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Joined: Dec 23 2009
Black Muddy River

Black Muddy River was only released on "In the Dark"?? I can't find a live recording of it.
Such a staple for many years, an encore I always looked forward to. I would love to obtain a live digital recording. My favorite song! I performed it around the campfire at the camp I worked at in Upstate NY the weekend after Jerry died. Many of the campers joined in singing ...Roll Muddy River...

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There's Only 1 DVD For Sale Now !!!!!!!!!

You go to the store and click on DVD and all that's listed is the last days of the fillmore. No view from the vault, truckin' off to buffalo, GD movie, NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!! What's up there !!?!?!
If all the DVD's are getting the once over and re-released I hope they re-release "A Ticket To Noew Years" with "The Promised Land" back in there. Why did they ever cut it out in the first place. And what about all the fun stuff for the pay-per-view audience that night? "Ask The Band" MR. Spock mind melding with santa clause ("Drum Solo Almost Over ") all the interviews. Check Out My Orignal Music at

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HD Dead?

Well, I posted this in the wrong thread - so apologies for the re-post:

Is any of the video vault shot in HD or suitable for conversion to HD/Blu-Ray? I'm watching Ticket to New Year's now as I normally do this time of year, and as with some of the other DVD's it is pretty blurry when not displaying close-up shots (especially on an HD TV).

I would probably upgrade to Blu-Ray on the DVD's I have and would be interested in new Blu-Ray releases more so than new DVD releases.

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-enjoyin' the ride

-There'll never be another Jerry

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So Far !

I would definitely buy a So Far DVD ! And more Jerry Garcia Band shows on DVD would be great as well 1989-91.
Thank ya

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potential DVD releases

Sunshine Daydream (obviously) and of course that guy on the pole is not naked; shirtless yes, naked no. Bundled with the CD's of the whole show.

So Far
Backstage Pass
All GD Videos. Is there even a place to get an officially released DVD version of Touch of Grey? I know it's on Dead Ringers-The Making of the Touch of Grey Video And More. If not...typical GD. Their biggest hit and video and you can't even buy it if you want it.

What about Little Light and Foolish Heart? Am I missing any other official videos?

Just saw Hell In A Bucket on the Deluxe Scrapbook bonus DVD (which was great...thanks!) A little pricey but well worth it. Likewise, I wouldn't want to buy the scrapbook without the DVD (although it's very well written and presented). But anyway...

How much usable GD outtakes are there from Festival Express?

Playboy After Dark would make a nice bonus on a DVD as filler.

I could go on and on about live 70's and 80's pro shot stuff. Again, the 12/27/83 Scarlet>Fire on the Scrapbook bonus disc was Great! More of that would be super.

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Treasure of the 70's

You're sitting on a goldmine of extraordinary 70's footage of the Dead at their peak. Full shows, professionally shot. Durham, NC 1978, Passaic, NJ 77 & 78, Copenhagen, Denmark 72... The list goes on and on. Not to mention the full shows shot on 16mm with multitrack audio recordings filmed for the Grateful Dead movie which should be released in their entirety; either one show at a time or a box set of the full run on DVD/Blu-ray. I don't know any Deadhead who would not salivate wildly to own these full shows. Especially in the best available quality with a great sound mix. This would make Rhino incredibly popular, bring in tons of money and bring wide smiles to most everyone in the DeadHead community. It's a win-win.



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dvd=video ?

Oups ! Like I just said on other forum here, I'd just love to have live concerts videos of the Grateful Dead ,to keep me warm this winter ! The best would be the top performances of each of the band, on a video but it must have "little red rooster"included ! Euh,do you take western union for payments ? Buy/pay via a computer worry me .Secured paiments in Europe don't seem tha secured at all ,here!!!

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Why not a collection of all the song videos they relased over the years?

And the road goes on forever....

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Rockpalast --- 3/28/81 Grugahalle,Essen,West Germany

To those of you,who might be interested.You can find this at What a SHOW!!! JERRY,TEARS ,IT ,UP!!! PEACE!

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Jersey City 8/4/76

I used to have a black and white pro-shoot VHS hi-fi copy of a partial set from 8/4/76: Is it now circulating as a dvd? I sure would like to see this show and hear it in dolby surround 5.1, too.
Send me one and I'll be grateful in KC.
buena suerte, Gr8fulTed


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