Grateful Dead

August 20 - August 26, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

As we move toward the symbolic end of summer (Labour Day, of course), we have some great music to play spanning about 21 years of Grateful Dead music, from 1968 to 1989, two fine years with which to bookend this week’s offerings.

Our first entry this week is the encore from 8/21/68 at the Fillmore West in San Francisco, a nice, juicy Midnight Hour. Although not quite as prevalent at shows in 1968 as it had been in 1966, the Grateful Dead continued to play monster versions of this Pigpen vehicle.

Next we’ll stop into 1972, to the opening night of the rightfully famous Europe 72 tour, to 4/7/72 in London. From the middle of that night’s first set is a typically hot 1972 rendition of China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider.

In 1976, at the end of their very successful summer of comeback shows, the Grateful Dead entered the studio and recorded a couple of the songs they’d been playing that summer. From one of those sessions on 8/29/76 is this bare-bones Dancing In The Street with only Donna on vocals. While we’re in mid-1970s mode, we also have this terrific Samson and Delilah from 5/12/77 in Chicago. Despite the frequency that song was played in 1976-1977, they never seem to get tired of it, always offering up an inspired rendition.

Finally from the 1970s, on 4/22/78 in Nashville to be precise, we are pleased to bring you a couple of tracks from the second set, starting with the second set opening Lazy Lightning>Supplication and the pre-Drums Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World, both very nicely performed songs on this night.

Our last stop this week is in New Jersey on 7/10/89, a show that took place in and out of a massive thunderstorm. By request, we have the first set closer, The Music Never Stopped, and from the start of the second set, a great 1989 combination of Foolish Heart, Just a Little Light, Playing In The Band>Uncle John’s Band. What a great tour.

Be sure to check in next week, as we’ll be exploring some intriguing material from 1969 and 1980, and other material between those years, and likely after. We try to surprise even ourselves. Feel free to write with questions or comments.

Please note that beginning today all Taper’s Section audio streams are served via a new media player in both Windows Media Audio and QuickTime Audio formats.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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BHLawrence's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2007
What Happened?

Count me in the list of the disappointed............

Joined: Jul 29 2007

No burn rights ? It ain't like we can rip/burn/market mp3 quality recordings.
You're running us off.
Please help !

Joined: Jul 9 2007
speaking of the starbucks release ...

does anyone know if there's anything on the live disc that hasn't been "officially" released before?

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
The truth about Lily Allen

The fact that I have managed to generate some serious interest in Lily Allen’s embryonic career as a pixie pop princess (and Starbucks stablemate of the GD) is very troubling. The prospect of Deadheads flocking to her shows is truly bizarre and part of me has been tempted to encourage it. But fear not, the US Embassy in London has protected you (and her) from such indignities, by refusing to give her a work permit to perform over there because she has an arrest record for fighting in a bar (yup she’s almost as dangerous as Cat Stevens). This means you won’t get the chance to see her and we won’t be able to get rid of her, a kind of lose-lose situation

I’m sure Lily is a lovely lass and her hit record sure is catchy: I only singled her out because she was incongruously advertised alongside the Grateful Dead on the Starbucks website and because I can guarantee you that no-one will be tearing their hair out (or coughing it up) over her performances in 40 years time!

richard's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Hal - The Last DeadHead?

Nice try Hal but you gave yourself away. A real DeadHead would never make foot coverings from roadkill.
Hemp mocassins - duh.

Go to the rear of the class.

Olompali's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
The Newbie is wise

Wow. For being new to the GD, Little Ben Clock posted the smartest observation in this debate.

sixstringsmoreorLesh's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

tj crowley

thnaks for the p.o.v. w/ his cave theory was from a economics stand...the idea of a certain group of folk that continue to rule (dominate) the planet. keeping the mass in the cave to prevent the sharing of the profits (benefits...leizure). plato had said (and i'm sure you know this from reading your post) that philosophers should be politician and if not ploiticians should learn to be philosophers. too often (if not all the time) one gets involved in the poliitical sphere and lose sight of who they're representing...permitting greed...ego..pride..power get in the's these members of the planet that keep the working class hero's within the cave w/ small glimpses of what is...and oh! i like that story of the snake but i heard it from a co-dependent (alanon) stance...if you manage to secure a copy if that soon to be released cd can you download (oh no! not that again!) a copy..want to hear what this hoopala about lilly allen is all short again thankyou for your input and shared info...leadbelly?huh?

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Just for a moment...

...let's forget the fiasco of the change to streaming.

There is some great stuff in this week's music. The Estimated> Eyes is wonderful and the China> Rider rocks. I'm still getting to know the 89 stuff but that's great as well.

Kudos to David L for trying to bring us great music, no matter how.

I guess we'll find out the next step (if there is one) tomorrow. I'm curious to see if the issue of streaming audio is addressed at all. As speculated, David L is hardly in a position to speak about this. He is just doing is job as vault master and if his employers instruct him, he will follow their instructions.

I always thought the Taper's Section downloads would end after a year. Not much point in re-doing months. I just figured it was the ultimate stop-gap while Rhino worked its shit out. I still think that's what it is intended to be. I suspect Rhino will come up with something decent eventually and David L is hardly going to put his name on rubbish (although note that with 3FTV he pretty much had nothing to do with it).

It's just a pity that so many people seem to expect free music. I don't - we've been blessed with access to it in this Taper's Section. However suddenly taking it away (in the form of downloads) was a perplexing and not-all-together wise step, but I'm just trying to enjoy the music that is still available. I'm new to the world of the Grateful Dead so I've got plenty of back catalogue to go through. I actually downloaded every single piece offered so far in the Taper's Section so I've got a lot of that still to listen to.

It just seems like a case of Rhino somewhat underestimating the passion of the fans.

Joined: Aug 26 2007

I never took the time to post, only enjoy the shows on my stereo and local venues. I have been a long time supporter of the band, however, my love is slowly being tainted. I guess the lesson to teach my children is about capitalism not love and sharing. We used to enjoy dancing and singing along to the nice vartiety of shows. Now we are sitting and discussing the parrells of capitalism and greed. They used to play for silver and then life, well I guess they are returning to that montra of profit. Does anyone realize the positive effect of music sharing has had on the band in marketing it's movement and bottom line. Thanks for listening~

Hal R's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
I never stepped back

Dudes and ladies, I need to inform you that I am the last and only real Deadhead. I only shower once a year and that is in patchouli. I haven’t cut or combed my hair since Jerry went to Cloud 9. I eat only locally grown organic food from the Farmers Market that I buy with my food stamps, otherwise I dumpster dive or graze on wild plants and mushrooms. Of course I don’t wear underwear and when I do need to wash my clothes I just jump into the nearest available body of water. Don’t believe in shoes, when winter comes I just make a foot covering from roadkill. I went to a total of 420 shows. I only listen to live audience tapes mixed with soundboards, CDs are for yuppies.

Be kind all of you are sellouts. I need a miracle of free tickets for all Ratdog and Phil shows. Can you give me a ride too? If you are not kind and give me free stuff I will call you all sorts of names you posers.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
Walt Whitman-Song of Myself


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