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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Use a cd recording program with the DAO feature

Allis185: On my desktop pc, I use both Nero or Roxio's EZ CD Creator to make audio cd's composed with .wav files. In order to record or copy from a "good" cd, or from individual .wav files if you're custom-making a song list, select the Disc-At-Once (DAO) feature before recording or copying. I do not know if any free software will have the DAO function.

Joined: Nov 4 2010

I'am interested in an hdcd player. Does anyone know who maufactures them? Are they worth the cost? Thanks from the frozen North.

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Audacity as a transcoder?

Well, I suppose you can swat flies with hand grenades if you want to. You might also want to check out vlc.

On linux, there is a nice simple, easy to use, lightweight tool called Gnome SoundConverter that will cheerfully render entire directories full ot tracks from one encoding format into a variety of others, including mp3 and OggVorbis. Since it's based on the gstreamer backend and built with GTK+ though, I wouldn't be looking for a windows port anytime soon. Or probably ever.

As for burning seamless CD's, again on linux there is a tool called K3B that makes this rather simple. Just specify a gap of zero seconds between tracks and voila.

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update on converting wav to mp3

I am using Audacity to convert wav to mp3. I needed to install an additional .dll file but it was still fairly easy to do. Thanks for the input!

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Joined: Jan 10 2009
Seamless CD burning

I am using Windows Media Player or Yahoo MusicMatch Jukebox to burn downloads or vines and I am wondering how to eliminate the pause between songs. Just cant seem to figure out how.. I know the people around here know their stuff and sure I will be pointed in the right direction.


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thanks, but...

...thanks zepthompson that is a good idea, it would work...however for the sheer volume of the WAVs I need to do I would be wasting too many cdrs...still wondering about winamp...

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
burn wav

to CD

then rip the CD
to MP3

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wav to mp3

I just posted this in a different forum topic but anyone know a great freeware program that converts WAV to MP3? Does winamp do it? Please pm me or post the link here if you have a suggestion. Thanks in advance!

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what you need is Traders Little Helper (TLH). It does all sorts of conversions. It's what I and many others use.

Its quite easy to work out, this vid shows you how if you need help

but you will need a CD burning programme too once you have converted FLACs and SHNs to WAV with TLS. There should be a CD burner bundled in whatever is installed on your computer or there are lots you can download. Try

good luck. PM me if you have any problems

PM me if you need any more detailed help

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Answer for Gr8tfulTed

Ok depending on what your doing with these files, to be honest its' best to leave them in flac, they sound better. But if you want to put them into Itunes you have to convert to mp3.

So long story short the BEST media player around is free. It's called Winamp. It plays streams, flacs, mp3s, movies...almost everything. You don't have to use it for everything ( I use 4 different media players for reasons I won't bore you with) but this is my main one.

You can also convert using this program. Which I will link up for you a help file.

Winamp Converter Help Page

Hope that helps.


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