Grateful Dead

Introducing Ourselves - Part 2

Since the original topic now has hundreds of introductions and is getting a bit hard to navigate, this seems as good a time as any to launch a new one.

The original is here, should you wish to catch up on the who's who since this opened up in May.

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please do! And if you already have, but have something new to tell us about you and your life, speak up!

(A bit of housekeeping business so we don't have to repost everything we posted before--izzie and I are the moderators here, and for our more extensive intros see the original topic.)

Thanks and welcome!


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Joined: May 26 2011
Hi all

Hi friends, This is shamboo from india. Nice too meet you peoples here.

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Joined: May 18 2011
Finally made a profile...i'm a n00b

Well I have loved this site for a couple years and finally made a profile for myself. I love reading the stories and going through set lists. I saw the Dead 7 times before Jerry left and feel very blessed. My first show was 11/30/94 in Denver. I went thinking it would be fun, but it wasn't gonna be all they said it was. Well that first day was just soo overwhelming. The lot was so busy and lively. That first show was good but I think i was a mesmerized by my surroundings to fully enjoy the music. Well the next night was a different story. I was an 18 yr old college kid from WYO and anyways, I must've had sucker written on my forehead cuz i was sold a lot of bunk goodies. Nothing was happenin as I walked up the steps to go in. Kinda bummin. Then some brother held out his hand and GAVE me some boomers. I make it inside and the second song is 12 minutes of Sugaree. Jerry had a yellow light on him and I he reminded me of an innocent kitten playin with a ball of yarn. I got lost in watching him. Then, I snapped out of it and looked at the heads un the front row. There was nothin but smiles, dreadlocks and elbows flyin everwhere. Then I saw(in my mind) this wave of energy form from this one guy. It was like a drop in a pool of water, and the energy was expanding in a 360 pattern like a wave. Woah!!! It was comin towards me. I saw it climb up the seats through the people. The wave hit me. I started crying!!! What is happening to me. I have never experienced anything like this... It's just music. A stranger next to me must have seen me crying and asked if I was ok. I sniffled and said, "I've NEVER been better!!!" He passed me a bowl. I knew from that point on that the music and love of the Grateful Dead was for me.
Hi everybody!!! So glad to be here.

Control for smilers can't be bought

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Joined: May 26 2007
hey Sam

be sure to head on over to the Deadheads from Europe topic, too.

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Joined: May 23 2011
Hi Everyone!


This is Sam from London. I'm a newbie in this community and I'm glad to be a part here and I am looking for more friends. I hope you'll welcome me here and I'll enjoy my stay here.


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Joined: May 26 2007

Le Cordon Bleu was probably not the venue, but it looks like a pretty cool cake to me.

Joined: May 6 2011
grateful dead wedding cake

lifelong to this unable to start a new i thought id introduce myself.....and ask the honest opinion of the other heads....... is this GD themed wedding cake...completely made by hand out of sugar paste (including the psychedelic flowers) deserving of the F grade it received from Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena? cuz i say it deserved a low B/ high C just on originality alone.....HONEST OPINIONS....even if u think it like to know
thank you

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Joined: May 3 2011
Hey Everyone/Grateful Dead ART

Im a Dead /Techno all around Music and Art head.i love to DANCEand just great music and art i tattoo and love to draw among many other located on the east coast..NY Nassau county queens border...Just a short you can read more in depth about me if you just click my name. The other thing is maybe I'm missing something, but i wasn't Sure how to post a new topic other than in the intro section here and its more of a reply to a topic ....its seems i cant post anywhere else..So i figure ill just post it here. the topic i wanted to ask is Why are their no Books Deadicated to the art of the dead over all the years Official and from the community... it's something i would Love to see being an artist sure others heads as well would love to own a HUGE book of all the grateful dead artwork created over the years
Take care all...
.Still Movin'..
.Long Island Ant.

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Joined: Aug 31 2008
Moving back to Toronto

Hey All,

This a great forum. It's like we are all back to playing frisbee in the parking lot before the show again.

Anyway, been working in the Middle East and going to come back to the US/Canada for awhile before heading off somewhere else.

Got my approval to live in Canada so I am stoked. I lived there for years while working for some folks and got to love the place and people. Anybody know of some places to catch great music there? It's been a few years since I last lived there.

Once I have the time, I have to put all my Maxells (about 200 of them) on either digital or CD before they deteriorate. Anybody have any suggestions on that as far as the best equipment?

Too bad about the Bear. I got some emails from him a couple years ago. I should have went over to see him when I had a chance.


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Joined: Mar 30 2011
Happy to be here!

Hello everyone. I'm so happy our paths have crossed! I'm 29 and live in Chicago. I just got turned on to the Dead about three years ago and haven't been able to stop listening to them since. Although I haven't seen the Dead in concert, I do enjoy going to Dark Star shows. I love music and love good people. I look forward to meeting all of you.

Peace and Love,
Stella Blue

Joined: Nov 15 2010
Now On the Bus!

I used to pop in every now and then, just to see what's happening since I've last been around. I recently figured "Why not just register?". Well, I did...and here I am! Glad to be on the scene.


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Introducing Ourselves - Part 2