Grateful Dead

Broome County Arena - May 9, 1979

Broome County Arena

May 09, 1979

Binghamton, NY US

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"Around" intro before "Sugar Magnolia".

Set List:

Me & My Uncle
L. L. Rain
Stagger Lee
Jack Straw

China Cat> I Know You Rider
He's Gone> Truckin> Drumz
> Wharf Rat> Sugar Magnolia

Johnny B. Goode

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fishnow's picture
Joined: Jun 25 2007
This was my first

This was my first China-Rider. I almost got killed by a biker after the show.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
"Best Freakin' show of '79...Lost > FOUND!"

Posted: June 14, 2007 - 8:38pm
Best freaking show of '79 LOST > FOUND!

Hey now this blows my mind - the venue was the venerable Broome County one in dear old Binghamton (also home of Harpur College aka SUNY at Binghamton). This show featured the first East Coast CHINA CAT/RIDER in the Brent Mydland era.

My inside connection snuck some of us dosed fools into the Holiday Inn hotel bar through the beauty parlor and us icecreamconeheads (some) got to press the flesh with Bobby and Brent who were hangin at least as long as they could hang. Not knowing much else to say, I told Bob "I could really feel your energy..." This was especially true during the killerdiller Minglewood - nobuddy best be dissin mah boyz slide gee-tar now.

The other thing I recall vividly is all of us asking "what's his name, what's his name?" The response "It's Mit-lin, Mit-lin..." I remember shaking Brent's hand and looking into his eyes, so honest and sadly innocent, and what a path to go down to think about a mere eleven years later, where his journey took him.

Well, fast forward to right now, and I'm thinking what a shame more Heads could not have attended this show, because the tape that was the kind seems to have been lost in the wake of that flood, and the audience tapes while not by any means worthless do not do justice.

Selah from Danny (Thanks, Dave)
Thanx 2 Analise for invitation to post

Joined: Jun 14 2007
It was HOT!!

Totally steamin' as I recall. E-v-e-r-yone had their shirts off. And it was no big thang. Truly the hottest (ambient) show i ever saw!

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Excellent Show

It was verry hot that spring in upstate ny. and the dead were hotter.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Upstate Gold

Okay... Was at the end of finals week at Syracuse, took my last exam, and was heading down 81 South... Smoking good ol' Upstate NY Gold.... Great buds...maybe $50 a z in those days..

So...this is before the internet... and I suppose most of us in the Broome County Arena did not know that China-Rider was recently brought back and was a possibility... I remember sitting in the back of the arena with Miller and Pugsley...and the lights go down for set 2.... and the first few notes of China Cat are so recognizable...the place goes nuts...

Another well-preserved memory of that moment: Jerry was so just knew that he was so into the crowds joy...

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Joined: Jul 24 2007
I was in high school...

it was a local show. I was just getting into The Dead. I didn't even ask if I could go, teh concept seemed too big to me at the time. I remember reading that a guy who was tripping dove head first off of the balcony after the show and died.

I really regret not trying to go to this show. I would not end up seeing the band for another 3 years.
By the way, I myself saw a guy topple head first off the Warfield balcony about a year ago. It was freaky, I had thought that it was a life size ragdoll.

Joined: Jul 17 2007
I had to work that night!

And it really sucked, Bing-wah is only about 35 min. away! Had friends that were able to go that really had fun rubing it in!

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Joined: Sep 5 2007
ALMOST got crushed getting in from SUNY Binghamton at Broome..

First show- did not have it all together than night (me that is)..I heard it was like Brent's first was great especially China Cat where one local college guy I knew
had a visions came at Red Rocks a few months later at a fateful show....
Good start although wish I had gone to the NJ show
at Englishtown- but I had no money and did not know how
to do the Miracle thing yet...
(reincarnated from Blue Rose after they redid the board- looks better now)..BP
Hey Neil L. remember that show--I owe my Deadheadlinees to you old pal...

"if the Thunder don't get ya then the lightning will!"- The Wheel
"Gonna find out something only dead men know" - Silvio
Class of Red Rocks '79...
Life without the Dead is not life...and so we carry on...

Joined: Jun 24 2007
My first Dead show

I was a frosh at Ithaca College up the road from Binghamton. Got there early and snuck in through the loading dock in the back of the venue. The boys,minus Jerry, were jammin' the sound check. After twenty minutes of music, we were politely asked to leave as they were soon to open the doors.
When I got inside through the front door with a ticket this time, made my way across the hockey rink sized floor and grabbed a spot right up front and center, leaning on the front of the stage for both sets.

Joined: Jun 17 2017
Had to leave early

The A/C wasn't working properly, and it was HOT!!!! My wife was pregnant and the heat was just too much. Remember still being able to hear a muted second set as we walked up Penn Ave to our place.

The guy jumping was a real tragedy. Think it caused bad publicity in small-town Bingo, and the Dead never played there again.


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Broome County Arena - May 9, 1979