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Joined: Mar 18 2009
June 26, 1988

Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pa. (Sun)
1: Half Step> Rooster, Push, Mama Tried> Big River> Cumberland, Start Your Engines, Big RxR Blues, Music
2: Touch, Playin> Uncle John> Playin> Drumz> Mr. Fantasy> Hey Jude Finale> Black Peter> Lovelight E: Black Muddy River
first "Start Your Engines"
my first show...

or 07-14-90
Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, Ma. (Sat)
1: Shakedown, Walking Blues, Far From Me, Candyman, Memphis Blues, Ramble On, Saturday Night
2: Eyes> Estimated> Crazy Fingers> Uncle John> Drumz> Take You Home> Miracle> GDTRFB> Throwing Stones> Lovelight E: Last Time> We Bid You Goodnight
"Addams Family" tuning, "Take A Step Back" before "Eyes" - final "Take You Home" - venue used to be called "Sullivan Stadium" - Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians opened
... this was the first show that i travelled to...
both shows, if i remember, were smokin'... i was with great friends & had super trips... at some point at the foxboro show, i was seperated from my party & really felt the comraderie of the community.. winding my way closer to the stage, festival seating - everyone shared & smiled & enjoyed the day...


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Joined: Jan 8 2009
09/07/87 CS&N and the Dead same day

My second show was quite memorable...I saw Crosby Stills & Nash at Greatwoods in a special daytime show then drove down to Providence with a few thousand of my closest friends to see the Dead. Man what a fucking amazing day.

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Joined: Mar 16 2009
Most life changing show

My first show 9/2/78 at Giants stadium w/ Willie Nelson,N.R.P.S I could not move from my seat, I was mealting.
10/11/83 MSG St.Stephen break out
11/1/85 Richmond (Gloria)
6/27/85 Saratoga
So many "special" shows but these seem to stand out. Also 7/2&3/88 Oxford,Maine.
Oh I could go on and on ,but ain't that why we are all here?

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Joined: Feb 24 2009

My origional life-changing show was my first; August '67. I beleive, the Yale Bowl, New Haven. The halcyion days of the dead, more or less the origional line up. I saw the Dead do "Dark Star" "St Stephen". a lot of material from their "Live Dead' release.
But with the news, this moring of the pre-sale of "Terrapin Station-Hartford '77; it brings back a flood of memories. For starters, I was born in Hartford., in May 1977 I was plannng to take the Greyhound bus to San Francisco(I've been on three cross-country bus trips. It's seems Simon and Garfunkle's "America" was written, just for me.)
Anyway, I heard the Dead were going to be in town, at the Civic Center.I delayed my trip. I lived about a short 2 mile ride from the venue; I still do
Because I was planning to go to San Francisco, I was hoping that the Dead would play "Estimated Prophet' a tribute to California. I was floored, when They did play it!. I left several days later.
1977 was the last time I've been to my favorite city in the whole world, San Francisco. As I remember, we picked up quite a few Deadheads, headed, both east and west, who have either seen the Dead, or were on their way to see them. .
Today, I ordered,"Terrapin Station; Hartford '77'"
June 16th, I'm flying to San Francisco,
, for an extended vacation in the bay area. I'me going to be visiting my lifelong friend, and attend The Kate Wolf Memorial Folk Festival,. It should be fun . I had to get this cd.
Among other things, while im in the Bay Area, I plan on going to the polo fields in Golden Gate Park, where, as you know, after our beloved Jerry passed, ther surviving members of the Dead led in a cerimony, honoring Jerry's legacy. I plan on doing, in my own way,the same. albiet 14 years later.
We all miss you Jerry, very, very much.

Joined: Jan 11 2009

My DUI accident pretty much changed me. By the fate of God, I I survived. Needles to say, I dont drink anymore.
As for my first show, it was 1991-06-09, I was new to the scene and had only heard Truckin before. I was so impressed with the parking lot and thought to myself, "Is this for real?, could there really be this many people together in one spot getting along in perfect harmony?"
Been collecting shows since!!!

Joined: Jan 18 2009
NYE Oakland Aud. 81

I think it was 81 - Morning Dew, Dark Star...

I died there.

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Joined: Jan 7 2009
Cap Center 87

The first night of this three night run may not have been the best show that I ever attended but for some reason halfway through the first set, I was overcome by a profound sense of enlightened bliss and an elevated group consiousness. I began to hug everyone I came across. I gave away my Jerry side rail seat stub to someone looking for a seat. Spent the better part of the second set carrying water to dancing sweaty heads (until the concessionaires quit giving me cups). I even struck up conversations with a couple of cops and security folks. I felt so lucky to have been born at a time that I could be a part of this community. I remember carrying that bliss through my daily life for several months thereafter.

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Joined: Aug 20 2007
Life change Englishtown NJ 9-77

Englishtown NJ 9-77 w Dead, Marshal Tucker, NRPS.
My folks took me to freshman orientation at Rutgers, droped my stuff off at the dorm, and then droped me off on route 1 so I can hitch to Englishtown. I was still 17 and thought my folks were strict. Different times. Made it there, great show all way around (A Dick Pick's Picks). Hitched back having no idea where I was and forgot where my room was. But everyone along the way was so cool. Even the NJ State Troopers that day. WOW
My kids would have tough time if they didnt have enough bottled water and a ride to and from the show.

Joined: Nov 25 2008
Every Show Was Life Changing

I can't think of a show that wasn't life changing.

I have spent my life seeking all thats still unsung.
Bent my ear to hear the tune, and closed my eyes to see.
When there was no strings to play, you played to me.

Joined: Jan 4 2009
Most Life Changing and My Fav Show

Most life changing had to be my first - The Spectrum, Philly - Easter Weekend 1984 - I will never forget walking in and hearing Jerry's voice, which was really gruff, and he said "hi ya, hi ya, hi kids, can you hear me?" and they opened with The Beatles "Glass Onion." I was hooked forever...

So many memorable shows since then - Dead at Soldier Field, Rich Stadium, Foxboro Stadium, MSG, Boston Garden, Oxford Speedway up in Maine on July 4th....

But my fav had to be the Jerry Garcia Band at the Warfield in SF in Aug 1990. I was out on biz staying in the penthouse at the Griffon Hotel. met up with my bud from HS who lives in Marin and college roomate. didnt know abt the show until we read it in the paper, and walked right up to the box office the day of the show and bought tix. one bud had orthoscopic knee surgery on both knees and when we got in the usher asked us if we wanted handcap seats, so we ended up sitting at a table right on the isle in the first row above the floor directly in line with jerry. we ate burgers and induldged and what an amazing show!! After the show we all went up to my friends house in the Presideo and stayed up late making such a long mix tape that we ended up taping over some of it.... haha... The overall experience was just the greatest time...

Peace out y'all...



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