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Joined: Sep 10 2007

Howdy fellow Dead fans!

I am a newbie and a huge fan of Dead, Phish, Pink Floyd, Etc....

Just awoke to find this humble place on my laptop today,

Joined: Sep 8 2007
Hi I'm Eric

I was born on 6-26-1965 so me an the band are about the same age. 9-3-85 was my first of 37 shows (last being 7-6-95)...the bus came by with the last cryptical, and I have never gotten off or faded away.

The new site looks awesome. Looking forward to talking with you all.


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Joined: Sep 2 2007

name is mike but you can call me quinney McHappypants. actually i am not worried about what you call me. i am of the younger crowd, which unfortunately for me means that i never got to see the actual grateful dead, with jerry in tow. but i have been a fan forever. my mom's little sister, my aunt was and is a huge dead head, and she made sure that i got all the dead i could handle at a young age, and well it paid off. i have seen ratdog, and phil, the dead as they were called for a few, and been to a number of dark star shows, but alass, it isn't the same. i trade shows w/ a few people who live around me, and have a decent sized collection, and as we speak i am listening to a new show i just got, 5/1/70, and loveing it. i travel with work, and travel to see shows. i live in north east pa, but love to boogey on down to philly as much as possible. i just turned 21 actually on the 27th of august.

when it comes to my favorites well eyes of the world takes the cake for me with china cat > rider comes in at a close 2nd. after that it's all gravey. then there is the great keyboarder debate, and i wont choose. i love love love pig and really dug the keith years, he and jerry could really fly, and brent well brent was just soooo damn soulful how could you not love him.

really wish i coulda seen jer tho, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, i've seen some great stuff and dreamt about the rest. hope to have many great conversations with all you fine folk

rockin your socks since 1986

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Hello All

My User name is Steve-O, my friends just call me Steve-O. 1st show 3/06/81 WOW!!!!, been on board ever since. Sad to say my last show was 6/30/95.Interest include Steelhead fishing, and riding my mountain bike. My wife says I'm on the computer alot, but she's entitled to her oppinion. Great to be here, and thanks to everyone who put this together!!!

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Joined: May 26 2007

i love the stories of people who come to the music of the Dead much later, having never seen the band. welcome to the bus.

Joined: Aug 28 2007

Hey everyone I'm Nate from York, PA. I got turned on by the Dead in early 2005 and it has been in my blood ever since. Music has always been my passion and I can't believe It took me so long to find them. Obviously I've never been to any Grateful Dead shows, unfortunately, but I have been listening to everything I can get my hands on. I have had the pleasure of seeing Ratdog twice and plan to see many more as well as Phil and Friends and any of the other ones that come my way. I am honored to be among all of you friends and like minded people. So greetings and thanks for this awesome website.

Talk to you later,

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Joined: Jun 20 2007
Hey all,

Been here for ever but had to re-register, oh well.
Find me here, find me at Deadhook, .org, purplygrotto, Philzone.
Alwasys Loonyj or Loony. Same pic same look same dude/

Watch each card and play it slow.

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
Peace to you

Seattlep! You certainly deserve it after Iraq. Am glad your family and hopefull THIS family can also help with that. Enjoy the Dead-is peaceful amongst other things.

Joined: Aug 20 2007
Hi everyone im seattlep

Hi, I am a fairly new Deadhead. I was born and raised in the beautiful northwest. To make a long story short- I got into the Dead right before I went to Iraq. After I got back a few years ago I've been finding peace in the Dead, my wife and son. I guess its all part of a healing process. My mom and dad were Deadheads and I never really saw how great the band was until i got older. You could say the door didn't "open" for me until I needed it.

Positive Vibes to Everyone

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Joined: May 26 2007
welcome, James!

so glad you made it!


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