Grateful Dead

October 1 - October 7, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Heading into October, we have some terrific Grateful Dead music to cover this week, including a good selection from the brilliant September-October, 1976 tour.

Our first track this week is from Springfield, MA, on 10/2/72, and features a slightly different main jam for the era, which is to say no Dark Star or Other One. Instead, the band embark on a purposeful, efficient jam of Truckin’>Jam>Morning Dew, with lots of exploration throughout. This is the final night of one of the greatest tours of the band’s first 10 years, a run that would pick back up a couple of weeks later in St. Louis (with a quick stop at Winterland on 10/9/72). Many consider this to be one the best tours in the band’s history, and with three Dick’s Picks from the tour already released (DP 11, DP 23 and DP 36), there is a good case to be made for that claim.

Next we’ll step into 1976, during the band’s second major tour after their return to the stage in June. From 10/1/76 in Indianapolis, we have the second set jam, a typically unique 1976 sequence featuring Dancing In The Street>Drums>The Wheel>Ship Of Fools>Dancing In The Street>Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad>One More Saturday Night. 1976 was filled was crazy and inspired second set sequences like this. From the next night in Cincinnati, we have the first set closing combination of Let It Grow>Might As Well; 1976 was a banner year for Let It Grow, and this one is no exception to that year’s hot versions. Also from 10/2/76 in Cincinnati is the second set jam featuring Dancing In The Street>Drums>The Other One>Stella Blue>The Other One>Sugar Magnolia (we hope you don’t mind two Dancing In The Streets this week). The head and the tail of this jam are missing from the master reels, but the 40+ minutes in between are certainly worth hearing. Finally from 1976, we have three selections from the tour-closing show in Detroit. From early in the first set we have the combination of Sugaree-Minglewood Blues and from later in the first set we have one of the best Scarlet Begonias in a year in which they played plenty of great renditions, and the set-closing The Music Never Stopped, with a gorgeous outro jam.

Be sure to check in next week when we’ll have some great music from 1984, 1989, plus some other excellent material. As always, we encourage you to email with questions or comments. It’s always great to hear from you.

David Lemieux


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So Far DVD

Does anyone know if the Video SO FAR will be released on DVD?


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They certainly are not winning over any new fans.

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ive been away

this is the first time in 6 weeks ive been here. the new format isnt for me and i doubt i will ever visit the tapers section again. i definitely WONT be giving GDP/GDM/RHINO any more of my hard earned cash. GDTRFB even moreso now.

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who flung poo is a very popular dish at the wok-and roll

Is that where Ed's cat hangs out?
I can hear your groans.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
Wiliam Blake

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who flung poo?

who flung poo is a very popular dish at the wok-and roll

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flung dong

tj crowley flinging dong at the dong lingers is like being prejudiced towards prejudiced people...OH !! enjoying the ride....1st congrats of the birthday and hold onto closely as the years 'go passing by' quickly..we can baby proof the house and near everything while w/ our children but at one point (age 8?) we can't protect them anymore..they need to scrape their knees and THAT hurts us (the parents)

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Shit flinging

Couldn't there just be a "Shit Flinging" section, then those who want to do just that can have their own little den. Just an idea...

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where are warlocks


hello everybody does ANYBODY know where the Warlocks can be found? Can they be found ..... ?? i want warlocks DL maybe toss us a warlocks bone in the coming weeks :: >> ))


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segues indeed

Yeah, I've always loved those super deft ones - particularly 69-74 - where you're listening to one tune and before you realize what happened or how you're listening to another. The first time I remember being blown away by it was the first Dead record I ever bought, Live/Dead. We all know the furious furious jam out of The Eleven and next thing you know Jer's guitar spirals out and latches onto Phil's bass and it's Lovelight. Wowee Zowee Holy Fuck.


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