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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Blue Ray

I would really like to see a Blue Ray dvd release. The Grateful Dead movie on Blue Ray would be fantastic!!! Just a thought.

Joined: Feb 19 2009
At this point, ANYTHING!

None of us are getting older. It seems to me there's so much stuff to choose from, I don't understand why it takes so long to get the next DVD out. I love playing these DVDs with my kids and dancing around the living room. But there's so little in video that's been released and I know there's a ton out there.

At this point I'll take a cup of cold coffee or a blue sun or a three piece band on the corner playing nearer my God to thee......

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Alpine Valley June 1988 run

Would love to see a DVD with the Soundboard tracks with swishy jerry.

Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

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Where are they?

There are hardly any DVDs at the store and on Amazon they are way to high$. Will the out of print DVDs be released and when? Does anybody know the answer to this? Also no download series? Where did that go? Thank you in advance.

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is my favorite New Year's of all time also.

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12-31-81 New Year

This was really the last of the old time new years shows, the Oakland auditorium, 4 sets, and an out of nowhere Dark Star. I do remember video screens and cameras that night. The playing throughout the night is unbelievable, check the tapes. The Joan Baez stuff is not the best but Jerry is there!

Sunshine Daydream
I saw Denis McNally talk at an event for his book several years ago and he said that Sunshine Daydream had just been remastered for release and that the sound problems that hurt the original tapes were corrected digitally. What Happened?

There should be a box set with the entire Winterland 74 run - EVERYTHING shot for the movie should be on my shelf!

Joined: Dec 23 2009
Black Muddy River

Black Muddy River was only released on "In the Dark"?? I can't find a live recording of it.
Such a staple for many years, an encore I always looked forward to. I would love to obtain a live digital recording. My favorite song! I performed it around the campfire at the camp I worked at in Upstate NY the weekend after Jerry died. Many of the campers joined in singing ...Roll Muddy River...

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There's Only 1 DVD For Sale Now !!!!!!!!!

You go to the store and click on DVD and all that's listed is the last days of the fillmore. No view from the vault, truckin' off to buffalo, GD movie, NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!! What's up there !!?!?!
If all the DVD's are getting the once over and re-released I hope they re-release "A Ticket To Noew Years" with "The Promised Land" back in there. Why did they ever cut it out in the first place. And what about all the fun stuff for the pay-per-view audience that night? "Ask The Band" MR. Spock mind melding with santa clause ("Drum Solo Almost Over ") all the interviews. Check Out My Orignal Music at

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HD Dead?

Well, I posted this in the wrong thread - so apologies for the re-post:

Is any of the video vault shot in HD or suitable for conversion to HD/Blu-Ray? I'm watching Ticket to New Year's now as I normally do this time of year, and as with some of the other DVD's it is pretty blurry when not displaying close-up shots (especially on an HD TV).

I would probably upgrade to Blu-Ray on the DVD's I have and would be interested in new Blu-Ray releases more so than new DVD releases.

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So Far !

I would definitely buy a So Far DVD ! And more Jerry Garcia Band shows on DVD would be great as well 1989-91.
Thank ya


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