonate-yes, all eras-yes. But as others have pointed out-we have the luxury of debate because there is in fact something going on to debate. If it all stopped-I, for one, would be very disappointed.

Joined: Nov 2 2010
Listening Preview Party

Hey Dave
How about uploading some preview tunes. Also we should get a notice on DV Pk #10 prior to subscription close, and bonus disc....last year it was announced in January...would be nice to get an earlier indication.

70's , 80's, 90's all good, patience will be rewarded.

.... hope will see light of day at some point.

Joined: Sep 5 2012

PFox is a bored, hateful little troll who probably still lives in his parents' basement. He routinely paints the larger listening audience in broad strokes based on misinformed assumptions and stereotypes, as this is one of his few remaining sources of self-esteem.

Ad hominem attack or factual description? Your call. But if we simply ignored him (and others of like negativity), this forum would be a whole lot better. We can agree to disagree with civility. I'm starting as of now.

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
vanderveen & dr shakedown

If the releases stopped, I'd be fine. We've already got more releases than any of us ever dreamed we'd have. My ongoing point, once again, is that if they're GOING to continue, and there ARE going to be so many, then all eras should be represented.

If you read between the lines of some of Dave's statements, he does imply less personal love for the mid-80's. In one of the recent films (maybe Dick's 8), he talked about some good music being played, but not really interesting music. In the Dick's 8 film, he also talked about how the '80 Bird Songs didn't yet hint at the great long versions of '89-'90. Well, no versions were greater or longer than '84-' fact, those Bird Songs were more open-ended and therefore more exploratory. But Dave doesn't seem to agree. Dick was a 70's guy through and through, his "favorite decade" was often mentioned--and yet he released an '83 and an '85 because people wanted them.

If the band members have actually put a ban on mid-80's, come out and say so and we'll stop hoping. And I'll stop complaining. No, I'm not ashamed. I've been buying releases for 20 years now. I'm still here while many buying Heads have long since left (hence the limited releases). My opinion counts. (Or doesn't, but there it is.)

And I'll say again, I LOVE this '74 show. Very deep jams, there couldn't be a better pick from 1974.

(p.s. Dr Shakedown, your idea that the Spring '90 box "quenched our thirst" for the "Brent era" is simply insulting, even to the band. As if they were artistically stagnant for the whole decade, and '80, '90 and everything in between is interchangeable.)

Joined: Sep 18 2007
The Band and The Negativity

It seems to me that folks believe Dave is the only one making decisions about releases and that the band is being disrespected because of lack of 80s material available. But from what I understand, the band, and especially Phil, has been reluctant to release music that they see as subpar. Dave still meets with the band and hears their input. I would like to see a little more diversity of eras represented, but why don't we focus on the positive? What we ARE getting are great sounding archival releases with phenomenal playing, artwork, photos, and brillian liner notes for less than $10 a CD. Shouldn't we be ashamed to complain about that? Don't want it? Don't buy it. The negativity makes me want to stay off of these boards.

Joined: Nov 28 2011
different eras other than 1970s

No one is saying you have to love the "last 15 years of the Grateful Dead"....personally I cant understand how anyone could not like years 1980-1991 ?!?! The point is that TPTB have WAY OVERDONE, OVER SATURATED releases from the 1970s...the band was about diversity, just like their music year releases should be. 1970-1978 WERE CERTAINLY not the only years the band played....and who cares what the band may have sounded like in 1984, 1986, or 1994 even. Personally, I think most of the shows released from 1969-1978 sound thin, distant, and dull sounding - probably because they recorded 30-40 years ago on tape reels with inferior equipment vs. we all have opinions

drshakedown's picture
Joined: Mar 1 2010
I would love

To see the reaction of some if this flow of music stopped. Think about it.

*Fish are risin' up like birds

*Corns a bumper crop

This is the greatest thing ever, for the greatest band and fans ever.

........and BTW, the 1990 box set should have quenched some of the thirst for Mydland era shows, not to mention DP Vol.8 we haven't received yet.

Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012
for PF

i'm jubilant about DaP9
i miss jerry
i dislike the last 15 years of the band's shows

if that bothers you, that's a you problem
take it up with your congressman

Joined: Jul 20 2007

Cosmic badger, I agree - I've long enjoyed the reviews (and era breakdowns) of that site. Dave sort of makes this point in his latest video (defining eras by band member configurations).

PFox, I am one of those who is "jubilant" about this release (and RSD and the returned late sixties tapes and and and and). You wrote that those of us who are jubilant "make you sick" and that our comments are "stupid." Then when someone countered that, you pointed out that your post was "your most articulated in weeks," whereas that person was just "attacking you." So, calling people stupid is not an attack, it is being articulate?

Also as usual you create a straw man argument. Seems to me that many of us who are happy with the release have also, repeatedly, pointed out that we also like 80's shows. I've said many times I would love an 84 show, especially if they can matrix it. I also frequently (see current Taper's Section comments) tout my love of 82. This is not a zero sum thing - it is possible to be excited about a great 74 show and still love the 80s too...

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

Just being pedantic here, but I am not sure categorisation by decades tells us much. If you want to do this analysis, why not by 'eras'. I think the eras used in the following site are the most useful and relevant

PalmerEldritch's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2011
era breakdowns

Nice work here on the release breakdowns. I prefer to think of the pre-hiatus period as one long golden age. Looking at it that way, the pattern of releases has been really consistent since Dicks Picks began 20 years ago. Just looking at the release series DP, downloads, RT, DaP: out of 74 releases, about 50% are pre-hiatus, 25% post-hiatus Keith, and the remaining 25% are Brent and post-Brent. That seems pretty fair to me. I'm super happy with this Montana pick. Dave's Pick 2 was nice, but too light on jams for 74. Now we get a PITB and Dark Star. I also think something from 75 or summer 73 is long overdue. I have a suspicion that maybe these potential picks are being held back for possible box set treatment (wishful thinking?).

Joined: Mar 12 2009
Another way to look at what's been released

Jason Wilder recently put up a very nicely detailed breakdown here regarding the number of live releases by decade, but since that doesn't actually represent the amount of music on those releases, I have put together my timings for all of the officially released live material to come out of the vault. Everything from the first, One From the Vault, to the most recent, Sunshine Daydream, including all the compilations and bonus material, while excluding anything duplicated, or anything that was only available as a download, or only released as video.

1960s: 36 hours
1970s: 308 hours
1980s: 51 hours
1990s: 49 hours

Make of it what you will. Yes, I do enjoy the great stuff from the 80s, and this obviously shows things even more skewed to the 70s, but I have no complaints, since each and every one of them is a wonderfully unique experience. Bolo24 is right. Way too much music. I hate it. And I also can't wait to hear Missoula, Montana, May 14, 1974.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011

i can't speak for everyone, but for me its not about getting shows i attended. i couldn't care less. although, i was at the three rivers show (view volume 1), and i thought it was cool they released a partial show, recorded a few hours after i was born as a bonus disc.

for me its all about getting new songs & new sounds. many of my favorite releases are keith era shows, but i just want to hear some new stuff. its as simple as that. i really don't understand why this is so difficult for dave to understand.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Christmas in October....

There's a Dark Star for dangs sake! I'm not complaining. It would be nice to see the first show I ever heard when I was dosed released. Silva Hall in Eugene 5/8/84. Doubtful, but one can hope right? That tape that played as I was tripping balls on a road trip through the mountains of Nevada got me on the bus and kept me there. Kim Blanchard and Hoey Crain, if you guys are out there somewhere, thanks guys!! It's all your fault.

Nottwo's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2011
A realistic, open mind

You're losing me, Zuckfun. C'mon, you can do better than that!

Joined: Mar 18 2010
An open mind

Every person is different, that's really my point. To say women or men usually are whatever is to discount the nature of the individual. We have fingerprints for a reason.

Nottwo's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2011
Hey Zuckfun...

Well, in my experience, this is usually the case. Although there are obviously exceptions, I did say "usually". What is the last atrocity imposed on humanity that was committed by a woman, or women's orders? I apologize if you perceived my comment as an offensive generalization. But hey, it's fucken true!
Hmmm, stereotypes... well, you're obviously a Sensitive New Age type, so I'll leave it at that.

kimoku's picture
Joined: Jul 6 2007

I can't believe some of the stuff I am reading.
Dave and guys just keep doing what you're doing.
I will never be disappointed with any of the releases with regard to era, quality, frequency of releases. All non-issues and I will continue to fork out $ for every one.
Many of us jumped on the bus at different times and it's only human nature to gravitate towards the shows that resonate within us.
I'll get every single one just like I would have gone to every single show if I could have. I threw my mic's up and recorded virtually every show I went I have no qualms with the sound fidelity of the releases.
I just to offer my sincere thanks for all the effort you folks are putting in to offer us this labor of love and this goes down to the art, graphic design, the packaging, fulfillment. It's 'crafted' and it shows. Keep 'em coming.

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Hey Nottwo...

Are ladies usually more sensitive and well mannered? Any more stereotypes to share with us this evening, or is two enough?

Nottwo's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2011
Dear Mr.Fox

I assume you are a gentleman, as ladies are usually more sensitive and well-mannered than you present yourself with your various posts.
But, I agree: I wish the boys were still touring... I miss Jerry.
And yes, I'm grateful for these sixties/seventies releases, too.
Let's hope for plenty more.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011

you should see a charge in late january before the first volume of the year ships.

PatagonianFox's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2011
dick's picks 12 > dave's picks 2

one more point i'd like to make:

whole shows are nice, but i'd rather have all meat than filler. if a show doesn't completely kick ass there is no shame in splicing it up, and adding it to other partials in order to create a great release.

you could make the argument dick's picks 12 is the best release of that series, and its not a whole show.

Spikor82's picture
Joined: Mar 9 2013
charged when?

This will be my first year of a DP subscription, I understand that there will be a pre-authorization on my card when I order, but when is the actual 99.99 charged to me? when the first set ships on Feb? or right away? any help?

Joined: Nov 25 2009
This discussion....

...sure makes me long for the good old days. When we were blessed to get a new GD release every year or so. Or, in the 80's, every 6 years. It might be a live compilation of good tunes from a few concerts, or a mediocre to decent studio effort. I loved driving to the record store to buy my copy.

Now there's just too much. This year alone - 4 DP's , the epic Veneta concert, 5 great May shows, some nice Jerry stuff, a rare acoustic show coming, free music every day in November. All delivered to our mailboxes or computers.

Way too much music. I hate it.

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
awesome pick from '74, but....

...I wish this had been Dave's 2, and Dave's 9 was mid-80's (THREE releases EVER between 1983->1987. Not three Dick's, not three Road Trips. Three RELEASES....EVER.)

This '74 show is sweet enough that it might entice me, even with my great soundboard of the meat of it. Well worthy of release. But, man, the original advert for the Dave's series showed a '75, an '84, and an '87. It really is starting to feel as if that "sky's the limit" promise was false advertising. You can accuse some of us of "negative vibes," but the fact is, this buying community is very small now--hence the limited releases. Many of us keep hoping every year--like the Great Pumpkin--for that mid-80's release just around the corner. Year in and year out, Road Trips subscriptions, Dave's just doesn't come.

Hoping the next lost-stash release is that '69 with the crazy-Phil Dark Star Dave's been telling us about, over a '71. Yes, of course I love the old stuff...who doesn't? Would really like to see a '68,and I second an early '73 (Dick's 28,the only non-Fall'73 ever released, is one of my count-on-one-hand favorite releases ever).

I can also appreciate the basic point Fox made. Wonder who would've said to Jerry or Billy after an '85 or '87 show, "alright show, man, but you guys haven't played any shows worth recording since 12 years ago. And, really, nothing even good since five years ago." I think, nobody. And not just because it would've been rude--but because it's simply untrue. They were still creating vital music.

mustin321's picture
Joined: Aug 12 2011
Jason Wilder

Nice Stats!

...and thats what? about 125 or so official releases. and the band played about 2300 shows, right?
I know there are plenty of shows missing from the vault but we've got plenty more coming...from each decade. I know Ill be patient as long as I have PFox to keep it interesting along the way.


To anyone else or whoever. Dave has stated multiple times that a lot of what is missing from the vault are 80's shows and the ones they do have don't sound very good (low bass, or no bobby, etc.) And we probably won't be seeing anything from 93-95 anytime soon. The band played a lot of good shows in the 70's and those old tapes sound friggin least to my ears.

Musicabove's picture
Joined: Oct 17 2013
The music has stopped here for some

I find it quite amazing how much negativity and rambling is taking place on this board. Although I'm a new Head and my collection at this moment is laughable I will gladly open my wallet, my arms and my ears to what Dave and Round Records offers to me. This is a discussion board I believe about the creative genius that is the Grateful dead and how it has affected our lives similarly yet with different experiences. It has not been 12 hours and most of the comments have turned elementary, with severe lack of frontal lobe development. Be grateful, these releases I'm sure don't have to happen. I hope I haven't stepped on anyone's feet.

andrewhentzen's picture
Joined: Oct 17 2013

I really dig 74, pretty excited

Hoping for a release with bruce somewhere in the mix

Joined: Sep 18 2007
It's all good

Sorry to read the negative vibes here. I'm happy with this release, because there aren't enough full shows from '74 out there, and I find myself listening to complete shows more than partial ones. I'd like to see more late Brent era released, since that's when I started going to shows and the band had a fiery, fully-developed sound, but I listen to early Brent era less than any other. Bob's slide just seriously grates on my eardrums. It's all personal taste, of course. If we were fans of just about any other band, we'd be thrilled at all of the archival releases. Problem is, this isn't any other band. Keep on rockin' -- I placed my subscription and Family Dog orders!

tuna station's picture
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Easy decision

even though i'm not a big fan of the "limited edition" aspect. we got 5 good shows, including a partial show and one full show that had never been heard, in 2013. then in 2014, we'll get 5 more with a hint of possibly more unheard music. and of course, there's the early bird discount & free shipping.
seems like an easy decision... ordered.

just like i said wilfredt, can't buy it if they don't sell it ;)

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70s > 80s, but still

Look, I'm a relative youngster, so I couldn't see any live Dead in the 1970's, too young. But I think an objective person would have to admit there is FAR more great material in the 1970's than in the 1980s. And of the 1980's stuff, 1989 is the best year, and the releases reflect that. Some very good stuff in 1980, some in 1985 and again in 1988. I think 1987 gets shafted the most, but I agree a full release from 1984 would be friggin' nice. '84 and '87 need represented, though 87 does have a full video release.

Having said that, I think there as got to be some good 1987, 1984, or 1988 stuff we can mine. Kudos for the 1980 show in Dave Pick's #8, haven't got it yet but it looks hot.

FWIW, my count of the LIVE releases, not including bonus discs, counting the main course of the release (Live albums, Vaults, Dicks and Daves, RT, DDlds, etc)

Live Albums (13 counting Anthem)
1960s: 4 (Anthem + Live/Dead, Vintage Dead, Historic Dead)
1970s: 4 (Skull & Roses, Europe, Bear's Choice, Steal Your Face)
1980s: 4 (Reckoing, Dead Set, Dylan & The Dead, half of W/out a Net and Infrared)
1990s: 1 (Half of Without a Net and Infrared)

Vaults (7)
1960s: 1 (Two From)
1970s: 2 (One From, Three From)
1980s: 1 (View 4)
1990s: 3 (Views 1-3)

Dicks (36)
1960s: 3 (16, 22, 26)
1970s: 26 (1-5, 7-8, 10-12, 14-15, 18-20, 23-25, 28-31, 33-36)
1980s: 4 (6, 13, 21, 32)
1990s: 3 (9, 17, 27)

Digital D's (15)
1960s: 2 (6, 12)
1970s: 9 (1-4, 8, Family Dog GH, 10, + both RT Full Shows)
1980s: 3 (5, 7, 9)
1990s: 1 (11)

Road Trips (17)
1960s: 2 (Vol 2 #2, Vol 4 #1)
1970s: 10 (Vol 1 #1-4, Vol 2 #3, Vol 3 #1-3, Vol 4 #3 & #5)
1980s: 3 (Vol 3 #4, Vol 4 #2 & #4)
1990s: 2 (Vol 2 #1 & #4)

Daves (9)
1960s: 0.5 (half of 6)
1970s: 7.5 (1-5, half of 6, 7, 9)
1980s: 1 (8)
1990s: 0

Everything Else (28)
1960s: 4 (Fillmore E 69, Birth, Rare Cuts, Fillmore W Complete Rec)
1970s: 16 (Hundred Year, L&G tGD, Steppin Out/England, Closing W'land, Rhine, GD MoveStrack, -----------Cow Palace, Winterland '73, Cradle, Harford '77, Winterland '77, Europe '72, -----------Winterland '71, May '77, SSDD, Family Dog)
1980s: 4 (Nighfall of Ds, Truckin' Buffalo, Crimson White & Indigo, Warlocks,
1990s: 4 (Dozin, Terrapin Ltd, Nassau, Spring '90)

Totals so far (excluding stand alone videos and releases with a lot of years on them - Fallout, So Many Roads, Grayfolded, Postcards):

1960s: 16.5
1970s: 74.5
1980s: 20
1990s: 14

I think the overall distribution is pretty spot on.

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Spring of 1990...again

I promised not to mention this again, but anyways. The sound of Spring 1990 irritates me. That warm fatiguing sound of this box set. The two-track tapes were used when each show was recorded on a superior medium. I say this not to try and change the past, but because Spring of 1990 part 2 will come. Please use the multi-track tapes next time.