Grateful Dead

Going Furthur...

Whatever the current version of Furthur is up to, discuss it here!


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Playa Del Carmen

Furthur's upcoming "last stand" at an all-inclusive resort is pretty pricey. But for what I'm looking at during this week's pro golf match there, it IS a beautiful place! Have fun y'all!

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very well said.

Thanks, you guys...

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Furthurs Hiatus and Remaining Dates

Furthur has announced it's 2014 hiatus and Phil has just stated that he is "Off the bus" after 48 years of touring. It seems while there is a chance of more Furthur shows in 2015 and beyond the great wheel of time (Kalachakra in Tibetan tantrism) is spinning.

What really needs to be stated is a big Thank You! to Bob & Phil, Jeff & JK and the rest of the crew for the incredible # of shows they did in almost 5 years! On the Internet Archive there are 1050 shows listed (some of those are multiple recordings for the same date).

4,743,365 shows have been downloaded from Archive. I believe all should acknowledge that this is a pretty formidable and prodigious amount of music for the remaining members of the band in their sixties and seventies. Really a remarkable body of work for folks who deserved to be in retirement. You might not have liked them for whatever reason. God knows I had some issues with who is singing whose song. But in the end you just have to step back and applaud and be grateful.

The following dates are scheduled in 2014: 4 shows in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in mid-January. 1975 all over again? I don't think so, but who knows?

Thank you Furthur, for a real good time!

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"...more than words can tell..."

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Great set of set-lists!

I just heard that last night
achieved some kinda cosmic
lift off. Sweet words

Rock ON Furthur!

Love to you-all, xo!

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have a good show at Meadowbrook!

Had to sell my ticket to go to the other side of the planet.

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Oh and,yeah...

Check for detours, most are only
a few miles others more lengthy.
No worries a detour can and will
get you there.

Get a fill up for gas about 30
miles outside Cooperstown as it
will be difficult to gas in the
town of Cooperstown; you will be
glad you did, xo (love you, all)
Cooperstown is not a city and a
small town, to be sure.

Get a parking spot where ever you
can and wear walking shoes.

Stop in Schildman's Bakery for
a baked-perfect treat, if you can.

Go early and tour...
The Baseball Hall of Fame, it's awesome
and air-conditioned-
No place like it in the World!

Enjoy a beer at the pub and wet yer
whistle; the beers always cold.

Everything is beautiful in Cooperstown.

The pier has a big lawn for hanging out.

Stagecoach Coffee House is one of my
most favorite places to go when I am
there. When my John would receive
medical treatment at Bassett Hospital
we would go there and it is the best.
Old fashioned and serene, this place
takes the world away. Pastries and
sandwiches delicious, get one for after
the show.

Cooperstown is one of my Favorite places,
to be sure.

I love you, all, xo!

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Hey now! Talking about trips...

Help get the message out, if you can.

Furthur is bound for Cooperstown, NY...

This Upstate NY Venue just miles from where
the severe flooding occurred.

The amount of debris and household waste
is tremendous, folks are exhausted too.

Please if you can- sher this:

Please take your trash with you when you
leave, plan smart for recycling and minimal waste.
I am praying with great supplication that
the Historic and Excellent town of
Cooperstown shall not suffer our arrival
or departure. It's so special and it's kept
clean and quaint and a true it's heritage.

It's all about Baseball and the perfect
embrace of entertaining ourselves with this
things we love best.

Thanks in advance if you sher this. I am
always proud of music but not the mess and
these communities have been hit really hard.

Love one another...

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Shows added

At Interlocken in September must bode well for Bob's recovery. Lets hope so.

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Meadowbrook Pavillion, Guilford NH

After checking Furthur's web page this morning and seeing that the summer tour will be going as scheduled I bought my ticket for Meadowbrook Amphitheatre.

If you are going to this show you should know that they've changed policies and that it costs money to park:
$5 to choke in the dust on the pavement
$20 for premium parking on the grass
$40 for VIP parking

I opted for lawn seats and premium parking. The only good thing I can say is that it only costs $1.50 for total service charges that get you hard tickets mailed to you.

Once again hoping that Bob has a good rest during his time off and is back on his game this summer!


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Going Furthur...