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Checking Your USPS Money Order

US postal money order status can be checked by calling 866-459-7822. The automated system will ask you for your postal serial #, dollar amount and post office number – all located on the money order receipt. The system will then say if the money is “does match” or “does not match” their system. “Does NOT match” means that the money order has been cashed!

Hopefully I will get tickets and all the bitter & negative people on the chat boards out there stay home.

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stubhub not real tix

fyi~ Stubhub is selling the idea that they will have tickets...or they're selling counterfeits....NO ONE received any tickets yet

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Joined: Jan 24 2015
mail order

I am so sorry to hear this! Did they provide any explanation? I vow to not participate with stub hub or any beyond face tickets- wish there was a way to convince others not to.

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Hey crystalboy420,

Thats a real bummer man... I'm sorry to hear you didn't get in this round. Don't give up that hope and make it happen on the 28th on Ticketmaster.

Which tickets did you request?

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mail order

I mail ordered,bought plane tickets,hotel and all.I'm very very bummed I had my money orders sent back!.I always mail ordered and did everything correct and made sure the post office stamped the correct date and all.I went to Stubhub and those jerks are selling tickets????.I think they need to do 10 shows!!.This is the first time I've ever been shut out!!!.I've been to over 600 shows at least and never got shut out!.Once in Foxboro Mass I almost did and had to bribe the guy at the door.This is a sad day.

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And maybe

there WILL be cookies.....

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to buy or not to buy

do mail main mail in....over.

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"fan club"

We're still trying to figure that one out.

Meanwhile, I strongly recommend following the advice on with regard to all this (ordering tix, signing up for presale, etc.), as I expect all will be explained there as things happen.


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Chicago July 2015 Faretheewell TECHNICAL

Hey Now!! Old Head here to see my LAST SHOW wanted to TAPE shows, but soldiers field website says no taping. Some various sites refer to capturing signal from main board, other concensus says this is not possible. So I was going to get a tascam DR-07mkII and try to stealth tape. GDTS Too has taper tickets, why would these be such hot tickets if nobody allows taping? What's an Old Deadhead supposed to do? 1/4" stereo jacks just don't work anymore, and car batteries are kind of hard to sneak in wedged inbetween my knees!?! Anybody, Please Advise!! Thank you, hope to see you at the shows!!

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Fare Thee Well ticket purchase

Got my airline tix to Chicago, Yay ! Would like some advice on purchasing tickets for the show. Mail in or online ? And at what site do I purchase on Feb.12th ? Thanks !


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