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Kyle Hollingsworth Brew Fest CHICAGO

Kyle Hollingsowrth is doing an event in Chicago on Saturday December 10 before the final performance of String Cheese's tour. The Brew Fest will take place at the Bottom Lounge. Hollingsworth will join Chicago’s Family Groove Company for a very special performance at the festival. This is also the finale of Hollingsworth’s Hop On Tour interactive fan experience throughout SCI’s Roots Run Deep Tour. Sounds like a super fun time and an awesome way to wind up the tour. Definitely not going to miss out on this one

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Wilco I will second since you seconded my MMJ!

Wilco has always been good live but since they did that amazing 5 show run in Chicago where they played EVERY SONG they had ever officially released, their shows have transcended to a new level. And Nels Cline is ferocious on guitar AND brings out the nasty side of Tweedy when he solos- they complement each other perfectly.

Wilco, like MMJ, is another band that plays long shows, mixes up the sets, balances high energy with ballads- understands how to build a slowly building, well paced concert.

AND- when seeing Wilco, you never know when Tweedy's gonna start arguing with an audience member- always entertaining when that happens.

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I agree, MMJ

Definitely a must-see. My favorite band to see live right now is Wilco, and the first time that I saw My Morning Jacket they were opening for Wilco. Excellent show!

My only MMJ complaint is that, at least locally, they seem to draw the frat-party crowd which can be more than a little distracting if you're stuck with them around you at a show.

I had a good conversation going with a college-age set list freak when I saw them last spring...but then he cracked me up with, admittedly, a pretty good line: "This is like seeing Led Zeppelin in 1971!!!" (Yes, he said it with at LEAST 3 !!!).

I don't know if this was something that he said all the time, or if he said it for the benefit of this old geezer (me) that he was educating in all things MMJ. Regardless, I couldn't resist my not-exactly-kind impulse: I looked at him and said, "I'm probably older than your parents, and I'M too young to have seen Zeppelin in '71." Barely too young, to be honest, but I guess that I made my point. He stopped talking to me after that.

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For my money, the best live

For my money, the best live band out there- right now- is My Morning Jacket. High energy balanced with powerful acoustic songs and ballads, jams, excellently composed set lists, long shows- amazing.

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One concert I'm really looking forward to

Jackson Browne and David Lindley at the Greek. I had resigned myself to not going because I had no money and much else on my plate when tix went on sale, but it turns out my friend Bennett just went out and got us tix at the time. Woohoo!

We didn't even know each other then, but it turns out both of us were there when they, along with Terry Reid, closed the first Bread & Roses fest, and let's just say it made quite the impression. Fog pouring into the Greek in the October dusk, with Jackson on piano, Lindley BOWING A BANJO, which makes a darn spooky sound, and Terry Reid singing some ghostly Scottish ballad about the Foggy Dew.

I have a feeling the new version won't be so life-changing, but it's been ages since I've seen them.

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Other concerts

Mywife and I had front row seats for Elton John when he came through Sudbury a couple of years ago. Just him and his piano. It was fantastic.
I've seen Pearl Jam many times. One highlite was at the ACC when Bono came out and sang "Rockin' in the free world" with EdVed. Blew the roof off the place.
And , oh yeah, my wife dragged me to go see Madonna. Although I'm not really a fan I enjoyed it alot.
Jane's Addiction back in the day were mind blowing.

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2 night of DSO!!

DSO is doing 2 nights in Petaluma at The Mystic Theatre next week! These guys are always a good time, I will be at both shows Tue 4/13 and Wed 4/14- hope to see some of you there!

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Splintered Sunlight

Saw SS sat night in Philly!!
Grate GD cover Band out of Pa.
check em out...

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Dave Alvin

Saw the Dave Alvin trio last night. Dave is a national treasure, he knows the American songbook, sings, plays the guitar very well, writes great songs. Got his start in the Blasters. He puts on quite a show, no frills, just heart and music. Don't miss this man.

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