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Windows 7 with flac & shn conversion

I have a new laptop with Windows 7. I have no state of the art audio software on it. I downloaded a bit torrent client called Vuze: it did eventually grab a feed off of eTree. Now that I have a bunch of FLAC files, what software works to convert the flacs to wav's? My XP pro desktop computer is now slower than molasses, but it does have an old converter called Flac Frontend. Does it work on Windows 7? Does anyone still use shn files? What's the best program for converting them? Ideally, one program for both file extensions is what I want. I have Windows Media as a player.

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On when I download the mp3 files how do I access it on Windows Media Player? When I try to extract it, there are two copies of all the files and deleting one will delete the other. Is there a way to do this? Thank you.

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Okay, here's what I mean:

My server is down for a bit, but I don't want this floating and floating around out there anyway, so I uploaded these to a temporary host; if the files remain inactive for a month, they are automatically deleted. (Simply go down to the bottom of the linked pages and follow the link there to download.)

Now... this is, more or less, a simple cleanup job.

It can be taken a step or two further, depending on how loud and glassy one likes their audio (there is a sort of integrity with analogue recordings that can be a real touchy issue with audiophiles and, believe me, I understand completely) but, basically, what I am saying is that if you give me one of these:

I can give you one of these:

That's all!


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Oh, yeah...

Like duh.

(Re: Alpine 89)

No, I don't have any tapes to trade but I can and do produce professional quality audio.
If anyone would like help polishing up a memory, I can certainly help with this.
I'm actually looking for a full-length video of 7-19-89, as this is one of my personal memories, but I'll do this for free... just because I love you. ; )

(And, if such a thing should ever surface on the net, have faith that the proper credits
will be given due in the tags and text.)

My web addy is posted in my profile.


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vhs transfer to dvd

can anyone help a brutha out. I need a few vhs dead stuff transfered to dvd. Of course you can have a copy. bruce

Joined: Jul 25 2009
Song info on windows for music files

I have a question, attached to an enigma, wrapped in a conundrum. When I DL a torrent from somewhere like etree, I end up with a file with a name like gd71-10-21newd1t11.wav (after I convert from the flac or shn, only to wav lossless you understand, no mp3 for me!) There is no information attached to the file such as artist, track title, etc. that a file sharing program can recognize as a Grateful dead song. I have over 1000 shows on my drive I'd like to share. Is there a way to tell Windows to recognize ALL the files in a folder as a Grateful Dead song? I don't have time to go through 20,000 files and hit properties for each file and add the info.

I guess I know what you are going to tell me already - I should just set up a site for file sharing and offer all this kind stuff as torrents. OK I just talked myself into it. Here's part 2 of the dillemma. I am pretty good with end-user stuff, but I've never even set up anything more complicated than a Myspace page. Dan anyone steer me to a source for step-by-step directions to set up a website with an archive that people can DL torrents from?

I can tell your future, just look what's in your hand!

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sharing a digital download

Hi folks,
3 friends and I want to go in on abunch of digital downloads... we can't afford them solo. Anyone know how it would work if we try to share a few different shows on 4 or 5 computers. We aren't trying to pirate, etc... just get the music so we can afford it...


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Want to send up a deck to Shoreline in May

I'd like to send my D7 DAT with a friend to the upcoming Shoreline show in May, to patch in with someone.

I can't make it, unfortunately.

Can any tapers who will be there send me a PM?


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re.itunes artwork

This site has a ton of images of tickets, backstage passes and laminates listed by year and then by show. I just right click on an image, copy it and paste it into iTunes. It is great for bootleg shows. If you can't find an image there you might try If all else fails I do a google image search for The Grateful Dead and copy something from there.

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unzipping .rar music files

I downloaded an old Stones concert last night (KC I.rar) I unzipped it, extracting the files to another folder where I now have several files w suffix .m4p Any idea how to put these on a cd?
Are they similar to .wav and how do I convert ? First right answer gets a copy!


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