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30 days date/complete list?

I know wilfredtjones recently replied to a post asking about date/venue/tidbit info for the last few days of this year's treasure chest. In previous years, I've been able to find a place that has the complete list of songs/venues/dates all in one spot. Not sure if it usually shows up on or elsewhere, but I've been unable to find it.

Anyone know where to look? If not, I guess I can go thru the list and copy/past the daily info but was hoping to find someone who's already done it!

Gratefully yours....

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RFK 6/10/73

This was the better of the 2 held that weekend in Washington DC. Listening to the show on GDC in its entirety. 2 great sets, then returned with Betts and Trucks from ABB, they were incredible. I'm 61 and this music will never stop !

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Thank you Wilfredtjones. Your

Thank you Wilfredtjones.
Your the best!

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Roscoe R

Song: They Love Each Other
Date: 7-19-90
Venue: Deer Creek
tidbit info: The 1973 (and one version in 1974) arrangement of TLEO was fast, with a fun bridge, but when the song returned to the repertoire in 1976 (with one version in 1975), it was in a much slower arrangement than it had been in 1973-1974
Song: Box of Rain
Date: 12-31-72
Venue: Winterland Arena
tidbit info: Played live only in 1972 and 1973, this American Beauty opener was dropped from the repertoire until its triumphant return in Hampton, VA in 1986
Song: Lazy River Road
Date: 7-31-94
Venue: The Palace at Auburn Hills
tidbit info: Played at 65 Grateful Dead 1993-1995, including the last-ever Grateful Dead show
Song: Uncle John's Band
Date: 9-29-77
Venue: Paramount Northwest Theater
tidbit info: Uncle John's Band was played almost 350 times, and aside from 1976 (well, it WAS played as the encore on 12/31/76, but that was after midnight so was technically 1977...) and 1978, it had a consistent place in the repertoire.

It's all available here:

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30 days of the dead-playlist help

Does anyone have the date,venue and the tidbit info for November 27-30th? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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30 Days Snag.

Loving the 30 Days but for some reason 'Operator' and 'Althea' refuse to join the rest of the songs. I have an Apple and the songs have downloaded but they will not enter the same folder as the other 24 songs! Anyone know why?

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Well, I had a few...

...I was wondering which live version of Althea was included on the Go to Heaven expanded cd. I did some sleuthing and found the version most definitely is from 10-23-80. It's only listed as 10-80 on the track listing. So, in case anyone else is interested in these kinds of things...

P.S. There are two other tracks from this run where there aren't precise dates given. They are Row Jimmy and High Time. These tracks are featured on the Dead Set expanded cd (with the date 10-80). The correct dates for these are 10-10-80 and 10-25-80 respectively.

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Dead&Company Nov 5 Wells Fargo

Excellent sounding show. But I have a complaint - our seats were the farthest away last row against the wall from the stage - the lights from the stage were pointed right at us. We were blinded almost the entire night. We couldn't even watch the screens for the lights. Is there a way to notify the people in charge of the lighting that they need to make sure they are not blinding anyone. I have already lost some of my hearing due to the amount of concerts (mostly GD), I really don't want to lose my eyesight due to them..... Other than that light issue - the sound was awesome, the fans were awesome, and the music was on point!


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