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Steal Your Ship

a painting i made..some of the silver paint reflects as white when i photographed it..enjoy!

Dead World Roundup - Talkin' With Phil

By Gary Lambert

Hot off a recent tour with Furthur, Phil Lesh takes a few minutes to tell the Grateful Dead Channel’s Gary Lambert what’s in store for his upcoming Phil Lesh & Friends tour and beyond. Read the transcript here.


Hi Phil!

Dead World Roundup: Five Minutes With Mickey On The "Jersey Shore"

By Mark Pinkus

The Mickey Hart Band has released a new song, "Jersey Shore," to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. To download the song and help rebuild the shore go to

New Book Celebrates "Art of the Dead"

By Blair Jackson

Philip Cushway will not hesitate to tell you that he is not a Dead Head — not a fan of the Dead’s music, particularly. But he loves the art that the band has inspired since the mid -’60s, and he also cares deeply about the artists who created those hundreds upon hundreds of posters, album covers and free-standing art pieces.

Bill Payne Collaborates with Hunter on Little Feat’s New Rooster Rag Album

By Blair Jackson

The world is a better place with Little Feat in it.

Mickey “Sonifies” the Golden Gate Bridge for 75th Anniversary + Free Download

By Blair Jackson

Once you’ve “sonified” the Big Bang, the sun, several planets and other assorted celestial phenomena, capturing the sonic essence of San Francisco’s historic Golden Gate Bridge to celebrate the span’s 75th birthday must seem like a fairly simple task. But you know Mickey Hart—he’s always looking for weird challenges.

Spring Fling! Catching Up with Recent Music from Phil, Bob, Mickey and Bill

By Blair Jackson

What a spring it’s been for Dead Heads! Bob, Phil, Mickey and Bill have all been incredibly busy, making damn fine music coast-to-coast in a variety of settings and band configurations.

Into the Heart of Music: Recording the Mickey Hart Band’s “Mysterium Tremendum”

By Blair Jackson

The Mickey Hart Band’s just-released album, Mysterium Tremendum, is a musical marvel and a sonic masterpiece. Over the course of 12 songs stretching to about 74 minutes, the eight-piece band, together in this form less than a year, sounds like old pros who have been playing together for ages.

Hornsby and Weir: Together Again (For the First Time)!

By Blair Jackson

Bruce Hornsby and Bob Weir have logged a lot of time together onstage through the years. There was Bruce’s tenure playing keys for the Grateful Dead from September 1990 through March of 1992 (plus a number of accordion sit-ins spanning ’92-’95).

Weir and The National Light Up TRI for HeadCount

By Blair Jackson

We hope that some of you had the opportunity to tune in to the free webcast of Bob Weir and members of The National (and several other groups) live from Bob’s TRI Studios in San Rafael on March 24, because it was a special night of music from beginning to end.

Dragon Power! Furthur Shake It Down-Down for New Year’s

By Blair Jackson

In the Grateful Dead days, it was always fun to see the band after they hadn’t played for a few weeks, because even inveterate set list analysts were hard-pressed to predict what they might play the first night back, and whatever rotational habits they might have gotten into during a tour had similarly been obliterated. It was a clean slate.

Mickey Talks About His New Band and “Mickey Hart Collection” Re-releases

By Blair Jackson

It seems as though there’s always something to talk about in Mickey Hart’s universe. The Busy One has been working in the studio on an album with his dynamic new band, and at the end of November will embark on a big West and Midwest tour with the group.

Remembering Owsley "Bear" Stanley

Owsley "Bear" Stanley died in a car crash in Australia on March 13. Few who knew him would have been surprised if he had chosen to live forever. He managed better than most other people to bend reality to suit his wishes and beliefs.

Road Trips 2011 Subscription--The Discussion Topic

By popular demand, a place to discuss the whole idea!

Unstuck Stickers


Dangers, Toils and Snares...

Folks, old and new, few things gladden an old mod's heart like the way you stood up for this place in past weeks.

Me and my campervan


spinnin' spinnin' free, the sequel

continuing the free-form from where we left it...

G and Me

Gigi and Alene.jpg

Wembley. Halloween 1990.

Grateful Dead5-Wembley-31st Oct. 1990 001.jpg

I took a few shots on halloween night. Hopefully they'll all turn up here. (Now if I could only get my '72 shots from The Lyceum back from my daughter...).

my pics


King's Beach Bowl - February 24, 1968

King's Beach Bowl

February 24, 1968

Lake Tahoe, CA US

King's Beach Bowl - February 24, 1968

Set List:

Dark Star
Morning Dew
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment > New Potato Caboose
Alligator > Drums > China Cat Sunflower > The Eleven > Alligator > Drums >
Alligator > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) > Feedback

See an error in show info or set list? Let us know!

Happy Birthday Brent October 21

7-10-90 (rain).jpg

Brent in the rain in Raleigh 7/10/90.

Band Member: 

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Stockholm Ticket

Stockholm Ticket.jpg

my Ticket for Stockholm Show

Meet Jackie Greene - Here’s the Lowdown on Phil’s Latest “Friend”

By Blair Jackson

Phil and Jackie Greene

Jackie Greene and Phil Lesh.
Photo: Jay Blakesberg c. 2007

Taper Section


Jerry et al

Band Member: 

Keller Williams and Larry keel

kw and larry keel.JPG

Catching Up With T.C.

By Blair Jackson

Tom Constanten

Rolling Stone and the Summer of Love

By Blair Jackson

Rolling StoneRolling Stone magazine has been celebrati

Nobody’s Finished, We Ain’t Even Begun

By Gary Lambert

It feels like this:

Bob Bralove Has Both Hands Full

By Blair Jackson

So, what’s been happening with Bob Bralove—the former GD MIDI guru; Mickey and Bill’s partner in second set weirdness during the late ’80s and early ’90s; the genius behind both the exceptio

Hornsby Busy, As Usual

By Blair Jackson


Phil Bounces Back with New and Old “Friends”

By Gary Lambert

With characteristic resiliency and positive energy, Phil Lesh rebounded from his prostate surgery of last December in grand form, and was soon back to the happy business of making music.

In the Zone with Global Drum Project…

By Blair Jackson

Tabla master Zakir Hussain o

Dead World Roundup