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Dead & Co. - Electric Eyes

Anyone have the backstory on the Electric Eyes graphic that was on some of the T's I saw at the shows?

My friends and I have differing opinions.

Mahalo for the help :)


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looking for prestine copy of Dead 6/27/2015 and Billy Kreutzman

I can send postage/blank CDR's,or something worth wild, Billy don't have any of his stuff besides 7-walkers I'm Thank You and be Well :}

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In search of a few sealed, numbered DP 16's

It's not the coin. ...just have stuff people might want in a trade if they have excess DP 16's Offer: I need a few copies of DP 16, numbered. I know they're very avail. and will be but. Some items to trade: Road Trips 1.1,1.2,1.4,2.1 or DP 7,11 or Pure Jerry 1,5,7,8 are avail. I'm 'trade valuing' DP 16 @$55. If interested PM me. :)

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the original Jerrymeister LS

the original Jerrymeister LS T-shirt (circa 1990) had the words 'Drink Down the Bottle and You're Ready to Kill' on the back. these are very rare. the words were changed to mellow out the theme. I still have one, a men's large worn twice. the key to preservation is not to throw them in a hot dryer.

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being a bit jealous there. :)

being a bit jealous there. :)

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not sure if this helps

But there is a store with a hot air balloon shirt. Maybe you'll find the one you need there, too.
-edit- noticing the sizes on the balloon shirt are mostly sold out...maybe they will restock...I hope so! For you...

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turtles/terrapin shirt

Oh how I wish I had the hot air balloon shirt to trade you ! I purchased 2 dancing turtle shirts in Chicago and lost them to some lucky person !If you are interested in selling your shirt please let me know. And yes it sickens me to see them on ebay for 200. !

Joined: Jul 10 2015
Looking for GD50 Green shirt with Hot Air Balloon..

By the time i made it to the stands, there were only XXXL left.... i REALLY want to get my hands on the shirt... if anyone has one in M, L or XL, and can bare to sell it to a fellow fan... i would GREATLY aprpeacite it.... but i would prefer to not pay non-deadhead/ebay prices of 195$ for a 45$ shirt... if you're kind, and have one you would part with, i can either trade for the turtles shirt i have, or buy it from you. Thank you so very much in advance. You can reach me at Have a great day!

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INTRODUCTION - That book I wrote

Hey ya'all,

I'm trying to get some support for a Kickstarter project on a book I wrote MEAN PEOPLE SUCK. Its the story about the DEA's undercover sting operation that targeted Deadheads for drug crimes (LSD) and how that all went down during the summer tour of 1992. It's a crazy story, you may have seen some of the recent press.

Do me a favor and pledge the CASH FOR YOUR EXTRA level which gets you a book and all the promo goodies that we are dropping on the fare thee well concerts. Your support is greatly appreciated! When you are done, share a link to my page on your facebook!

Peace and Love

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Come on along...

I got a white shirt at my first show in Long Beach, '87, with blue lettering that said 'Come on along, come on ahead, you'll not see nothing like the Grateful Dead'. I think I was in the lot not more than an hour before I scored a quarter sheet and hastily took a hit. I was 18 at the time and had a serious sense of urgency to get fully immersed in the experience. No time to waste! Heheh.

I was probably tripping pretty hard when I saw the shirt and was blown away by that line. I don't think I had ever heard The Mighty Quinn before, or if I had I didn't know what a cool song the shirt was referencing. All I knew was that I had to have it. I hadn't even seen the Dead yet but I was in for an awesome show the next night, which I believe ended with Quinn!

My college dorm buddies and I had just arrived from Flagstaff. It was Friday afternoon and when we went to get tix we were told that there were only Sunday tix left. After a fair bit of hand wringing about the prospect of hanging around all that time just to see a concert I decided to buy a Sunday ticket just in case I didn't get lucky and score a Friday or Saturday ticket in the lot.

So, we proceeded to trip in the lot that Friday night, zoning out on the laser discs and other tripper toys people were selling, and when the show ended the buzz in the scene was palpable. I couldn't imagine what everyone was so stoked about. I had been to some fun concerts but...

I think I finally laid down in my sleeping bag right there on the tarmac sometime around 2 or 3 am. Someone had an 8 track of Steve Miller Band's 'Fly Like an Eagle' playing fairly loud nearby. I was cool with it since I was nowhere near capable of turning off my brain but after the 2nd or 3rd go 'round it became obvious that the owner of the car had passed out. I think I probably listened to Fly Like an Eagle 4 or 5 times before dawn broke and was pretty pissed that nobody bothered to turn it off. I think I was feeling about as rough by then as I ever had in my life up to that point. 'Paint by numbers morning sky' indeed!!

The depression I felt gradually mounting as the day wore on was intensified a few hours before showtime when I started noticing the ragamuffins with their fingers in the air and earnest looks of longing on their faces. These people were serious about getting in! I realized it was no longer about the drugs, that there was something much deeper go on there. I started thinking about the prospect of spending another night on the asphalt and actually having the energy and mental fortitude to go to the show the next night. The awareness that I would have to drive back to Flagstaff immediately afterward didn't help my state of mind either!

So it was then I realized I had to make a decision. It was either put my finger in the air and see the Grateful Dead that night, Saturday, or make the drive back to Flag while I still had some shred of the will to carry on in life. As the time grew near the sense of urgency started building. I was looking in all the faces of the people in need of a Miracle and I knew I lacked whatever personality trait it was that would inspire some stranger to sell or give me a ticket.

My friends and I, a few with tickets, a few without, joined the flow of Heads moving toward the venue. As we got closer I sensed a growing excitement that was sort of the polar opposite of my growing sense of dread. The flow of people finally stopped at some point near the gates and I felt more alone and depressed than ever. It was clear to me that I wasn't giving off the vibes that would attract a Miracle ticket and I couldn't bear the thought of missing out on party. 'Ya can't go back and ya can't stand still'...

It was then that myself and my other couple of ticketles friends would try to get in with our Sunday tickets. We got to the no mans land in front of the row of turnstiles and one of my friends headed for a ticket taker he thought looked cool. There was a brief exchange then he was turned back, crest fallen. Then it was my turn. I felt like a ghost ,wracked with shame, but somehow I managed a smile and hello and the lady took the ticket without a second glance and I was in!

My very first Saturday Night unfolded with my seeing only one other familiar face but it didn't matter. I spent the first song or two sitting down low and a little off behind the stage before I took a cue from my acquaintance and got up to boogie. Before long he was absorbed by the crownd and so was I. I think I ended up taking three or four hits of the blotter i had on me during the course of the show. I had never tried to trip two nights in a row and I think it just basically gave me the energy to shake my bones.

Anyway, wow, I didn't mean to go off on a long ramble! So I think my first Dead shirt had a print of the cover of Ram Das' book 'Be Here Now' on it. Ironically, my first college dorm mate had found a copy of the book earlier that year in the dorm laundry room. He grabbed it thinking it looked like something I would be into.


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The T-Shirt I Wish I Still Had