Grateful Dead

Introducing Ourselves - Part 2

Since the original topic now has hundreds of introductions and is getting a bit hard to navigate, this seems as good a time as any to launch a new one.

The original is here, should you wish to catch up on the who's who since this opened up in May.

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please do! And if you already have, but have something new to tell us about you and your life, speak up!

(A bit of housekeeping business so we don't have to repost everything we posted before--izzie and I are the moderators here, and for our more extensive intros see the original topic.)

Thanks and welcome!


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Joined: Sep 11 2011
new on the scene

hi my name is jacob johnson, i am 15 years old. i am the youngest of 5 and my oldest brother was the one who introduced my to the grateful dead. although he showed me phish intending to get me more into them, i got caught on the grateful dead. i am a bit knew to this so i don't know what else to say except that i love the dead, and always will. oh, and happy early birthday jerry!


Joined: Jun 26 2012
Joining to ask for help on some GD tee shirts

We have been visiting this site and trying to learn about some of the GD tee shirts we have on our website
Since there is so much information out there when trying to look up a specific tee shirt it gets overwhelming and confusing, history of the artwork, concert or album . Many of you are very familiar with the albums, songs and concerts so we thought we might be able to get some help with factual information to clean up some of our tee shirt descriptions.
Some of the tee shirts are priced high but where are we going to get another one when it sells? Original tee shirts that are not cheap reproductions are getting really hard to find.
Any help we can get would be awesome and we would give members of the forum a nice discount code for participating. Perhaps it can be a fun way to put some of that GD knowledge to use and we can make some tee shirt lover a happy person.

Thanks Men's Vintage Tee Shirts Grateful Dead category

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Joined: Feb 20 2012
groovy and far out

hi. my name is andrew miller. im a musician, age 20. im in a doom/stoner metal band called witchdoctrine. im a lead guitarist. im very big into psychedelic rock, psychedelic art, and everything to do with the hippie culture and beliefs. been a dead head since age 14. my band witchdoctrine is actually doing a psychedelic jam album called colours of the dark, where we just instrumentally jam out the feelings of the colors at hand. so if youre interested in hearing that, ill keep you posted. i enjoy sitting with my guitar puffin on my pipe and just let my fingers go and close my mind. i practice meditation, and i like reading, drinking hot tea, and watching the history channel and the simpsons. im a vegetarian, and i reside in york, pa. i think i covered it all. any other questions, feel free to message me.

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Joined: May 26 2007
hey, welcome!

glad to have you with us!

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Joined: Jan 17 2012
Another New Guy

My name is David Ciley and I've been a deadhead since i was 11 years old. I had a neighbor take notice that I was into CSNY especially Crosby and his tunes so he gave me the greatest gift next to my wife and son and that was he stole my face. I was terribly upset to find out that Jerry had passed a few years before I could see him. They actually played their last show on my 8th birthday. I will be 25 this year so I am definitely a younger head, however I've been going to shows since 2000. My dad caved in and bought us tickets to go and see Bob Dylan open up for Phil and Friends and that sort of just cemented me into the scene. My son has been hearing their tunes since before his birth and frequently gets upset when his one and only dead shirt is in the wash so he can't wear it*he's four, five in april*.
I went to as many Phil and Ratdog shows as I could after the first and was elated when they toured as "The Dead" with Warren. Furthur is icing on the cake for me as I'm sure it is to many of you. I've been trolling on the site for years and years and decided I needed to just join. So here is my official Hello and thanks for having me on deck!

Joined: Jan 24 2012
hey everybody

I just started a new blog about the Dead called

Check it out and let me know what you think. It's mostly short humorous essays about our favorite band.

Joined: Nov 8 2009

I'm not much of a huge forum type of guy, but since I made it over "Hello". The name's Chris Larson. Will try to hang out now and again and get to know some of you. Especially the local Oregonians!

Joined: Oct 7 2011

Hello all!
My name is Kyle Reyle and I just stumbled onto this site today.
Honestly I am very new to the grateful dead, but have felt so much emotion from the people i've met. It started for me when I started going to "raves" ~ For me, it started out for the materials, but as I progressed I fell into some bad vibes. I wanted to turn my life around for the better, there was a freind that I had made at one of these events who took care of me, helped set up my tent, and even gave me one of his shirts, His name was Tony. Tony inenvirtantly introduced me to the grateful dead, I started listening to the music in whichever means that I could, mainly youtube. This is when I fell in love. I have not had the pleasure to go to any shows, but i'd still like to get together at current events and meet all the good people. I'm still a young soul ~ only 19 years old right now, but hopefully i'll be able to learn as much as I can in this life. ~ Much love, reyle.

I love to draw, i'm trying to get back into college after dropping out, and even trying to find a new job!

Joined: Sep 5 2011

i'm a 52 year old, fairly new convert to The Grateful Dead. Spent most of my life listening to jazz and punk and old C & W.
Saw them a couple of times in the 70's (went with a girlfriend) saw them a couple of times in the 90's.
Never had a real connection with the music until last year.

i've seen Further twice now (with my 12 year old daughter), the most recent time was last night at The Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

i play ukulele, ride bicycles and take pictures with pinhole cameras.

Joined: Sep 9 2011
How are ya?

I am 27 and live in Southern California, over the last couple years i have been getting more and more into classic rock and blues and i started listening to the Dead and now i can't stop. I already have some songs that i love and i have heard they have never played the same song the same way twice, i bet that is true, and that just makes it that more magical. There are very few bands that can make me feel as good as the Dead so i am so glad i have found some more awesome music to listen to and enjoy and it really does ease your soul.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own


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Introducing Ourselves - Part 2