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lamagonzo (not verified)
Cool, Trailbird

Heaven is right there if you just take the right road.

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Living with The Dead

Why? You ask. For a novel answer, read Jonathon Pitt's prize winning article in the Baltimore Sun of Sunday October 21. 2007. Just Google my name (Ed Branthaver) and scroll down to "Alive With the Dead". It's a story of why a Father became a Dead Head. Understand that the author used a bit of poetic license, but for the most part, you will understand why I am here -- and lovin' it - "Knock,knock, knockin' on Heaven's door"

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living in past...and present

Your post was eloquently stated and one of the best I have read on sounds like a band member wrote it....was there- not in 65 but yeah the core is just as you speak of...however the music really was the glue for me--the scene etc. was okay but Dead Heads are just humans in all shapes and forms and for brief moments many were beautiful as obviously you seem to be but for me it was always about the music and the spirituality it infused me with and yeah a little extra infusion of spiritual material may have aided the experience along but fundamentally, this band is a bunch of Shamans with Jerry being the clear visionary and the boys all doing their part with a particular shout out to Bobby's shouts, Phil Bombs and Mickeys Animal skin strange things that split the sky while Billy cranked along those cave men time traveling solos...nothing like it before or after---a band of brothers and sisters and fans that unified if only during shows but collective consciousness experiments that surpassed anything that any mainstream scientist could dare dream could happen--i mean is it amazing that we still have no clue about subtle energy in Western Medicine with groups like the Dead showing so many of us the light of Eastern Yogic ways...? Alas...not a preacher but this is more than just a social experience..they are as Belushi says "On a mission from God" and I for one cannot look at it as anything less, its even more than what you say--its about the fundamental meaning of our lives...beyond this plane...their name was chosen for them for sure...
Aum Namaste......Hey Now, Year late but better late than not appreciated..

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those hills and mountains

Trailbird, yes somebody is seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing, esp the Pinnacles and Lassen. Looks like our California, donnit?

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looks like a cool road trip all right!

Joined: Jan 8 2011
Furthur, and then some

Well, I made it to the last Monterrey show with a couple hours to spare and really enjoyed my time at the show. Got the hell out of Dodge ater the show and headed to Pinnacles National Monument, then to Seqoia,Kings Canyon, Yosemite, and Lassen National Parks. i saw my first Black Bear of the year 33 hours after the show(cool story). Twas one of the best roadtrips my 18 year old Sheba and I have had. Well, i hope somebody sees this. luv2all

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Living in Texas

Having moved to Texas in '93, I have been Tom Hanks alone on island with my tapes (who we shall call Wilson) as far as my vicinity to fellow Deadheads goes. But every so often, when I run into a fellow Head at a concert, and spark up a conversation with a true lover of the band, there is a level and a depth to the conversation that most other bands, if any, create. Especially if they actually caught the Dead live in Jerry's time, or even saw some of the same shows I saw, it feels like catching up with family. There is something special about the Dead experience. It's more than just being stuck in the past- its a richer, more fulfilling emotion.

J.T. Gossard

Joined: Nov 11 2010
living in the past.

everyone lives in the past in one way or another.

Joined: Aug 17 2010
i got to admit

i am not a fan of dead tribute/cover bands and being honest im not really a fan of further however if i lived in the states i would be attending the shows to meet other deadheads and enjoy that family feeling.And sugaree is right other people dont understand it and it is pure love.

Joined: Oct 5 2010
Beauty incarnate.

I think it's truly fantastic when people try to recapture the spirit of the music of bands like The Dead. I never understood why some people are just so adamant about people not even touching dead band's music. It simply means that people are trying to pay homage to their favorite bands or reopen the flow of spirituality, creativity, and beauty that the 1960s had opened. I can understand someone being angry at a modern musician for trying to make a quick buck off of someone else's music. However, it's different if someone says,"hey, let's try to make someone feel the spirit that I felt when I first listened to 'Dark Star' or 'Love March' or 'Wooden Ships'." I apologize if this doesn't fit in with the current trend in the conversation, I just HAD to give my 2 cents on the main subject of the thread.


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Life After Dead?