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Red Whiskey - it's not the only thing for dinner, is it? What's cookin', FoodieHeads?


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on the menu tonight

One frozen dinner: Amy's Vegetable Korma & 2 beers (Deschutes Obsidian Stout and Sierra Nevada Torpedo).

jonapi (not verified)
cake or death

one moist chocolate pudding.

you will need

1 bar of dark (85%) organic chocolate
60g organic butter
1 tbsp organic honey
50g organic cocoa
20g self raising flour
3 free range organic eggs
120g organic light muscovado sugar
70ml organic double cream
handful of pecan nuts

turn on the oven

melt dark chocolate bar with the butter
add the tbsp of honey

add the coca powder with the flour and sift together to ensure any pesky lumps are smoothed
take the eggs and the sugar and whisk until the consistency of double cream

add the melted chocolate mixture and fold in gently
add the 70ml of double cream and fold in gently
add the flour/cocoa powder combo and fold in gently
add your nuts

take a 7" wide by 2 and 3/4" circular baking tin
grease gently with a little butter on the bottom and sides
place some greaseproof baking paper on the bottom and sides

pour in mixture
lick the spoon

bake for 20-22 minutes so the inside is nice and gooey

let it rest for a little while

warm is better
cold is just dandy

consume on its own
consume with vanilla ice cream
consume with double cream
but do consume

jonapi (not verified)
slopey biona soul mountain

spring is here.

homemade pickled vegetable; chinese lettuce, carrot, cucumber.
avocado, fresh sardines, sweet corn, spring onion, soy and cushioning of little mayonnaise. mix gently, add some cider vinegar (with the mother); unpasteurised, unfiltered and oak matured.
freshly ground black pepper, that lemon essence and himalayan pink salt.
japanese rice or failing that, pudding rice, the closest in texture.
mix the ingredients cold. add to the fresh hot rice.

sour, sweet, like space dust on the tongue. a drip of fine hot pepper sauce, a little encona west indian mash; habanero and scotch bonnet.
fire and citrus heat. tongue sparkle and sensation drenched.

welcome to march.

jonapi (not verified)
river cottage

wonderful chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
the new series about vegetables. inspiring person in every way.
if anyone wonders what Fish Fight is about on Bill Kreutzmann's website, it was instigated by this guy.

Episode 1 -
Episode 2 -
Episode 3 -
Episode 4 -

not too late everyone to sign up and support Fish Fight.
go here -

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bummer about the plum juice!

but sounds mighty tasty.

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A disaster averted

Spicy chickpea soup for supper last night. Cut up some onions, carrots and celery and softened them in olive oil. Stirred in a mixture of lots of cumin and a little coriander powder and a dash of turmeric, chilli flakes and ginger. Salt and lots of black pepper. Added a couple of cans of chick peas and a lot of lemon juice.

Then I went to the fridge for a pot of delicious golden chicken stock made the day before and poured it in to the mixture..


.....oh no.....

THAT was not the chicken stock was a pot of juice extracted from the golden plums we had picked in the morning! Duh…curried sour plum and chickpea soup anyone? Any hope that this was a new culinary discovery were dashed when I tasted it...not good.

Quickly drained off the plum juice and washed the chick peas and veg under the tap. Made up a new spice mixture and started again, this time with the real chicken stock. Slow cooked for 20 minutes, 30 seconds with the hand blender…a dash more lemon juice and pepper.

For a salad: painted some some aubergine (eggplant) slices with olive oil and grilled them. Added cherry tomatoes from the garden, thin sliced white onions, chopped garlic and a mass of fresh chopped parsley, coriander, thyme and basil. A final drizzle of olive oil, loads of balck pepper and a pinch of sea salt.

Dinner in the garden with some fresh bread and a glass or two of rose wine.

Delicious..but I’m gonna have to pick some more plums today.

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anybody out there make their own cheese and got advice about how to do so??

specifically mozzerella.


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yup, yummy in my tummy.

I use the fat free milk and the sugar free pudding, because I gotta watch my weight.

heaven knows, everybody else can't help but seeing it. ( -;

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Fresh strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yummy in my tummy, and in a frozen fruit slushie....
brain freeze anyone??

Hey CCJ them homemade raisinettes sound yummy too :)

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missin' them Raisinets

I was missin' them raisinets I used to have at the movie shows all those years ago.

so, I am making homemade Rasinets. Raisons covered with chocolatte. I am using sugar free pudding and fat free milk, putting raisins in it, then freezing the choco-raisin clumps for later. couldn't really take the time to try to sepaerate the raisnis and make them individual, but figure the clumps will be just fine, too.

we'll probably have them as we contine our way through the complete Seinfeld DVD collection, up to season 8 now.

( -;



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