Grateful Dead

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Joined: Mar 25 2009
Peterborough Folk Festival

If any of you are in Ontario on August 29, it's my town's lovely little gathering. And not just folk!

Joined: Feb 23 2009

Hey Now,

Summertime is music season, I'm a rocker so even the Van Warp tour offers excitement.
The Midwest's best venue is Nelson ledges Quarry Park. Swimming, camping, fireworks, skydivers, girls in bathing suits with hulahoops. This place has got the complete package.
Now, if it's drums,or reggae of Gratefulfest musically the two live stages will wake you and put you to bed.

This is the 10 anniversary Gratefulfest in 2009. The line up looks to be filled with excitement.
July 3rd-6th
Gratefulfest 10!
Please join us for our very special 10th anniversary!!!
Five day fest with three nights of Dark Star Orchestra & friends!
Dark Star playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings!
And back again for his sixth Gratefulfest in a row, Keller Williams!
Plus, Steve Kimock & Melvin Seals bring you Crazy Engine. Incredible!
Very special guests Mark Karan and John Molo bring you Jemimah Puddleduck!
Also- New Riders of the Purple Sage, JGB, Donna Jean Band, DJ Harry, Boombox
Roots-A-Risin, Klyph Black(Zen Tricksters)& Rumor Has It, David Gans 10th G-fest!
The Ekoostik Hookah projects- Spikedrivers, The Mullins Band and KatzNjammers!
Rippin late night bluegrass w/ Goldmine Pickers, Bawn In The Mash & Red Hot Trio!
Extreme, country-classics with The Ghostriders! And many more bands TBA.
Fireworks, skydivers, magicians&clowns, great food&vendors, the best of friends!

Sure, there's alot of music happening- but the price-swimming/camping - and groovy folks
puts NLQP Gratefulfest at the top of my list for this 2009 summer shows.
Check out the many other events this summer at NLQP. This is a nice place to spend a weekend anytime.

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Joined: Jun 15 2007
Rothbury Festival 2009 ~ Rothbury Michigan

Can I just say THANK YOU! I have been waiting for a miracle and you came through for me......The Dead at ROTHBURY in MICHIGAN!

ROTHBURY is an amazing festival and thanks to you this years 2nd annual will surely be the highlight of our summer (and probably year!). Can't wait to see you there :) :) :)

Joined: Feb 11 2009

No pressure festival in Moab, Utah. No big deal if you don't go. Wish you were there though. Memorial day weekend, 2009. Check it.

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not sure
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right on...

^^^^^^cool lil story bro....coming, coming, coming a circle...^^^^^^^

"In a bed, in a bed, by the waterside I will lay my head.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul."

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Joined: Jul 31 2007
jerry jam

its a small festival that started in dan's barn just a bucnh of people celebrating the life of jerry...i like its cause its small very family friendly and dog friendly too... every year it gets a little bigger all the bands are local...resonably priced.. check it out at no info for this year one year i went sitting around the fire listening to the band my head was full of fungi the band introduces themselves and i recognize the name of the rythum guitarsist... i look to my wife and told i went to junior high with some one with that name who is a i wonder down to the stage to take a look...when i went back to my seat i said those guys look to old..she smiled and said that was 20 years i forget about it cause i was conteplating going fishing in the fire he he he....then out of no where this guys comes up to me and asked my name i was like yeah thats me...and low and behold it was him..this realy ment something to me because he was the person who got me on the bus in the first place

Joined: Feb 15 2009

I have to say that schwagstock is one of the best festivals i have been to. The first one was in 04 at bagnel damn when the dead played in i think st. louis. there was alot off kool people there. Schwagstock is still a good festival even though there has been alot of "st. louis kids" there that just wanna make money sellin bunk rolls and such and the road blocks are shitty there. anywho im hittin up a few dif festivals this yr such as summercamp in central illinois, hoodilidoo, all good, the dead on may 5th( first date) and hopefully a few more midwest fest. PEACE POT MICRO-DOT GOD LOVES YOU HIGH OR NOT!!!!!

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Joined: Jun 9 2007

Went to the inaugural festival last year. Had a great time! Beautiful location, great people and great music. This year's lineup includes Railroad Earth, Left Over Salmon and DSO (doing one acoustic set). We'll be there for sure. See you there!

We've also enjoyed Allgood a lot the last two years. Marvin's Mountaintop is an awesome location.

Joined: Feb 13 2009
Rothbury Festival

The first Rothbury Festival was last year, and it was amazing, the music, Phil & Mickey both played on different nights, along with Michael Franti & Spearhead and lots of other great bands, it is totally eco-friendly, and even has a think tank that works to address environmental issues, it is an amazing venue, at the JJ Ranch, and I am so psyched they just this week confirmed that there will be another next year, but not the line-up so I am really hopeful that they will get The Dead!


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