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Joined: Apr 6 2008

The Schwag are a Grateful Dead tribute band and they truly keep the vibe alive with their summerlong festivals in the heart of the Ozarks (salem-ish, MO) They have been playing for about 18 years and truly embody the passion and spirit The Dead started...True torch-bearers. JGB has played there, as have the members of String Cheese Incident..they have a wide array of music, from Reggae to Bluegrass, and everything in between...along with a bunch of vendors, great prices on food, their own store with all of the necessities and much more, etc...All of this on a breathtaking campground with thousands of beautiful, kynd, likeminded Heads.

for audio samples, pics, chat forum (including live show downloads for free)

more importantly, visit:
Camp ZOE (Schwagstock)


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GratefulFest in Ohion is always a great time!

Joined: Sep 2 2008
Grisman headlining inaugural Chicago Bluegrass&Blues Fest 11/22

What's up guys, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the inaugural Chicago Bluegrass & Blues festival, this 11/22 at the historic Congress Theater, all benefiting the Saving Tiny Hearts Societies fight against the country's most common birth defect.

The first 10 folks that hit me up at will get a pair of tickets mailed to them. We're excited for you to help us spread the word about this righteous endeavor

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Glastonbury was an incredible festival this year!
some of the stuff I checked out...
Jimmy Cliff
Buddy Guy
Neil Diamond
The Verve
Leonard Cohen

...there were stacks of other bands. There was all the crazy stuff with Amy Winehouse punching a fan in the audience, Pete Doherty not being too wasted to play. The latest newer up and coming English bands. James Blunt actually sounding like he was playing from the heart instead of being a wanna be pop boy like he sounds like on his albums. Lots of surprising stuff. Like the way the English don't waive their drug use around quite so openly as Americans, same with dealing, couldn't see it happening very easily, unlike US festivals.

"Are you kind?"

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Joined: Aug 7 2008
...Camp Creek

The Best Fest... Camp Creek... Been There Every Year since '94'

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Newport this year kicked

Newport this year kicked butt:

Richie Havens
Jim James of My Morning Jacket
Trey Anastasio
Stephen & Damian Marley
Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings
The Black Crowes
Jimmy Buffett
Levon Helm w/ Larry Campbell and friends and horns
Son Volt
Avnett Bros
Cowboy Junkies
Jakob Dylan


Great venue too - beautiful.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
-enjoyin' the ride

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Hey marye...It was in Rothbury

July 3-6, 2008 in Rothbury, Michigan.

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wow, that's quite a lineup!

where is it?

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The best

for sure Rothbury, new festival started of very well. First year and already loaded with great performers.
-Phil Lesh and Friends
-Mickey Hart
-Trey Anastasio
-Dave Matthew's Band
-John Mayer
-Taj Mahal
-Dweezel Zappa
-Jakob Dylan
-Tea Leaf Green
-Sam Bean
- Yonder Mountain
and a bunch of others i cant remember

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Just got back from vibes and

Just got back from vibes and wow!!!!

phil's saturday night show was amazing!!!!

cumberland went on forever and when you thought they were heading into another direction, they came back in....

it was just amazing!

so much else, but phil made me shiver and shake my bones!!!



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