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Joined: Jan 28 2008
entrance to to inside of a head trip

Crazy as it my sound my life changer was on the first futher tour.I was at pine knob and in the lot before the show as I walked between two cars I saw a head sitting on the ground with a garbage bag full of shrooms.He asked if I had a digi and I did.After looking at the scale he returned it without even using it.He then fed me proper and as I went on my way he yelled"you asshole".I thought to myself what was that about.A few hours later in the venue as I watched the stage melt the guy from the lot appeared front and center.He began to speak he told the story of the first time he met Jerry.He said he was backing up the futher bus and hit Jerry's BMW.The first words Jerry ever said to this prankster were "you asshole".As I was a late comer to the scene this was my first moment of the magic that had surrounded the scene at the begining.This experience let me know even thought we had lost our sheppard the apostiles would not let our (mine,yours,andJerry's)idealism die.THis was a renewal of spirit for me.For the first time the joy that had dawned before my time and had been thrashed by abuse and greed in the later years had made it throught the toughest time our community has ever seen and shone bright again for all.I now realized why this head threw me for a trip.The digi was the sign of business not pleasure on the lot .Why buy and sell when the best things(the music,the people, the art,and the birth of new joyous ideas) come for free.

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Joined: Jan 13 2008
Defining moments....

I guess there's a few defining moments that created major memories. Red Rocks! Enough said! An amazing heat lightning storm on City Island near Harrisburg, PA and the boyz breaking into a tremendous Fire on Mt. Penn State '80 with friends and my ex-husband and a China-Rider just for me. Catching them at the Omni during a 14 hour layover in Atlanta- too much fun having just seen them up in Philly and soon to see them at Giants. The journey is the best place to start- the anticipation of going to the show, getting the tix via standing in line for day(s) with other DHs, making friends in line, swapping tapes, addresses, food, smoke, good karma, etc... The journey of the tours- getting set to map out the routes to the shows, from there to the next, where's the next KOA campground? knowing all the names of the rest stops along the way! The people! Selling my wares... too much fun. My 1st show (Philly Spectrum) when I was in 7th grade! Lucky to remember some of it! Ami

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Joined: Feb 17 2008
philly 1990

the whole three days were incredible. i think back to that experience and feel the warm glow of the whole vibe. the scene in philly was very mellow that week and even though i had been going to shows for a few years there i just felt changed after the whole experience and kind of felt like i had discovered myself in those few days surrounded by bliss and kynd family. my world changed that week and i am forever grateful!!!!!!!

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Joined: Feb 8 2008
Wow, I hardly know where to

Wow, I hardly know where to start.... Yes, the Grateful Dead experience undoubtedly changed the course of my life. And yes, I have pondered the "what if I'd never gotten on the bus" question. In some probable reality I suppose there is a me who never attended a Grateful Dead show. All I can is I'm glad I'm not him. I can't imagine what that life would be like.

There is not enough time or space in this virtual medium for me to go into how far I've traveled and all I have realized (physically, mentally, spiritually) from the time I saw my first show in Dallas, October 21st, 1988 -- Brent's Birthday. We picked up some Golden Zodiac in the parking garage outside Reunion Arena, but I saved mine for after the show! I wound up sitting next to an "old" hippie couple (I was just 18 at the time) who shared some GD lore with me & kicked down a button that said "Peace. Back by popular demand." that I still have to this day. I knew I wanted more of that good old Grateful Dead Experience immediately after that show!! I tuned in to the local LSD show (Lone Star Dead), subscribed to various GD mags, eventually found a few tapes here & there, and did everything I could to absorb the last twenty plus years of GD history & culture....

After a year & half or so of watching & waiting for them to come back to Texas, I finally realized that I had the whole Mohammed & the mountain trip going. So be it. It was time for me to go to them. I had always wanted to visit Colorado, so I set my sights on the December 1990 run & managed to score a mail order ticket for the first & third show of the run.

12-12-90 was it for me.

I remember standing in the arena simply awestruck afterwards thinking "I have got to find a ticket for tomorrow night right NOW". At the exact same instant I finished the thought, I heard a young lady behind me saying she was going to have to sell her ticket to tomorrow night's show... sound familiar? The next night I was literally on the bus filled with Deadheads from my motel in Aurora to the 2nd night's show. As I soaked up the conversations regarding the previous night's 'unfinished' Dark Star, I head someone say "Maybe they'll finish it tonight..." "No way!" another 'Head empahtically stated. "Well, maybe they'll finish it tomorrow night..."

Joined: Jan 23 2008
Swing Auditorium '77

I was only 12 or 13 when Jerry died so I never got to go to a show, but out of the couple hundred shows I have on bootleg, Swing Auditorium '77 is by far the most amazing show I have ever discovered. It was the first show that Terrapin, and Estimated were played at, and it was a great show all the way through the entire thing.

Joined: Dec 14 2007
Every show

Every show I saw changed me in some degree. Some shows I remember more than others, but it really wasn't until 1995 when the shit started to happen--gate crashers, etc--that I realized the magic was going away.
Even though I have seen Bobby and Phil, it wasn't until the boys got back together as The Dead--summer of '03--that I realized the importance of this community and what it meant to me. I only hope that the boys do it one more time--I've got some teenagers that need to see.

Joined: Jun 25 2007
I changed my mind

At the time, I thought that the sandwich show from the Boston Music Hall 11/30/73 - 12/2/73 run to be the most engaging. (in retrospect, most people disagree) The particular life changing moment which I distinctly remember taking my breath away, was the segue into Uncle John's Band. I had no idea. After that, I was hooked for life.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
My Most Life Changing Show

JGB Jerry Garcia Band

Cannot remember the date (sometime around Thanksgiving 1990) Just moved to California, staying with relatives in the East Bay. Took BART to San Francisco, Dropped A along the way and headed to the Warfield. Having come from the East Coast, I thought I was in Heaven that I was going to see Jerry in such a tiny venue. Anyway, long story short, Way Hot Show. If you have seen any show in the Warfield, you know how special a place it is. Having seen Jerry there dozens of time afterwards, I truly know and appreciate just how lucky and fortunate I really am. Love to hear your thoughts..... Eternityblue

p.s. Saw the Allman Brothers there too.(w/Dickey Betts) Not a life changing show, but one of the best.(they cranked up Jimi Hendricks ~ Blues) in its entirety before the show. If you have not heard the CD ~ get it and listen to the whole thing very loud.............

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
Brent' First

The all left a big impression! But a day I will never forget was at Spartan Stadium 4/22/1979. We had seen the last of Keith and Donna at the benefit concert a couple months earlier so we all were real excited to see the big unveiling of the new guy. I met uncle BoBo outside in the parking area before going in and had a nice chat with him-always admired his work and what he did for San Fran musicians. I had made a huge banner of the 'Egypt' logo and went high up on the bleachers to the fence at the top and hung it up(later stolen at the show) to welcome the day on the green. I then took my place near the front about 20' from the stage dead center. I then proceeded to 'help out' about 300 heads sitting nearby with some green dragon.
Charlie Daniels and his band started us off to a rockin start. Then the boys came out and lit a fire with Brent weaving his tapestry. We were all aglow! It was so cool to have a great show-Looks Like Rain,with rain! Then a rockin ,Miracle>Bertha bringing out the sunshine again. Really sweet scarlet- fire as well that day. Surrounded by some great friends and tons of folk all in the same space smiling so hard like your face was going to break and dancin' on the grass so nice. It was a day...........

Never had such a good time...........

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Joined: Nov 19 2007
meeting jerry

on july 4 th old and best friends opened for the dead,, the 10,000 manaics..i was on crew that day ,,,i had just drove with my girlfriend back from foxboro to get back to jamestown ny in time to jump on the bus with the band to get to buffalo bills stadium..was one of those days...i was sent to the lot to grab some doses and ganj for the maniacs, and while out there i started talking to some nice west coast hippies, and a guy with them grabbed my laminate, and looked at me and didnt introduce himself....turns out it was ram im backstage looking thru a cooler for a beer,,and dennis from the maniacs says you wanna meet jerry..FUCK YEAH !!SO OFF WE GO ..AND THERE HE IS WITH RAMROD ..!!! The guy in t he lot was ramrod!! Jerry was smoking away.. a cig...classic!!! ramrod leans over to jerry and whispers something and jerry just smiles..and i am introduced...jerry says so you are one of those card carrying maniacs,, yes jerry!!and i just smile..He WAS JUST AS I THOUGHT HE WOULD BE DOWN TO EARTH VERY COOL and super nice and polite...i looked him straight in the eye and shook his hand..blown the fuck away....i realized then ..i was just comming on to a altered state or as wavy gravy would say ..under unusual circumstances lol that the universe was thanking me with that experiance for being a good human being...As i said jerry was all i thought he would be....beyond the muscian, i saw not just as a musical shaman, but as a simple very cool fun loving and sweet man...i try to be just the same..just like jerry sweet and fun loving!!Who would have imagined that a simple guy like me would ever meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also was blown away at my second show wich was winterland 78....they had just returned from the pyrimids,, showing a slide show of egypt as they played,,, they did a double encore ,,shakedown and johnny b good...that was the only show i ever felt like i couldnt take another a song ...i was energised yet exhausted after that show,,the band and crowd had given their all as i left winterland i got a burrito from a hippie and it was the best burrito i ever had,,that was also the smallest venue i ever saw the band in....everything they say about winterland is true ,,that place was magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may peace prevail on earth remembering jerry a tear comes to my eye thankyou jerry thankyou God AND THANKYOU THE REST OF THE BAND FOR A REAL GOOD TIME!!!


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