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What no Deadhead should miss. What no taper should be without. Thanks to leadbelly 27 for the suggestion!


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Winterland June 1977 Box Set

Is the Winterland 1977 box set ever going to be available again? I'm starting to get REAL worried about this...

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Looking for the best version of...

Days Between. That song had so much potential, yet all the versions that I remember seeing or hearing, just don't do it justice. The TRI version was sweet, but I'd love to get my hands on or listen to on the archive the best possible version(s) of this beautiful song with JG singing and leading the charge. It's one of those tunes that could've been the modern day "Morning Dew."

THank you.

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Garcia's Wake...

The stuff that was played at Garcia's wake at the SF polo fields was some of the best stuff I've heard... old timey stuff...

anyone remember that?

anyone know what that was from ?


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u need a deadbase

u need a deadbase

theyre out of print, but available


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Tape collection

I'm downsizing and am reluctantly willing to dispose of my GD cassettes, DATs, and DAT recorder. I'm talkin' 600 cassettes, 80 DAT's and a working Sony D-7. Please inquire.

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Interesting observation about tap preservation

I bough the cheapest blanks I could find and I have many recorded from the late 70s that still sound pristine. Not only are the blanks bad quality, they got hauled around to different parst of the country. I've lost maybe 2-5% of my collection. Maybe it has something to do with playing them on a regular basis,

One tape I have blows away Dick's Pick's (#?) Salt Palace. OMG, the Other One is molecular. Like Dick said: Caveat Emptor. To be fair, it is the only tape I have that is better than a DP and the DP actually caught Phil's into. much more clearly.

I have heard from hard core tapers about tape degeneration. I just got lucky, I guess

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Deer Creek 91 w/Hornsby

Some earlier mentioned after Brent past Vince didnt fuel Jer in any way nor come even close to filling the Brent void.
Then on some runs when Hornsby had the big grand up there that really fuelled Jerry to drive his leads up on to another plateau based on Hornsby's style. Other than the fact that I personally can't stand Vince's and Bruce's vocals which almost sound the same and Hornsby was too loud some nights brought Jer into a volume war and a creativity war exchanging leads with Bruce.
I believe it was the 2nd night deer creek91 2nd set Scarlet It's a must have and hopefully there's an sbd of it for all to hear thee most intense Jer/Bruce jam I ever heard.
I hit every show on that tour and after all these years that jam is still engraved in my brain.
Also someone mentioned being in the process of converting a1000 casettes to cd I hope for your sake theyve been stored in the best cool dry conditions possible or you might find that alot of the cassettes have sections on them that are garbled or nothing there at all. This all due to biodegrading based on your storage environment.
Proper storage of analogue reels,cassettes,etc. as mentioned above is humidity,temp and to completely preserve like the gd vault "AIR TIGHT" is major factor.
I had 18 racks of 120tapes each and were in a cool dry humdity contolled wine cellar and some where made as far back as 83 right up until June9,1995 and a kind estimate is that while doing the cd conversion process 25% of the entire collection was unplayable.
I hope you have a better success rate than I did. I atleast wanted to be able to have every one I was at out of 353 shows I'm still missing around 60

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STD -- A matter of taste

There are 3 or 4. What do you plan to do, wait for individual release or ripem?

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Europe '72

I need the answer(s) to an idiotic question but here goes...
Is there one show from the Europe '72 run that could be considered the 'most' essential?
I just can't afford the $450 right now for the entire run but would like to know if there is just one show that needs to be heard.

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The tape that originally

The tape that originally made me go, "WOW! I have to see this band live!" was the second set of 1/15/79. The segue from "Miracle->Shakedown" still ranks as one of my all time favorite, and the meandering mess that is the near 40 minute "Playing" makes me smile and dance to this day. I have a tape player in my home office to this day so that I can play THAT tape.

It sounds better on tape, that show.


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