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Come Join Us For Road Trips!

It’s time to put a little gas-gas-gas back into the ol’ Tour Bus and give it another spin, because Grateful Dead is very pleased to announce the debut of a new series of archival releases called Road Trips!

Here’s the deal: We all loved the Dicks Picks series. Over the course of 36 amazing releases between 1993 and 2005, GD archivists Dick Latvala (R.I.P.) and David Lemieux continually blew our little minds plucking one righteous show after another from the vaults, from classics like the February ’70 Fillmore East run (DP4) and Englishtown ’77 (DP 15), to overlooked masterpieces like 9/28/76 (DP 20) and 9/21/72 (DP 36), and shows not in general circulation among traders at the time, such as the February ’68 shows of DP 22 and the superb “Houseboat Tapes” from August 1971 that made up DP 35. Coupled with the many exceptional releases culled from multitrack tapes (the Fillmore West box, Steppin’ Out, The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack, Nightfall of Diamonds, et al) and the popular Download Series, there’s been a lot of musical territory covered over the years… but not all of it, of course—not even close!

With Road Trips we’re going to try something a little different. We want to plug in a few more pieces of the Grateful Dead puzzle by putting the spotlight on different tours and series of shows that have been neglected through the years. Take Road Trips Volume 1, Number 1, for instance. This two-disc set (plus a special Bonus Disc - now sold out) was culled from the Dead’s blazing fall 1979 East Coast swing, when the band was just hitting its stride with new keyboardist Brent Mydland. You’ll find killer versions of “Dancing in the Street” > “Franklin’s Tower,” long exploratory jams on “Playing in the Band” and “Terrapin,” a rattle-your-brain “Shakedown,” and lots more, all pulled from the master tapes in the vault and expertly mastered in HDCD for maximum power and clarity by Jeffrey Norman. The sold out Bonus Disc offers another hour-and-a-quarter of highlights from the tour. (You can find the complete track listings for all three discs here.)

Every Road Trips release will come with a beautifully designed booklet containing an essay about how the music on the discs fits into the Dead’s long history, plus many rare and never-before-seen photographs. We think you’ll agree it’s a pretty cool package. But wait, there’s more (as they say)! When each “edition” of Road Trips is announced on this site, we will also give you a link to an affiliated site devoted to the series which will include such goodies as articles and reviews from the tour (See one reviewer after another mess up Grateful Dead song titles! See the band savaged by cretinous critics!); additional photos; and any other weird/cool stuff we come across. Together we can paint a really rich and vibrant audio-visual picture of different stops along the Grateful Dead highway!

And this is just the BEGINNING of what we promise will be a tidal wave of releases, which will include more rarities from the deepest corners of the vault, multitrack releases, box sets (the patient will be rewarded; nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more), DVDs, downloads and who-knows-what-else. So keep your Third Eye tuned into this space for more in the coming weeks and months!

--Blair Jackson

A Few AFAQ’s (Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions) About Road Trips

Sounds pretty interesting, but what took you guys so frickin’ long? We thought you’d forgotten us.
Naw, we never forgot you. It’s just taken a little longer than expected to get the ball rolling again and to figure out how to move forward in a way that will satisfy and hopefully also expand the fan base. As a certain sage known to all of us once wrote: “It takes time to pick a place to go…”

Is Dicks Picks over, done, kaput?
Yes, that series of releases ended with Volume 36. It will continue to be available, however. Road Trips will have a little more flexibility than Dicks Picks, in that we are not limited to full-show releases, or even 2-track tapes…or anything for that matter—we haven’t made any rules about what IT is. I guarantee we’ll surprise you from time to time.

But we want to hear full shows, too!
Don’t worry, there will definitely still be full-show releases. We’ll have more on that soon.

OK, I guess it might be pretty cool. I’ll check it out. In fact I’ve got a ton of ideas of shows and tours you guys should be releasing…
Well, let’s hear it. Of course we want your well-reasoned insights and input! The Dead have always looked to Dead Heads for inspiration and ideas, and you’re needed now more than ever!


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marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
banging head on keyboard

So sorry you guys. I will pass this along. I join you in saying WTF? on the surface mail business. That's beyond weird.

srumble's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Road Trips Shipping Dilemma

Well I thought I'd give it to the end of the month before I mentioned anything. I placed my order on Nov. 3rd and recieved an e-mail stating it shipped on the 6th. Still nothing.

I should mention that I live in Canada, but that's still a lot closer than England or Australia...

But really all I'm concerned about is the bonus disc.

If and when my package shows up (possibly without a bonus disc) will I be able to get one seeing as it's taking so long?

Have you put some aside for these situations?

I don't want to come off as a bitcher but I'm a bit nervous after reading about all the shipping issues people have had.


Sunshine-daydream1951's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007


I ordered mine after you and i have mine


#- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

Joined: Jun 7 2007
you reap what you sow

All of these mail issues (including mine) could all have been avoided if the Dead Net moved into the 21st century, and sold predominantly by download, with printable cd covers and liner notes. CD's should still be available, but they should only be done by request. And those who wish to utilize that medium, should pay the premium. The rest of us would have our music the day we ordered it.

Greg SC

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

this is so strange. Some in Europe received their copies a few days after ordering. I ordered on the first day it was available and do not have mine yet. Maybe when there is an order from Yurp or Oz they send the janitor down to the post office with $15 and tell him/her to keep the change!

Len's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Surface mail??

Like Kennyw, I also go an email today saying my copy was posted on 6th November and can take up to 2 months to get to UK. This is such a rip-off. Orders for CDs (including box sets) to amazon market place sellers in the US charge £1.24 (about $2.40) for airmail to the UK and usually arrive here within a week.

Sunshine-daydream1951's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007

my copy must have been sent airmail to get here as quickly as it did, and now i have been refunded $9.60 of my postage costs


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

Joined: Jul 4 2007
Finally Got The Bonus Disc

I ordered this bad boy on 11/5, and finally got my bonus disc today, 11/30, but not before:
- my email to deadnet went unanswered.
- my email to DrRhino went unanswered.
- A kind soul told me to call Mac Dunlop at Rhino. At Mac's request, I spelled out my name and address on his voicemail so he could send me a copy of the bonus disc.
- Several days passed and it never came. I then emailed Mac Dunlop and Rhino customer service jointly and received an email from Mac stating he would put it in the mail that day.

This was all very frustrating.

All that being said, Road Trips is a solid, enjoyable release. Let me also add to the banter by saying that I prefer live shows, but I wish everyone would take a step back and look at HOW MUCH GREAT STUFF the Dead have released (and are continuing to release) - whether it be compilations or complete shows - before complaining about this being a compilation. I am a huge Floyd fan as well, and each of their TINY HANDFUL of live releases is a HEAVILY EDITED compilation. Sometimes David Gilmour even wents as far as creating a track by combining multiple live recordings of a particular song from several performance to get the "best version." In short, be grateful. We have it pretty good.

Tony W.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
I'm screwed ...

Well, it seems there's no legitmate complaint I can have.

I got this overnight:

"Kenny - This item shipped on the 6th of November via the United States Postal Service. International orders can take up to two months for arrival after the ship date.
Sincerely - Grateful Dead Customer Support"

My bad for assuming that I was paying for airmail.

BUT BUT BUT why, then, am I paying $15 - 75% of the cost of the album - for surface mail?

dragster's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007

Bl**dy beautiful :)

"May your dogs be with you"


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