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Joined: Dec 8 2008
tickets for sale

Baltimore 11/17 1-2 tixx available

Joined: Sep 20 2010
Help Really Needed

ATTENTION ALL FAMILY: A great kid needs your help! I'm Mindy, my fiance Chris from Conneticut, one of the kindest realiest kids was popped on some old warrants on the way into Moe DOWN, Chris has had some very bad luck in his life. He has spent the past 2 years in the hospital, he has had 2 open heart surgerys, a heart attack and a stroke at 27, all caused by an abbcessed tooth. I thought because of his medical conditions they wouldn't keep him in jail, but they came down from a 9 month sentence or 5k fine to 90 days or 1k fine, but he isn't getting the medical attention he needs, I have to get him out. Fortunately for me some great family, Woodstock Ron from Utica took me in. but we haven't been able to come up with the bail money. I need to get him out as soon as possible and was hoping that if any of you kind dead folks here could help out with donations it would be gratefully appreciated.
Any amount will help and would be payed forward. You can send donations to Mindy Riffle at 1610 Sunset ave. Utica Ny. 13502. I hope that we can get Chris out, get him to his many doctors,get him some rest and then see you all on November tour. Forever Grateful, Mindy

Joined: Aug 17 2010

for you tphokie!!!!!!!!

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congarts tphokie1

and to the new dad also...

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Joined: Mar 5 2009
what about the death threats ?

Ive seen talk about people killing each other in there too, you know there are hackers, thats a good start ! not a good way to sell records folks..... LIZ KEMPF <

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Joined: Jun 9 2007
I'm gonna be a grandpa (again)!

I went to the Va Tech game yesterday with my older son, Paul. I had been looking forward to this as it was the first chance we had had to spend some one on one time together for quite a while. One of the disadvantages of having 2 younger kids at home who have special needs is that I have very little chance to spend quality time with my 2 older kids. The game was a disaster but I didn't really care. While we were tailgating before the game Paul informed me that he and his wife are expecting their first child in May! What wonderful news!

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since you seem to be here now just fine, the problem is functionally solved. For what it's worth, we are currently experiencing a spammer invasion that's causing me to have to delete hundreds of bogus accounts a day, and if yours got caught up in this purge I'm sorry. Welcome to the neighborhood, and yeah, what they said about throwing "Nazi" around.

Mary the mod

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probably "Nazi" is not a good choice as a label

it downright stinks, as a matter of fact, but i sense that the poster feels that someone has intentionally excluded them from this site, which i am sure IS a gross misunderstanding...maybe, Leif, you should try to contact one of the mods here for info on why you had trouble logging in, and i'm sure they will help you, given the specifics.

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
I think

that using the word Nazi in conjunction with this site is really "some sort of gross missunderstanding" and wrong. You talk bout peace love and tolerance and then toss around that word so lightly??
By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity -- another man's I mean.
Mark Twain

Joined: Mar 4 2010
Nazis in the Dead?

Very confused. Been in the family for over twenty years. Have gone to four national gathering, been part of the Chicago, Santa Cruz and New Orleans families. Spoken up for legalization all my life and put myself out there numerous times, been to countless dead shows, was on the Grateful Dead last tour, saw the dead in Florida on my 18 birthday and saw Jerry's last show to just start with how much I have been a part of my family and Love my grateful Dead and Rainbow brothers and Sisters. Now I try to log on to this site and can't, then I ask tech support who tell me there is no log in option. When I ask again how to log in they ignore me. Now I do log on in a different name and here I am. I really hope this is some sort of gross misunderstanding but see not how. It seems we have some family Nazis who have decided to excommunicate me from family. Please tell me I am wrong and explain the misunderstanding since I know if anyone is doing this that it does not represent our family at all. Please join us in our mission or love, understanding and tolerance of various spiritual expressions. Many of you know me out there and know I care deeply about people and their rights.

Leif Trebla Breedor


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