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Do you vend food for festivals? Do you know someone who does?


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~*Stella blue

I like vegan grill cheese sandwhich with tomato, garlic and green pepper : ) I hope I make It to the Atlanta shows. my dad usually takes me to shows but for some reason isn't talking to me much now a days. who knows. I think its cuz im in love with someone and he doesn't want me to be with him but I don't know why because I am 36 years old/not a child anymore. oh well. I just keep praying to God the Father. that's all I can do. times tough here at the homestead. still love my grateful dead & my fellow brothers & sisters and all mankind. love you all. peace brothers and sisters : ) have a blessed day : ) ~*~* hope to see you all soon one of theses days!!! : ) *HUGS* rainbows & butterflies.......*built to last... while years roll past.. like cloudscapes in the skies.. show me something built to last.. or something built to try... * Thank you Jerry, Trey... and Hippy B-Day Bobby!!! Love you all! : )

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Ventura 1984

I know people sold a lot of foods over the years , I recall the last shows of summer tour in Ventura as the 1st time we actually saw food on the lot. Anyone remember people selling foods before that year? I do not and was on tour awhile at this point. I know that thee was no food being sold by heads in summer of 83.
Food circus became more popular as years got up there more tour heads meant more stuff to sell.
Hope someone knows answer to this one.

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Haha, i met freddy at richfield fall 93. He hung out at our campsite all night with a tank, just being kind and fun. We where all fairly newbies at the campsite. What a hoot!! He told us the story about the cops too. What a trip that was. Was one of my earliest cherished memories of the characters you meet on shakedown. Id been to several shows before that, but that time with freddy was when i got on the bus. No turning back since. He gets credit.

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Dead music downloads

Hello to all,
I am living now in my early retirement years in Tianjin, China and wanted to ask any of you out there if you knew of any sites i could download some music from you know who? Hope to hear from you.

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hey zenrose!

great to hear from you! Happy anniversary!

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Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook Parties for 20 Years & Goes Viral

Hey now! I hope y'all don't mind me posting again to discuss my cookbook with you.. but this year is the Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook's 20th anniversary!!

Because it's self-published, it'll be available as long as I am around. And remember every dollar that clears my expenses (mailing, printing) goes to the Rex Foundation and SEVA.

AND -- it just got written up in "Munchies" magazine:

So check it out, and get yours in time for the Big Finale. We're still rolling our own (burritos!) and I'd love to hear from YOU.

You can go directly to the KVB site by going to

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thanks for share with us

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Hot sauce

Dead shows are where I began a life long romance with rooster hot sauce.

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Way late to the thread...but loved kind veggie burritos

After finding the sacrament in the parklng lot before the show, and dancing joyously through an entire show, I always wanted a kind veggie burrito after the show.

Some friends never really understood my almost OCD need for an after show burrito, others became similarly fetishized.

The variety of burritos was astounding, the quality all over the map, but if I heard the words "Kind Veggie Burrito" spoken or saw them written on a sign then, in what became a ritual part of the entire show experience, I would shortly after be munching energy replacing veggies wrapped in tortilla.

Thank to all the purveyors of all the delicious foods I enjoyed over many years and many shows many years ago.

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Shameless self-promotion :-))

If anyone in the Southwest is doing the festivals this year vending the kind munchies and needs an extra pair of hands, I'm available.
My KVB skills are second to none.


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Hot Fresh Veggie Burritos!