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Pig Pen Bring Me My Shotgun Vine

Started by Greg Macfarlane

Posted: January 5, 2008 - 5:40pm
Pig Pen Bring Me My Shot Gun

One for Eric (aka gd1294) who posted on The Grateful Dead catalog pages.

Usual deadnet vine format – put your name in the next position and contact the one before with postal details.

Two audio discs:
a) - Pigpen's Apartment Solo Acoustic Demos 1966 - it's from 4 track master>?>CD>.wav via EAC>.shn via MKW. Forget where it came from and when I got it but converted back to .wav via MKW.

Tracks: Two Woman, Michael, Katie May, New Orleans > That Train, Instrumental, Bring Me My shotgun, CC Rider, Katie Mae, Hitchhiking Woman, Two Women, When I was a Boy, Bring me my Shotgun.

It also has: I Believe, She's Mine and No Time, listed as Pigpen's final recordings '73 (?).

It finishes with a '64 recording of Sweet Georgia Brown>Betty and Dupree with Jorma.

b) Again .wav – Pigpen (King of the West Coast Blues)
The Same Thing (9:49) and Smokestack lightning (8:40) 11-19-66, It Hurts Me Too (4:07) 10-22-67, TOYLL (9:07) 5-14-68, Katie Mae (5:26) 5-15-70, Smokestack Lightning (12:38) 12-7-71, It Hurts Me Too (7:42) 2-18-71.


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dstache's picture
Joined: Sep 10 2007
3/30/09 NYC Shows: Set 2

The second leg of the "Taxi Tour" was only a couple of miles away at the Gramercy Theatre and I convinced my friend to take the subway rather than a cab. We grabbed a quick bite after arriving then entered the venue, another intimate setting. I would estimate that there were about 500 people there. Unlike the Orensanz, which did not sell beverages of any kind, drinks were available at the Gramercy. Billy received the loudest cheer when he appeared onstage. The band wasted no time, opening with a Jam then segued into a long Playing in the Band. They were clearly "on." A fun Good Lovin' was next. Right before Bobby stepped to the microphone for the 3d verse or so, Phil started playing a funky bass line and the lyrics would have to wait. No complaints. Every member seemed to be enjoying themself but Phil and Billy especially; both had big grins on their faces for much of the set. After a well-played and -received Wheel, the highlight of the set appeared, a refreshing Franklin's Tower. Bobby changed the pace of the lyrics to all the Jerry songs, especially Franklin's, so we wantabe singers in the crowed were a little off with the lyrics. The band encored with an enjoyable Touch of Grey, which seemed especially poignant with Bobby's graying hair, beard and mustache. We will survive!

dstache's picture
Joined: Sep 10 2007
The 3/30/09 NYC Shows: Set 1

I was fortunate enough (thank you Rhino/Dead/Marye!!!) to have attended the "Taxi Tour" shows yesterday. The first show was at the Orensanz, an intimate former synagogue, where Bobby, Phil and Warren performed accoustically. I arrived around 415 (the show began at 5pm) and found out from my friend that I had just missed the boys hanging out with the small group of Heads outside. Oh well. The show was AWESOME! Before starting, the band asked the crowd to keep noise to a minimum and the request was heeded, so I suspect that the recordings sound great. Bobby forgot a verse in the set-opening Dire Wolf but the crowd helped him out. None of us thought we would hear a mind-blowing deep space Bird Song at 5:15 on a Monday, but that is exactly what happened. This was followed by a nice Cumberland Blues, an unexpected Pride of Cucomonga, and an equally surprising Lazy River Road, and a fun Casey Jones. At this point it was 6 pm, the band had to get to the next location, and we didn't think there would be an encore. Fortunately, we were wrong. Ripple. Perfect ending to a perfect set.

Canyon Critter's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2008
Hal saw the Doobs in Naperville

Last year, they were rockin, and it was funny but not everyone knew the songs....just felt the vibe. It was the closest I've come to a Dead experience that I've been to in about 4 1/2 years.

ABB baby, cuz I'm always tied to the Whip Post.
Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

Hal R's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
anyone going to the show

Wondered if any of my brothers and sisters of the vine are going to any of the spring shows. I am going to the one at the Gorge. Looks like we have a group of 12 or so carpooling from Spokane to there. Plus we get to see the ABB! I'm sure I'll enjoy the Doobies too. I know we are lucky.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

Joined: Jul 29 2008
Here you go, Lopezz...found a new site, too

Found this for B&tM:

Montego Bay Free Zone, Montego Bay, Jamaica (Sat)

Fly Away, Festival>Youngblood, Easy To Slip>Bahama Mama, Rock In The 80's,
Little Junkie Girl, Jah Laughs, Women Smarter, Heaven Help>Drums>Josephine>
Thunder & Lightning
E: Book Of Rules

here's the site where I found the info, looks like a handy reference:


(lovin' google on a daily basis)
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Lopezz's picture
Joined: Feb 9 2008
I need help with set list

I have two shows that I would like to vine but I cant find any info about them.

# 1. Bobby & the Midnights, Reggae Sunsplash, Bob Marley Center Kingston Jamaica, Nov 27 1982 (This is part of the Nov 26 show, but the set took place after midnight, so the 27th)
I have six songs from this night starting with women are smarter. Mostly I want to make sure the date is right and its never been released.

# 2. Mickey Hart and The Marin County Collective, Mickey's Barn, Novato, Ca. 1972.1973
I will just copy and paste the set list. This is very strange stuff. Its a good reason why you shouldnt mix cocaine/lsd and a barn full of recording equipment. The best way to describe it is a combination of rap and a horror movie sound track. PM me if you can help. Thanks

1. Fire On The Mountain
2. Ghost Riders In The Sky
3. It Makes Me Feel Mad #1
4. You Know I Will
5. Is Anyone There
6. Night Of The Vampire
7. It Makes Me Feel Mad #2

"Fire On The Mountain" sessions

8. Fire On The Mountain
9. Speed Racer
10. Untitled
11. Fear And Loathing
12. Checker Man
13. Marshmallow Road
14. Fear
15. Ariel

Line-up :

1. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
2. cipollina, hart, freiberg, jim mcpherson
3. kathy mcdonald, mcpherson, steve schuster
4. kathy mcdonald, mcpherson, steve schuster
5. freiberg, hart, mcpherson, mcdonald
6. melton, lesh, hunter, hart
7. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
8. melton, garcia, hart, freiberg
9. melton, hart, lesh, schuster, bill champlin
10. garcia & hart at the palace of fine arts
11. ali abkar khan, ali raka, garcia, hart
12. hart, rob stokes, lesh, melton, freiberg, hunter
13. hart, melton, bloomfield, la flamme
14. lagin, lesh, cipollina
15. melton, hart, lesh, stokes, garcia, freiberg

erickat's picture
Joined: Feb 20 2008
I know there was confusion on the 93 vines

several had similar names

When I get one of those, I pm back and ask them what they were talking about

If you want you can forward me the PM & I'll try to run down what they were thinking

Joined: Nov 21 2007
I`ve been getting strange PM`s

Ok , I have been getting some odd pm`s that have said "hey I`m after you , here is my address" , the vines in question don`t even have my name on them ... so are some folks getting confused or are the pm`s getting messed up somehow ? I allready asked Marye abt. this and she suggested i post this ... this is just a heads up for everyone , don`t know if anyone else is having this issue or not ....
Peace .....

Joined: Jul 29 2008
Oh, please...

Nobody will top my New Year's Vine-a-rama - I got eight vines in that one box from Ltapilot, plus a buttload of individual vines ( with a couple of those fifteen disc monsters) -- I still suffer from CTS from all the disc switching.

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Joined: Jul 29 2008
And you guys said there weren't enough women here ;^)

Listen at the little girly-viners complain about too many vines.


(I got your back on posting to the topics stu. have a good weekend everybody)

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Pig Pen Bring Me My Shotgun Vine