Grateful Dead

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worth a listen

especially if you like his earlier work: the Boz Scaggs Memphis album currently sitting by the cash register at my local Starbucks, where it caught me in a weak moment this morning. As the name suggests, Boz goes to Memphis and gets some great session folks and does old tunes. More smoldering than pyrotechnic, but some very nice moments. I think my favorite so far is "Corinna, Corinna," not the Hunter song but the old folk song that's on that early Bob Dylan album...

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New Jam Band "THE REAL" from Portland Oregon

Hey Now! wanted to share some new music with you all, THE REAL, Psychedelic Jam Rock Funk Fusion from Portland Oregon.

Super rock'n and groovin 4 piece (Guitar, Bass, Rhodes, Drums) kinda a mix of styles like The Grateful dead, String Cheese, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, and a touch of Herbie Hancock

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Band of Horsees

Great Band from South Carolina,Great Harmonies remind me of CSN&Ys Early stuff

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I highly recommend Crazy Fingers if you live in South Florida or are on vacation in south florida. Very acomplished musicians playing mostly Dead covers with some Jerry Band stuff as well. Mostly playing in Palm Beach County and Broward County (a bit more in palm beach county than broward) Dont forget to see where they are playing if you go on vacation here and are a dead fan! the website is

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I HIGHLY recommend this band:

jonapi (not verified)
Red Red Meat

great Stones-y, warm fuzzy and narcotic drawl. remember buying this when it came out in '93 on vinyl and that piece of shellac never left my turntable for a good long while.
low light wreathed in hazy night time smoke. some members went on to form the equally fantastic, if not more so, Califone.

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You should give Jeff Beck the tone talker a listen.

In older age Jeff is remarkedly creative. Emotion Commotion with free listening tracks on youTube should stir the music within us. The emotional tones can fill our ears with words and feelings. Talking 'bout emotion: Love your neighbor and Love your enemy....paradox?? Sheen teaches that two emotions can exist in that I could love Stalin but Dislike what Stalin does. All for now, my earthly life beckons for me to keep on praising God's works.

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We're from Pittsburgh, PA and love playing the music of the Grateful Dead. Here are a couple of videos, if you're interested. The first couple include a VERY special guest you may recognize ;0)

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7 Walkers Feat. Kreutzmann!

If you haven't yet, check out this awesome band, 7 Walkers.
They are playing some shows in Colorado in the next few weeks and I'm stoked!

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Mother Hips

Blair has been talking about Tim and Nicki Bluhm is his blog posts and Tim Bluhm has recently finished a bunch of shows with Phil at Terrapin Crossroads. He also did a tour with Billy and Mickey a couple years ago. His main band, The Mother Hips from Chico, CA recently celebrated 20 years together as a band. You might remember them from their psychedelic origins playing the HORDE, Gather of The Vibes and Laguna Seca Daze festivals in the early/mid '90s.

Now The Mother Hips are giving away a free download of their 1992 debut album Back To The Grotto until May 30th at the following link:


Standout tracks are Chum, Precious Opal, This Is A Man and Hey Emilie but many of you are sure to dig the psychedelic stylings of the early Mother Hips, so give it a spin!


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