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Joined: Jun 24 2007
Playin' in the new sandbox

I am Crazy Peg, or cp not really particular. Pleasure to play here.

My first show happened to be the last, Only 17, I still got hooked right in and have listened to a myriad more shows than it would be possible to attend.

Somewhere, sometime, I hafta thank all those grateful archivists making it possible for me to enjoy the shows now, might as well be here:
Thank you tapers and archivers of the past, present, and future!

Lovingly addicted on the Live experience, gotta have my my regular dose.
Lucky, my Rock N Roll RX is for Life.

I am rurally close to the Lou, but being a gypsy....

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Hi all! Am I the only

Hi all!
Am I the only English deadhead here? I managed to see them in the 70's, 80's and in 1990 - whenever they came to England! When I see profiles here with 90/100 shows attended I am green!!!
Roll on summer of love celebrations in Kent in a couple of weeks - a chance for the british heads to get together and do what deadheads enjoy!

Love to all you deadheads worldwide - and the music never stopped...

Just for today.....


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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Oregon Head Checkin' in

I think I'm the first from OR to check in on this board...?

I'm Peter From Portland.
First Show 6/12/80 & Mt. St. Helens Erupted DURING Fire on the Mountain.
It was then that I knew these boys were on to something.
Last Show Memorial Day 1995, Back in Portland

Just now completed my first blush through the list of shows, marking off the ones I remember attending, initial count stands at 252, all west coast 'cept one, Worcester Mass, 1988, Spring Training tour, still have the T-Shirt!

My Highlights have to be the many "firsts" I got to see: (nothing like seeing the dead do a song live that you know they have never played live before)
Gimme Some Lovin
Mighty Quinn
Do in in the Road
Baba O name a few

Also the 83 & 84 Hult Center runs top the list
As well as every Greek and Frost run I attended
HJ Kaiser supplied me with several "peak" moments too
And The "back to back" Terrapins Ventura 6/14/87 & Greek 6/19/87 top the list.

Lots of special moments.
Am a Musician by hobby (used to be pro, but now I have a Mortgage to pay and a family to feed) check out www.myspace.con/fatwednesdayband

Highlights of my musical career are playing with Steve Kimock on several occasions and being backstage at Cal expo 10 feet from Jerry and having some random guy shout from across the way "hey, I know you, your in that band from Eugene... you guys are AWESOME".... while Jerry curoiusly looked on at both of us.... my brush with greatness :-)

What a great site, what a grate band!
God Bless the Grateful Dead!

Joined: Jun 6 2007
Hello fellow Deadheads!

I've been chiming in here and there since I found this site a few weeks ago but have not introduced myself yet so here it goes. My name is Mike and I live in the west Jersey countyside with my wife, four kids, and two cats (Stellablue and Yoshi). My kids goof on me when I play the Dead and put on their best "I'm wasted" look (stereotyping, but really not too far off base). My wife likes some songs and did come with me to a couple of shows, but she's not a head. I started getting into them in 76 or 77 when I bought Skeletons on the advise of my friends older brothers. Cranford, NJ where I grew up was a big deadhead town so there was always dead playing at the weekend parties. Terrapin blew me away and got me to my first show at the Garden in 79. That was it, I was hooked and still am. I'm so happy to see so many people with the same mindset sharing their opinions and feelings. Long live dead,net!

Joined: Jun 26 2007
Just to say Hi!

Hi! anyone else out there from good old Blighty (England).
I'm living in sunny Suffolk, originally from London. Married, 2 kids, the elder (18) I'm trying to get into decent music, succeeding in most areas.
Never got to see the Dead so its nice to read about gigs from folks who have. Into most kinds of music, but its amazing how this sort of thing gets addictive. Must be loads of you out there with tales to tell, how do you remember them? I spent most of the 70s/80s at the old Marquee in the London and cant remember any of it (must have had some fun).
Started my own ceramic business a while ago and am nearly making money, mostly broke and working from home a tad stir crazy during the day. Be nice to log on here and have a read between jobs.
Well lets check on the kiln be back later, peace to all

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
question grateful mama

I'm doing wonderful! Thanks for asking-
After reading your comments we have a great deal in common- my first show was RFK 92 it was INCREDIBLE! I too was hooked- my last shows were the two nights at RFK right before Jerry passed on. -Love to talk about the shows with u-

Joined: Jun 25 2007
How do you do?

Hey love the online community........

Discovered the dead: '92 (late I know)

1st Show: RFK summer fest ; they played Casey Jones. whew!

Went to every show in the MD/DC area from then on....... Well there you have it!

I really love having a place to share. I will definately be back to visit!

: ) Me-Shell ( :

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Joined: Jun 25 2007

I knew i forgot something - jeez - I have a son, Jasun, who will turn 5 this october~KRISSY~

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Joined: Jun 25 2007
I'm Kris

aka Maui Mama . . .initiated 12/6/89 earthquake relief benefit and my last show was vegas 5/21/95 in which we rode from sam boyd to the strip in a limo - my friends didn't believe there was really a limo coming in the sea of limos, lost people, cop whistle blowing madness . . but it was fit to be the ride for my last show

Grew up on so cal - migrated to no. cal in 1986 and LOVED the bay area . . . my first show was in 89 and the rest just fell into place after that . . .i didn't even have to travel ;) Lived in the bay area until 2001 when i moved to Maui . . . and now i'm really STARVING - need to get back for a ratdogshow in the mainland - .i too, am a bobby girl - and im happy to have you all and this place to keep me sane ~KRISSY~

Joined: Jun 14 2007

I have used the screen name aikani (which is also a real life nickname of mine) since I got my first internet connection sometime around 1993. I've been hanging around the internet ever since. My first show was 1980 Mississippi River Festival (that was a summer concert series back in my hometown of St. Louis) most of the shows I saw were lat 80's-'95, the last show I saw was the '95 highgate VT. show. The first album I ever owned was american beauty. (my parents had received it as a pick of the month from the old columbia house record club and I quickly swiped it, that was when I was about ten) Now, I'm living in the south pacific missing the hell out of the mainland, and looking to move back sometime next year. In my spare time, I'm a legal aid lawyer, with a wife and two kids.


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