Grateful Dead

August 20 - August 26, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

As we move toward the symbolic end of summer (Labour Day, of course), we have some great music to play spanning about 21 years of Grateful Dead music, from 1968 to 1989, two fine years with which to bookend this week’s offerings.

Our first entry this week is the encore from 8/21/68 at the Fillmore West in San Francisco, a nice, juicy Midnight Hour. Although not quite as prevalent at shows in 1968 as it had been in 1966, the Grateful Dead continued to play monster versions of this Pigpen vehicle.

Next we’ll stop into 1972, to the opening night of the rightfully famous Europe 72 tour, to 4/7/72 in London. From the middle of that night’s first set is a typically hot 1972 rendition of China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider.

In 1976, at the end of their very successful summer of comeback shows, the Grateful Dead entered the studio and recorded a couple of the songs they’d been playing that summer. From one of those sessions on 8/29/76 is this bare-bones Dancing In The Street with only Donna on vocals. While we’re in mid-1970s mode, we also have this terrific Samson and Delilah from 5/12/77 in Chicago. Despite the frequency that song was played in 1976-1977, they never seem to get tired of it, always offering up an inspired rendition.

Finally from the 1970s, on 4/22/78 in Nashville to be precise, we are pleased to bring you a couple of tracks from the second set, starting with the second set opening Lazy Lightning>Supplication and the pre-Drums Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World, both very nicely performed songs on this night.

Our last stop this week is in New Jersey on 7/10/89, a show that took place in and out of a massive thunderstorm. By request, we have the first set closer, The Music Never Stopped, and from the start of the second set, a great 1989 combination of Foolish Heart, Just a Little Light, Playing In The Band>Uncle John’s Band. What a great tour.

Be sure to check in next week, as we’ll be exploring some intriguing material from 1969 and 1980, and other material between those years, and likely after. We try to surprise even ourselves. Feel free to write with questions or comments.

Please note that beginning today all Taper’s Section audio streams are served via a new media player in both Windows Media Audio and QuickTime Audio formats.

David Lemieux
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Joined: Jun 4 2007
If Nothing Else!

If nothing else this is a reminder to us all about the music that is the soundtrack of our live's!! Well at least mine for sure! Monday after next will be the 30th anniversary of my first Dead show. Wich i attended w/ member's of my family and freinds both alive and gone.Oh what a time that was! Every time i would see a recording from 77 or 78 in the taper's section i would download it right away, because afterall that was My Grateful Dead!! Over the years i have fallen in and out of the scene but the one thing that has always remained the same was the music! In retrospect my initial outrage over the MP3 stoppage might have been a knee jerk reaction to revisiting my youth thru the newly revamped! I still hope for an explanation[no matter what it is] because this music has been there for me for 30 + years now! Through good time's and bad! As a veteran of over 100 show's thru the 70's ,80s,90s, and beyond!! [Ijust got tix for Ratdog @ Northfork in Westbury And Phil @ the Nokia ]we as a collective whole should not complain about anything as trivial as this .Because when those theatre light's go down I alway's feel like i am home! This is where i belong !! And i think for a lot of us this is so! So wether or not the Mp3's comeback or not i will keep on truckin home or @starbuck's or where ever the music takes me!! Thanx to the David's both L and G for adding to the soundtrack that alway's bring's me home!!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Symbolic end of summer

>Please note that beginning today all Taper’s Section audio streams are served via a new media player in both Windows Media Audio and QuickTime Audio formats.

Sad Sad news. Why not rename the old Tapers Section as the Custies' section? Cause it sure looks like that's what ya really think of us! (I mean Rhino-Time-Warner-AOL, not David L, since I don't believe that this move would have been David's choice)

I hope to hear that this policy changes, elsewise I will have little reason to keep visiting this site.

Bye (for now, I hope)

". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

Joined: Jun 4 2007
backlash of the backlash

New from Rhino records, "The Real Deadheads!" All their greatest hits are here! Including: "Leave (insert name) alone man! She/He's done so much for the music!" And who can forget: "These jagoffs are the one's who ruined it in '95 man!" And, of course, everyone's favorite: "I'm more of a Deadhead than you!" Now you can get all of this, plus their brand new dance hit (w/ Lilly Allen on vocals): "Where did I place that fucking fuck?" Rolling Stone gives it 3 stars stating, "real deadheads will love The Real Deadheads, but those who only enjoy the music may be a bit disappointed."
Uh, I'm sure you've been able to somehow deconstruct Plato's parable of the cave to fit with your thoughts on modern business practice. Very post modern. It's also strangely ironic in that Plato was really alluding to those who are deprived of philosophy. In essence, they are all prisoners in a cave. They believe that the shadows between themselves and the wall is reality. The parable of the cave is really concerned with philosophy (as interpretated by Plato) and his idea of "the good." Not so much about Keynesian economics.
Perhaps you were thinking of the parable of the snake. It certainly seems more precient to the discussion than Plato's theory of ideas:
A dying snake asks a man for help. The man balks, thinking the snake will bite him. The snake assures the man that he will not. The man nurses the snake back to health, and then the snake promptly bites the man, because, well, it's a snake, and that's it's nature.
The dying man's last words?

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
Bring Back the Downloads

Please bring back the downloadable MP3s. I am a long time tape trader (even the name dates me, way way before we ever conceived of CDs). I was just getting back in firing up the recordings that these tasty tib bits were being pulled from. Please have some mercy here, streaming sucks,


The pump don't work cause the vandals took the handle!

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
despite the format change...

I still appreciate the great music that is made available to us all. It may be disappointing to loose the Monday gifts, but we all have to learn to live with it. We still are reminded of the golden days of old with the new format, it is just missing the convenience. I am still grateful to David L for his work, and wish him good luck with continuing it.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
enjoying the ride

Just adding my to (two) sense (cents). I saw a bumper sticker on the way home tonight "there is no way to peace: peace is the way".

Tips to check on: check out red rocks '78 especially 7-8 drumz>wharf rat.

I listened to the opener and first few songs from cincinnati 12-73. Thanks to the post from the other user who mentioned it. Jbg is a nice way to start, just EXACTLY perfect the way they start it talking with jerry chomping at the bit to go.. Plus, the sugaree has that little extra 'sumpm.

enjoying the ride,

Joined: Jul 9 2007
hey, crowley, ...

no, no, i think i DO get it. i was just being facetious in that earlier post. just a little but of good-natured poking in the ribs, but perhaps that didn't come across so well. one loses a lot of context in typing. humor might not show through so well. or my attempt at humor. i really didn't mean it as an attack, just to question who really is and is not a deadhead, and whether or not the term is a good one at all. am i a deadhead? to some, yes, to others, no. i don't really know what the definition is or isn't. just pointing out some stereotypes which i find utterly ludicrous. 'heads come from ALL walks of life. and, by the way, i have no particular distaste for christianity, just a distrust of all religions, but i won't knock any of them.

i agree with your last post, actually. i, too, am upset by the posts vilifying mr. gans. i may have written one of them actually before relaxing a bit and realizing that none of us actually know why the downloads were taken away. (i apologized to him in this section.) maybe it was a decision that wasn't thought through well enough. maybe it has to do with copyright law. maybe it has to do with some other legal issue. maybe we were never supposed to be able to download the music in the first place. at this point, i don't really care what the reason is. i would just like an explanation so that the mystery could be cleared up once and for all. what i do no is that these 51 pages of postings make for very, very interesting reading. and i've read them all. the ebb and flow of emotion. fascinating. instead of getting angry, maybe we should all just take a break from this site and put on one of our favorite shows or albums until we can gain some fresh perspective (or are given fresh perspective.)

what i do find intriguing is the new vitriol that has popped up in recent hours. are people just realizing that the downloads are gone? perhaps they need to go back to page one and read every post to find out that it is old news.

i do hope david lemieux is fine. i believe he is. i don't think that he's the one pushing the buttons on the website, so i wasn't concerned about him when the tapers section wasn't immediately available on monday. just figured it was a glitch of some sort. but i'm glad that you noticed, too, crowley. i think we are the only ones who mentioned the lateness of the postings on monday. (see one of my earlier comments.)

i wish david L would post something like mr. gans, but he's probably watching out for his own ass. he has what i consider to be the single most important job in the entire GD organization. i highly doubt that he'll come out and bite the hand that feeds him.

but i do wish he would check in and say hi. i wish i still had his personal e-mail address. i sent him something once, and he replied within hours. i'd write to him now if i could.

oh, and i can't stand lilly allen. sorry, just not my cup of tea. but i do hear that the cowboy junkies' latest lp (can i still call them lp's?) is quite good.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
review posting's

tj crowley

friends...look back and see how this deteriated....was there anyone here that asked (posted) if dave L was ok...if you were like me..i was on the site 1st thing at work (8:30am e.s.t.) and noticed that nothing was available..did anyone seek info as to if dave L was alright? or was it just..where's mine? i want i want i want AND i want it now!

sixstringsmoreorLesh's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

tj crowley

lots of anger out there.....again.....IMAGINE: if everyone practiced their religion(philosopgy) for more than an hour a week...IMAGINE

Joined: May 26 2007
That about wraps it up...

And with that "dead4evr" post, we've reached the point where we can't tell the serious shitslinging from the jokes.

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