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Spring 1990, Volume One Box - SOLD OUT

Digital Download

What's Inside:
60 page hardcover Smyth-Sewn book featuring essays by Dennis McNally, David Lemieux, and Blair Jackson and photos by Jim Anderson & Mike Laurentis
25th Anniversary Tour Program
Official Band Letters
6 Ticket Stubs
6 Cloth Sticker Backstage Passes
1 Tour Laminate
Official 1990 Band publicity shot
6 complete shows on 18 discs
       3/16/90 Capital Center, Landover, MD
       3/19/90 Civic Center, Hartford, CT
       3/22/90 Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON, Canada
       3/26/90 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
       3/30/90 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
       4/2/90 The Omni, Atlanta, GA

Box Dimensions: 12-1/8" x 3-1/8" x 12-1/8"
Recorded and Mixed Live by John Cutler
Mastered by Jeffrey Norman in HDCD
Original art by Wes Lang
Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 9,000

Introducing The Next Box: Spring 1990!

And now for something a little different. This year's box set - Grateful Dead: Spring 1990 - offers six complete shows from the epic spring '90 tour, one concert from each city the band played, personally selected by Dead vaultmeister and archival release producer David Lemieux. The sizzling six are: 3/16/90 Capital Centre (Landover , MD), 3/19/90 Hartford Civic Center, 3/22/90 Copps Coliseum (Hamilton, Ontario), 3/26/90 Knickerbocker Arena (Albany, NY), 3/30/90 Nassau Coliseum (Uniondale, NY) and 4/2/90 The Omni (Atlanta, GA).

In his "Producer's Note" in the beautiful book that is part of the box, Lemieux, who attended the first 10 shows on the tour, states, "To my ears this was the last tour that was consistently great, where every show is excellent, not a dud in the bunch." And Grateful Dead historian Dennis McNally's comprehensive and informative insider's essay in the box is titled "The Last Great Dead Tour." These guys know what they're talking about.

Basically, the band had been on an upward trajectory since Garcia's return to the road in the spring of '87, following his near-death the previous summer. Of course, 1987 was a trip in itself, what with the unexpected mega-success of In the Dark and their first hit single, "Touch of Grey." But the momentum just kept building with each subsequent tour, as Garcia got back up to full speed (and then some!) and the group as a whole was as unified as they had ever been since Brent joined the band in the spring of '79. New original tunes were popping up and the old favorites were imbued with a freshness and spirit that was so uplifting and inspiring. The band was having fun again, and it was downright infectious.

The group's fall 1989 shows-as documented two years ago on the Formerly the Warlocks box (two shows from Hampton, VA, 10/8-9/89) and on the 2001 release Nightfall of Diamonds (a single night in NJ, 10/16/89)- kicked the energy level up another couple of notches, as the band reintroduced such loved classics as "Help on the Way" > "Slipknot!," "Attics of My Life," "Death Don't Have No Mercy" and "Dark Star."

And when the band hit the road in mid-March 1990, they had a bunch of other cool tunes to lay on their unsuspecting crowds, including the return of "Loose Lucy" (last played in 1974; it's not on this box), Brent's "Easy to Love You" (missing since 1980), a rollicking cover of the Rolling Stones' "The Last Time," The Band's "The Weight" (with all four singers taking a verse each) and a lyrically retooled "Black-Throated Wind" (absent since 1974), which elicited huge cheers every time it was played.

Over these six shows, most of the cornerstones of the Dead's repertoire from the era appear-splendid versions of "Scarlet Begonias" > "Fire on the Mountain," "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider," "Playing in the Band," "Uncle John's Band," "Eyes of the World," "Estimated Prophet," "Truckin'," "Sugar Magnolia," "The Other One," "Terrapin," "Stella Blue," "Feel Like a Stranger," "Bird Song," "Let It Grow," "China Doll," "Box of Rain," "Morning Dew"; you name it. From the fall '89 breakouts come "Help-Slip-Frank," "Attics of My Life" and "Death Don't Have No Mercy." Among the still newish tunes are "Picasso Moon," "Blow Away," "Foolish Heart," "Just a Little Light," "Victim or the Crime," "Standing on the Moon," "We Can Run" and a couple that would get their final plays from the Grateful Dead on this tour-"Built to Last" and "Believe It or Not." There are stirring renditions of "Dear Mr. Fantasy" and "Black Muddy River," rockin' takes on "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "Iko Iko" and the only version of the full "Hey Jude" the band attempted in the modern era. And the "Rhythm Devils" and "Space" jams at the heart of each second set are as noisy-beautiful-scary-funny-intense-mysterious-wild as you'd expect/hope for.

Of course, we understand that some of you may have other favorite shows from this tour you wish were included on this box. Really, you can't go wrong with any of them. But at 18 discs, this is still the second largest Grateful Dead box (after Europe '72: The Complete Recordings) that's been released, and the non-inclusion of any other shows from the tour definitely does not preclude their future release! But this seemed like a more manageable way to go, while still giving a sense of the tour's amazing depth and breadth.

Besides the discs themselves, Grateful Dead: Spring 1990 has much to offer, including: a gorgeous 60-page hardcover book containing copious color photos by Jim Anderson and Michael Laurentus, unique artwork by Brooklyn-based fine artist Wes Lang, fascinating business letters and communications related to the tour, a detailed historical essay by Dennis McNally, a Producer's Note by David Lemieux and individual show descriptions by Blair Jackson; a reproduction of the Dead's 1990 tour program (printed and sold later in '90, for the fall and Europe '90 tours); tickets and backstage passes of all six shows; a band publicity photo from 1990 by Ken Friedman; Dennis McNally's tour laminate; and reproductions of the colored 8x10 sheets GDTS sent out with hotel, food and other information for each city on the tour.

With recordings made by longtime Grateful Dead recordist and producer John Cutler, mastered by Jeffrey Norman in HDCD, you just know it's gonna sound great-and it does!

So, that's the skinny this time 'round. This box is limited to just 9,000 numbered copies - please note, this is the only time these shows will ever be officially available on CD. There will not be an All Music Edition and single shows will not be available physically. Due to ship out August 31st, we anticipate that this extraordinary set will sell-out, so order your copy today!

If you're looking for more of a bite-sized taste of the '90s, Spring 1990: So Glad You Made It, a 2-CD set featuring a handful of favorites, will be in stores on September 18th.

-Blair Jackson

Listening Party

4/2/90, The Omni, Atlanta, GA

Foolish Heart>
Looks Like Rain>
He's Gone>
The Last Time

Click here for an archive of past Spring 1990 Listening Parties.

Spring 1990: A Look Inside The Box

Bob Remembers Spring 1990

David Lemieux on What’s Inside Spring 1990


Show #1
Capital Center, Landover, Md (3/16/90)

Disc 1
1. Let The Good Times Roll> [4:11]
2. Touch Of Grey [6:28]
3. New Minglewood Blues [7:44]
4. Peggy-O [6:34]
5. Queen Jane Approximately [6:15]
6. Loser [7:22]
7. Black-Throated Wind [6:03]
8. Bird Song [14:23]
9. Blow Away [12:02]

Disc 2
1. Scarlet Begonias> [11:21]
2. Estimated Prophet> [11:04]
3. Ship Of Fools> [7:39]
4. Man Smart, Woman Smarter> [6:55]
5. Jam> [5:24]
6. Rhythm Devils [9:37]

Disc 3
1. Space> [10:42]
2. The Other One> [6:55]
3. Stella Blue> [8:49]
4. Sugar Magnolia [9:16]
5. The Last Time [5:19]

Show #2
Civic Center, Hartford, Ct (3/19/90)

Disc 1
1. Hell In A Bucket> [6:43]
2. Bertha [7:10]
3. We Can Run [7:05]
4. Jack-A-Roe [5:13]
5. Picasso Moon [7:41]
6. Brown-Eyed Women [5:59]
7. It's All Over Now> [7:25]
8. Deal [8:41]

Disc 2
1. Box Of Rain [5:27]
2. Foolish Heart> [11:35]
3. Playing In The Band> [8:32]
4. Eyes Of The World> [14:41]
5. Rhythm Devils [10:26]

Disc 3
1. Space> [10:52]
2. China Doll> [6:13]
3. Gimme Some Lovin'> [4:31]
4. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad> [6:55]
5. Around And Around [6:36]
6. Brokedown Palace [5:48]

Show #3
Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (3/22/90)

Disc 1
1. Feel Like A Stranger [8:12]
2. West L. A. Fadeaway [7:41]
3. Easy To Love You [6:14]
4. Beat It On Down The Line [3:34]
5. It Must Have Been The Roses [6:29]
6. The Last Time [5:40]
7. Picasso Moon [7:07]
8. Don't Ease Me In [3:30]

Disc 2
1. Scarlet Begonias> [8:30]
2. Fire On The Mountain [11:44]
3. Samson And Delilah [6:51]
4. Believe It Or Not [6:32]
5. Truckin'> [11:04]
6. Rhythm Devils [11:36]

Disc 3
1. Space> [8:14]
2. The Other One> [6:42]
3. Hey Jude> [4:53]
4. Dear Mr. Fantasy> [3:58]
5. Hey Jude> [4:31]
6. Sugar Magnolia [8:45]
7. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [7:10]

Show #4
Knickerbocker Arena, Albany Ny (3/26/90)

Disc 1
1. Hell In A Bucket [6:53]
2. Dupree's Diamond Blues [6:08]
3. Just A Little Light [5:15]
4. Black-Throated Wind [6:32]
5. Big Railroad Blues [4:40]
6. Picasso Moon [7:17]
7. Row Jimmy [10:53]
8. Blow Away [11:31]

Disc 2
1. Built To Last [5:29]
2. Victim Or The Crime> [9:56]
3. China Cat Sunflower> [5:45]
4. I Know You Rider> [5:24]
5. Man Smart, Woman Smarter> [6:14]
6. Rhythm Devils [11:21]

Disc 3
1. Space> [8:29]
2. I Need A Miracle> [4:03]
3. Dear Mr. Fantasy> [5:20]
4. Gimme Some Lovin'> [5:09]
5. Morning Dew [11:57]
6. Brokedown Palace [5:37]

Bonus Tracks From 3/24/90 Albany
7. Let The Good Times Roll> [4:01]
8. Help On The Way> [4:05]
9. Slipknot!> [3:50]
10. Franklin's Tower [8:04]
11. Loser [7:30]
12. Tennessee Jed [7:53]

Show #5
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Ny (3/30/90)

Disc 1
1. Help On The Way> [4:12]
2. Slipknot!> [5:49]
3. Franklin's Tower [9:39]
4. Little Red Rooster [9:13]
5. Dire Wolf [3:28]
6. It's All Over Now [7:18]
7. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [6:12]
8. Picasso Moon [7:56]
9. Don't Ease Me In [3:26]

Disc 2
1. Iko Iko [7:07]
2. Playing In The Band> [9:19]
3. China Doll> [5:41]
4. Uncle John's Band> [8:16]
5. Terrapin Station> [12:59]
6. Rhythm Devils [9:48]

Disc 3
1. Space> [11:30]
2. I Need A Miracle> [4:02]
3. Gimme Some Lovin> [4:55]
4. Standing On The Moon> [8:56]
5. Not Fade Away [7:40]
6. Attics Of My Life [5:12]

Show #6
The Omni, Atlanta, Ga (4/2/90)

Disc 1
1. Feel Like A Stranger [8:44]
2. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo> [7:02]
3. The Weight [6:34]
4. Queen Jane Approximately [6:13]
5. Easy To Love You [5:37]
6. Brown-Eyed Women [5:46]
7. Let It Grow [12:21]

Disc 2
1. Foolish Heart> [9:20]
2. Looks Like Rain> [8:26]
3. He's Gone> [8:59]
4. The Last Time> [5:43]
5. Rhythm Devils [10:42]

Disc 3
1. Space> [9:04]
2. The Other One> [6:24]
3. Death Don't Have No Mercy> [7:37]
4. Around And Around> [3:41]
5. Good Lovin' [7:12]
6. Black Muddy River [6:28]

Wes Lang Talks Grateful Dead


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rrot's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2009
I didn't complain to the list

When disc 1 of 18 was flawed -- It skipped terribly... in Bird Song (of course!).

But I did PM that wonderfully patient and helpful person who lurks here constantly, but posts almost only to help with people's problems. You know who she is!

The people she suggested I contact replied to my email and said the problem would be addressed within 48-72 hours.

After 96 hours I had not heard back, so I replied back to them reminding them of their promise to address the problem of the one bad disc.

I received a reply the next day, saying that my bad disc would be replaced and would go out "this week."

A bit more than one week later, I received another email saying the replacement disc was sent to me "today."

That was three days ago. I received the disc today. The mailing label shows that it was sent when it was claimed to be sent.

It is the right one and it is free of problems. I am happy!

Even though I did detect a certain tendency to "over-promise and under-deliver" with regard to timing --- when the right model is obviously the reverse of that -- I consider that this has overall been a good customer service experience.

I expect and hope that most people's experience will be similar, but it is the nature of the internet and of mankind that negative experiences will be more frequently made public.

My heart goes out to those who have had bad experiences so far, but I do believe that with a combination of persistence and patience you will find that things will be made right.

(Also, I have no problem at all hearing Mr. Garcia's guitar and his voice in this mix.)

carolina boy's picture
Joined: Feb 1 2010

Mine's up for sale.

Joined: Jul 13 2011

My take on dead net is that Gilbert Shelton's influence did not end with Shakedown Street; Fat Freddy is running it. If only it was his cat!

Joined: Sep 20 2012
Stunning Level of Ineptitude

Sorry - duplicate post

Joined: Sep 20 2012
Stunning Level of Ineptitude

Strap in brothers & sisters, this rant may take a while...

Ordered Spring 1990 on 8/1 with a promise of shipping by 9/1.
Received confirmation of shipping on 8/23 with a tracking number (yeah)
Tracking number didn't work (boo)
Got email that the tracking numbers were rubbish, use new tracking number (yeah)
New tracking number didn't work (boo)
Was told to wait until 9/6 for delivery
No Spring 90
Sent numerous emails to cust service. Response was the same: looking into it, investigating with shipper,etc... (BOO)
Finally, after 2 weeks sent terse email threatening to cancel order - No reply
Called customer service and spoke with supervisor. Was told that Spring 90 is essentially on backorder until early October (Boo)
Was given 20% discount and credited back my shipping charge of $13 (Yeah!)
Today I got an email saying that Spring 90 is permanently out of stock and my order will be cancelled and credited.

This company is so screwed up that words have a hard time doing it justice.

I have so rarely had things I ordered lost in the mail, I have a conspiracy theory that they never sent the product in the first place. Anyone else want to jump on my conspiracy bandwagon? No tracking? No immediate replacement?

W--T---F---- is wrong with these people? I have never encountered worse customer service and fulfillment on the internet.

Is there any higher level of customer service at that we can contact? If these people can't get an order right, how can I trust them to even credit me back the money?

Joined: Feb 24 2009
OMG - this is absurd! totally sucks. I'm not buying from them any more.
I give up. I'm disputing the charge with my credit card.
They don't help at all.

frankparry's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
Arrived in the UK

Spring 90 arrived just 2 days after Dave's Picks 3 here in Nottingham. So far have just managed to hear disc 3 of Dave's Picks which is excellent. That's my weekend (and week after) listening sorted!

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

What gets me about the Sandstone 6-25-91 concert is that just before Tennessee Jed there's a Reuben and Cherise tease. They didn't play it that evening or ever again. I think that if they had it just might have been the perfect concert. It's still one of my faves from the awesome month of June '91. Based on what David L. said they might be saving Soldier Field '91 for a tandem video/audio release. In addition, I agree that they should also release video/audio of 7-18-89 and I think they should include the missing tunes from 7-17 as filler. (Row Jimmy, Masterpiece, and When Push Comes to Shove)

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Spring 90

Dear Chr,

We have shipped your replacement disc 1 of 3/22/90 from the Spring 1990 box set. You should receive it soon.

Thank you for your patience.


Dr. Rhino & Customer Service

Joined: Jun 4 2007

It's been a while since the last Vince era show with or without Bruce has been released. There are some great shows from December '90...especially Compton Terrace and Denver.

A few other suggestions...
Giants Stadium - June 17, 1991
Soldier Field - June 22, 1991
Sandstone Amphitheatre - June 24-25, 1991
Richfield Coliseum - September 4-6, 1991
Madison Square Garden - September 10, 1991
Boston Garden - September 26, 1991

I would really like to see the Alpine Valley Music Theatre - July 18, 1989 concert that was played in the movie theatres released. '89 and '90 was the Dead athe their best. Release 'em all...

I'm still pulling for something from '84 and more from '88.

Joined: Aug 23 2012

They did release the Road Trips, From Egypt With Love set shortly after releasing Rocking the Cradle.... so who knows?? It could happen, but I too doubt it will be a set related to this box.

Syracuse78's picture
Joined: Jul 15 2010
DaP 4

Someone thinks they are going to release another show from this tour for Dave's Picks 4. I would be willing to bet big money and even give odds that doesn't occur. When have they ever done that? People bitch and moan if two picks in a row are from the same DECADE. Can you imagine releasing six shows from a tour and then having the next individual show release be a seventh show from that tour? I'd guess '60s, since it seems like it's been a long time since they have tapped that era, but could also be early-mid '80s, IMO. We shall see. That's my bet (figuratively speaking).

Joined: Sep 19 2012
my set arrived in glasgow

my set arrived in glasgow yesterday - i had to pay the duty!

was it worth it?

oh yes!

very very!

Joined: Jun 12 2007
Still have Faith, but not for much Longer

Waiting for a replacement disc here too. I'm one week away from mailing it back and disputing the CC charge. Paying 200 big ones (yes Rhino, that is a lot of money for us) for something that isn't even complete - NO WAY! An update would sure go a long way. I'm happy for the people who got what they paid for, and a bit jelous. I can't even bring myself to listen to it until it's complete, should make for an easier return that way.

One Man's picture
Joined: May 17 2011
Last Good Mix

A recent post called this the worst mix ever. I wouldn't go that far. Plenty of the live to 2-track releases are worse, at least in parts. But this does make me want to get back on my soapbox regarding the mixing budget of the archival release program. I tried to remember the last time a release was given a decent mix from multi-track and I had to really think about it. The Europe box and Formerly the Warlocks were given the rush treatment and they sound that way. Crimson, White and Indigo (released 2010) employed an unknown engineer who somehow didn't screw it up horribly. The last time Jeff Norman properly mixed one was back in 2008 on Rocking the Cradle. I predict the days of Rhino budgeting for decent audio are way behind us. It's our own fault. The market will bear it. No one cares about their Machiavellian business practices. I don't even care that much. I'm just reporting from the peanut gallery and adding my voice to those crying foul. The worst part is that the raw materials for what could be fantastic audio documents will sit and rot in the vault.

Joined: Feb 24 2009

I'm sick of waiting for my replacement disk. And sick that they didn't explain or apologize after all these complaints.

They don't reply to my emails any more. I have to assume they have given up and will not be sending my long ago requested replacement disk to me.

Unreal how bad this service it. Worst I've ever seen.

In fact, I'm close to disputing the charge on my credit card since I didn't get the FULL product I ordered and paid for.
That's my next step.

Joined: Jun 9 2007
Spring 90 etc

Hey Dafydd - you've hit the nail squarely on the head in my opinion. I grew up in the 60's in the SF Bay Area. I've been a GD fan for what seems my entire life. I have also spent the past 34 years in customer service and order fulfillment. I have set up call centers for corporate campuses such as Apple & Oracle, on college campuses such as Stanford & UCLA, and government/military facilities such as NASA Ames Research Center, DOE, Fort Hood, etc. My GD collection is vast and complete. I've never missed a release or opportunity to snag bonus material. The whole E72, DP3, & S90, has exhausted me, spiritually and otherwise. I agree that is the worst merchant on the internet by a LONG LONG LONG way, in all catagories including product reliability, customer service, and order fulfillment. It sure would be nice if that phantom that has "final responsibility for the business of proffered" that explanation you so eloquently requested, but I do believe the boys are busy. It would be nice, but it wouldn't change my mind about walking away from collecting anything ever again offered by these bozos. When incompetence reaches criminal proportions, its time for this head to shuffle off and find a new hobby. This is the first time I've ever posted, and I suspect the final. With that in mind, when you assail the dark tower that is in the future, and find your fist raised, please raise the middle finger just a little higher in memory of me. Peace out.

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Dave's Picks 4...

If previous patterns are an indicator, Volume Four will be very different from the Spring 90 Box Set just released. I'd be surprised if it's a Brent-era release. I'll guess the Arc show from 4/23/69, or how about Kezar 5/26/73.

Joined: Nov 12 2010
Safe arrival

Box arrived in Dundee today, according to driver just seems to be your luck whether you or not you get hit with charges.
Opening ceremony will commence with immediate effect.
Good luck to those still waiting!

Joined: Jul 13 2011
Spring 90

The box arrived in Cardiff today, 19 September. The Parcelforce label showed that it had been delivered to them on 18 September.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

As I understand the issue, some people have discs that are damaged or defective, some have the wrong disc, and one or two folks have reported a mislabeled disc.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

if you can send me your order number and any other relevant details I'll see if I can get this resolved. Sorry and thanks.

Criptical Phil's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2007
Confirmed 2-Track source used

For what its worth. Same as Terrapin Station release from 1997.
IMO... inferior source to 24-track...
Can anyone explain the logic of going this route when the 24-track recordings are sitting there ?? And then charging the amount they did.
I usually don't get worked up over this type of thing but I am seriously disappointed.

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
DP 4

My bet is an 80's show. Probably '84 or '85. If I had a guess it would be 10-5-84 or 11-5-85.

carolina boy's picture
Joined: Feb 1 2010
DP 4

Dave's PIcks 4 will, in all likelihood, attempt to capitalize on the Spring '90 craze and it'll be some show not included in the box. It won't be Nassau 3/29, though, because releasing it as a limited/subscription pick would be a huge loss for Rhino. I'm suspecting it'll be one of the other Hartford shows.

Joined: Jul 13 2011
Spring 90

Isn’t it time that whoever has final responsibility for the business of deadnet proffered an explanation for all of the failings in relation to its products and service, and perhaps, an apology? There is no point in promising to resolve the issues as over the years deadnet has proved to be a beacon of incompetence. (It is certainly the worst Internet merchant by a long way with whom I have had business.) In the days of Dick’s Picks I had several faulty discs. Having purchased several thousand CDs, I can still recall the only other faulty CD I have ever had – Ciudad de las Ideas por Vicente Amigo.

deadboss's picture
Joined: Apr 24 2008
What do you make of this ?..

After being told that "hundreds" of copies of DP3 went missing in the post and replacements would be sent out mid-October....mine arrived yesterday.

Still awaiting the Spring '90 box set though !.

Nottwo's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2011
Defective Discs

Still awaiting Spring '90, but just curious regarding the wrong disc issues, etc. Are people getting discs incorrectly labeled or are the discs being doubled up or all of the previous?
Is there anybody out there?
Don't just nod if you can hear me.
Thanks.'s picture
Joined: Nov 3 2007
replacement disc arrived

I haven't listened to it yet but my replacement arrived.

Criptical Phil's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2007
Questionable audio

Had no issue spending the money for the box set but the mix is god awful. I mean really. My 3-30-90 Charlie Miller / Healy mix is better then this .. at least you can hear the lead guitar ...
If you want muffled Jerry and Bobby sounding like he is singing in an echo chamber .. this is your box set

Criptical Phil's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2007
Questionable audio

Had no issue spending the money for the box set but the mix is god awful. I mean really. My 3-30-90 Charlie Miller / Healy mix is better then this .. at least you can hear the lead guitar ...
If you want muffled Jerry and Bobby sounding like he is singing in an echo chamber .. this is your box set

Criptical Phil's picture
Joined: Oct 25 2007
sound ??

excellent ??? really .. I think its the worst sounding release they have done...

ss29er's picture
Joined: Nov 7 2007
Missing discs

Wow, what fantastically lame customer service! I pay $200 for the Spring 1990 Boxset, a disc is missing from one of the shows, and 20 days later I'm not even getting replies to my email checking back after another week of waiting and wondering what's going on. So then I call, only to be told that they have no idea when replacement discs will be made and sent out. Really?

Joined: Sep 9 2012
Replacement discs

Seems possible to me they suspended orders of the remaining unsold box sets, used those to replace cracked/missing discs, and when replacement discs arrive will reload and sell the remainding boxes. A relatively efficient way to satisfy incomplete/damaged orders if that is the case. Just a (perhaps obvious) thought.

dsteak's picture
Joined: Aug 23 2007

With so many people having issues with 1990, Europe and DaveP, as well as my own issues receiving DaveP, I'm reluctant to purchase this 1990 set. Someone convince me otherwise, seems like a crap shoot whether I'll receive it and receive it in perfect playable condition.

lunarluau's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
Spring 1990

Got my Spring 90 Box last week for my birthday and it's very cool. Only through 3 of the shows thus far and the sound is excellent. The Cap Centre show is excellent. Just started Atlanta. Very much worth it.

scott1129's picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
Limited Edition Reprints

So a limited edition of 12,000 is reprinted due to 'lost' product in the shipping phase and yet
there a numerous copies (more then 20 on ebay and 7 on Amazon) for sale at this time
September 18, 2012 11:15am pdt
If there are still people waiting for product and yet this many are already for sale at steeply inflated prices
There needs to be a total reworking of the shipping process.
Maybe this is why no word on DaP Vol 4 due November 1.
the Shipping issue is one of criminal proportion.
Why wouldn't some enterprising young mail worker suppliment his income
when the product is so easily lifted and replaced for the customer.
And so easily sold on the internet with no authorites to question the legitimacy of the product.

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Hey Munchkin...

EAC - Exact Audio Copy - is a program that allows one to make exact audio copies of audio files on audio CDs. It is a versatile program which also allows users to check the integrity of CDs amongst many other possibilities. An invaluable tool in anyone's toolkit.

Joined: Jan 29 2011
EAC allows you to check the

EAC allows you to check the integrity of a disc to see if there are any digital flaws. It's great for checking large sets such as the 73 cd Europe box when time is the weighing factor if racing against the clock to make sure your CDs are not flawed before a warranty Or return period is up. It just scans the discs, and is freeware. Lots of people on some other Dead and audiophile sites swear by it and they turned me onto it. Now I check all my sets right away and don't have to worry about listening to them all at once if time is tight. It takes the pressure off, IMO. At least better than finding a defective disc several months after purchase date.

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Unlike what seems to be the practice in the EU and other places, the tax is charged separately from the price of the item in the US. There is no federal sales tax or VAT; there is sales tax in most of the states, and the law has recently been rejiggered in many states to force out of state Internet sellers to collect the sales tax regardless.

In short, we pay less shipping here, but we get taxed too, and we pay the same for the items.

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Jerry & heroin

From everything I have read, and I have read just about every book out there on Jerry and / or the GD, Jerry never did drugs by intravenous injection. He was afraid of needles. He smoked it. In fact, when he first started, he did not know he was doing heroin. He thought it was high grade Persian opium. He smoked it on tin foil. It is called chasing the dragon. Jerry's health problems were a combination of his drug use, smoking 3 packs of cigs a day, his obestiy & diet, and lack of exercise. This led to diabetes and heart issues. No surpirse really. It is unfortunate that he could not over come these issues. But he was only human. When you were as famous as he was, everybody wanted to give him everything and to party with him. It makes for a very tough envinroment to get sober & to stay that way. Jerry never wanted to tell anyone how to live their life and he certainly didn''t want anyone telling him how to live his. He felt a lot of pressure to keep the GD going since they employed many people and he didn't want to let anyone down. If he would have gone out on his own with less pressure, things may have turned out differently. But let's not put all of the blame on others. Jerry was an adult and he was responsible for himself. It is what it is. Who can predict what "might have been"?

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What is EAC exactly?

"Checked the disc with EAC and it tested fine"

I looked it up here:

But I still don't quite get it.

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surprised that some have gotten replacement discs

after one year and some I still have not received replacement discs from the europe 72 fiascio. Got an email in June from Mr. Dunlop saying that he would personally send the replacements, still nothing. At first, I was hesitant to persue this, I did not want any more bad feelings toward rhino or deadnet, but as this continues, it is obvious that they are not going to send these discs. Still nothing, have sent several emails to rhino and dead net, still nothing, they won't even answer the mails. This is why I won't persue this any more or give rhino one more cent of my hard earned money, they lie, they make promises that they never intend to keep, they just want your cash and don't care if you get your product or not.
so, in retrospect, I was right, they will not address concerns, they will not answer emails, or return phone calls, or nothing, just give them your cash and bend over. Once again, Rhino, you suck.
As far as the S90 box, too bad too sad for all who purchased this washed out ripoff from the 2 track cutter mixes. The Grateful Dead was all about Jerry and if he can't be heard, why bother? Shame on you, shame on your anscestors, shame on your shit business practices, shame on your shit customer service, how do you sleep at nite?

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Spring 90

The payment of taxes raises a moot point. As exports from the US are not liable to US tax, surely the price to those outside the US should be lower. It is bad enough that we have had to pay excessive costs for posting. Some years ago, when I made a large order, the difference between the cost of postage and the posting charge was close to $200. This is a double whammy as the import taxes payable are based on the combined costs of the product and the postage. If we are effectively paying US taxes also, this is a tripe whammy.

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Just got a letter from Parcelforce they've had my box since Friday but want £27.08 ($41) before delivering it. Have to pay it no correspondence will be entered into. One wonders why some have to pay this charge (not getting at this is out of their hands) and others get theirs left with neighbours, looks like the good intention of sending the European batch to Germany for distribution didn't work in my case, but it did probably minimise the charge. Thanks for trying, at least it will be here tomorrow

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Spring '90 Box Set and Dave's Pick's Volume 3.

Neither have arrived in New Brighton (Wirral) in the U.K. as of yet despite having received despatch confirmations for both weeks ago.

I e-mailed Customer Support who advised me to give the box set until 23rd September.

The matter of the DP Volume 3 is more cloudy....i was told that hundreds of copies went missing in the mail and the item is being re-pressed...a copy will be despatched mid-October ???.

Plainly and simply...there is no logical reason why there should be such a foul-up sending parcels from country to country.

I just feel highly embarassed for Rhino and GDM....they just look like a right old laughing stock !.



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Spring 90

I am now told that a "replacement" box will be sent. As the website indicates that a final delivery of the product is awaited, who knows when this will be? If something does eventually come it will quite possibly be when I am out of the country; sorry I cannot arrange my life around the failures of deadnet. It is difficult to credit the incompetence of the system. One person in Leeds gets a delivery, another person does not. In my case, there appears to be a fear of crossing the border into Wales. My long experience of both Parcelforce and Deutsche Post tells me that the failure has nothing to do with them but whatever half arsed system deadnet chose to use.

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no shooting involved?

This may be nitpicking but as far as Jerry's vices are concerned I'm pretty sure "shooting" H was not one of them. Maybe I'm looking back at out-dated material but from what I read he didn't like needles and rather smoked the shit (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone). AND (this really does fall into the nitpicking category) it wasn't potato chips so much as the Hagendasz ice cream, at least from what I've read. Does anyone out there think that his diet played as big a role in his death as his heroin habit?

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Correct replacement 3/22/90 Copps Disc3

I just received the replacement of disc 3 of 3/22/90 Copps Coliseum. I also got the email today that the disc had shipped, so I kind of expected it would arrive today. Checked the disc with EAC and it tested fine. When I saw that wrong discs were sent out I did a quick listen to make sure the music matched the label. Everything seems fine on my end at this point, although I'll have to listen to it tomorrow.
Too bad some of you got the wrong replacements. Bummer, after the long wait. Hope it works out for you guys.

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Received the right replacement disc!!

received a replacement disc for 3-19-90 Hartford today!!Everything is Ok.Thank you very much.

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