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Joined: Mar 7 2009
CC Galaxy hugs and beams

The Who Tea and Theater - very, very beautiful. I am sorry. Stay strong.! big love beams, too!

Joined: Nov 21 2007
safe travles Joe

may the roads you travle bring you peace. we`l all be here for you when you return.

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Joined: May 26 2007
safe travels joe

we'll be here waiting for your return.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
safe travels Joe

come back safe and well

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
thank you

thanks everybody.
heading on the raod soon to take care of things; be back when I am able.

meanwhile, please know how much this space and your support means to me.

"so it’s broken hearts and dusty roads
and somewhere there my soul explodes
with every piece of every day
and everything I meant to say
and where I’ll be, no one can tell
I’m fishing in a wishing well
and i’m doing the very best I can
I just hope you’ll understand

now I seen all the lights that shine
countless colors in my mind
they climb and swim and spark and glow
and ask me what it is I know
I know a thing called love
a thing called thunder in the sky above
now I know a thing called pain
now I know a thing called rain"
--- Jackie Greene


we was there together for this:

"Will you have some tea
At the theatre with me?

We did it all - didn't we?
Jumped every wall - instinctively
Unravelled codes - ingeniously
Wired all the roads - so seamlessly

We made it work
But one of us failed
That makes it so sad
A great dream derailed

One of us gone
One of us mad
One of us, me
All of us sad

All of us sad - lean on my shoulder now
The story is done - it's getting colder now
A thousand songs - still smoulder now
We played them as one - we're older now

All of us sad
All of us free
Before we walk from the stage
Two of us
Will you have some tea?
Will you have some tea
At the theatre with me?"
---Pete Townshend


thank you all.



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Amen, CC

I just can't imagine something like this. Our thoughts are with you.

Joined: Jun 9 2007
I can't even imagine the

I can't even imagine the sadness you feel. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

And the road goes on forever....

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

I am so sorry for your loss of your dear wife. Peace and love to you and her family. Take care of yourself.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
Oh, dear....CC....

you've said it condolences........XOXOXO

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thank you all

I am trying hard to think of words;

just know, please know everyone here; your words mean a lot to me. thank you all.


you all knew her, you all danced with her and hugged her at the shows... she was never more impressed with spontaneous human warmth than at shows or meeting strangers on the road who shared a love of what we love.

this community, online though it may be, is part of a larger tribe; we may not see each other's faces as we dance, eyes on the stage, we may not see each other's faces, eyes on the screen as our fingers dance on the keys; we may not 'hear' the words, the music drowns the voices out... but the warmth is here as it always was there; as it always will be there.

Hunter's (thank's again rh, can't thank you enough) words were read, translated and read in Japanese, Thai, Lao, Khemer, Korean, Chinese, Tagalong, German, French, and also read in English. there could have been more languages, she had a wide circle of international friends, but I thought 10 readings had a certain symetry.
Black Muddy River (maybe her favourite song) was played for her, and So Many Roads for us; and some other music she loved... people spoke, and heard some stories I never heard before... there could not be anythhing happy in this, but there was some dignity and people stronger than myself let me lean on them.

parents should not have to attend the funeral of their child, an older brother and an older sister, and a younger sister should not have to go through this. her nieces and nephews... she and I never had kids of our own. she and I used to 'joke' and she always said she wanted to die first; I knew her love in that comment, but i still had to insist I wanted to die first for the same reasons I reckon. like everything else, she had her way.
( -;

we also used to 'joke' based on some Woody Allen line, "I was the boss, and she was the decision maker" it was, I heard from the doctor, much too late to really do anything by the time she learned of the cancer. so yes, she was protecting us all with that decision to keep things to herself these past couple of months.

her family is the only real family I ever had; completely loving people, completely caring people; unlike any I have ever known. her father was left an orphan by WWII American bombs; her mother, when she was a child, was literally shot at by a machine gun, dive bombing American plane as she was walking home with a friend through some rice fields after working at the war machine factory that so many children were conscripted into in that history -- yet, they accepted me, an ugly American, into their heart. our little house is about 3 hours away from their home; so we saw each other often enough, (or not often enough in retrospeck) they invited me to come live with them if I want to in the future; part of her ashes will remain in the family home, in the Buddhist tradition, some put into the family grave nearby. sad irony that her mother is a cancer survivor, and facing other health issues recently, all Nao wanted to do was help her family.

there are things i must do -- will hit the road to scatter some of her ashes in some of the places she loved most. have to see and tell people she loved and who loved her, and have to walk up the trails of villages alone... some news can not be shared by phone or email.

all she ever wanted and did was to help other people, less fortunate than herself; and that is her legacy. I'll do my best to continue her work; try to live her life, best I can.


thank you all for all of your kindness. it means more than I can ever hope to express.

prayers and positive vibes for her family is all I ask; parents should never have to attend the funeral of their child.

(((DNC))) thank you.


there are some roads we rode on together to re-visit, and other new roads I must face--
the ride can never be balanced without her on the back of the bike.

love and peace.


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