Grateful Dead

August 20 - August 26, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

As we move toward the symbolic end of summer (Labour Day, of course), we have some great music to play spanning about 21 years of Grateful Dead music, from 1968 to 1989, two fine years with which to bookend this week’s offerings.

Our first entry this week is the encore from 8/21/68 at the Fillmore West in San Francisco, a nice, juicy Midnight Hour. Although not quite as prevalent at shows in 1968 as it had been in 1966, the Grateful Dead continued to play monster versions of this Pigpen vehicle.

Next we’ll stop into 1972, to the opening night of the rightfully famous Europe 72 tour, to 4/7/72 in London. From the middle of that night’s first set is a typically hot 1972 rendition of China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider.

In 1976, at the end of their very successful summer of comeback shows, the Grateful Dead entered the studio and recorded a couple of the songs they’d been playing that summer. From one of those sessions on 8/29/76 is this bare-bones Dancing In The Street with only Donna on vocals. While we’re in mid-1970s mode, we also have this terrific Samson and Delilah from 5/12/77 in Chicago. Despite the frequency that song was played in 1976-1977, they never seem to get tired of it, always offering up an inspired rendition.

Finally from the 1970s, on 4/22/78 in Nashville to be precise, we are pleased to bring you a couple of tracks from the second set, starting with the second set opening Lazy Lightning>Supplication and the pre-Drums Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World, both very nicely performed songs on this night.

Our last stop this week is in New Jersey on 7/10/89, a show that took place in and out of a massive thunderstorm. By request, we have the first set closer, The Music Never Stopped, and from the start of the second set, a great 1989 combination of Foolish Heart, Just a Little Light, Playing In The Band>Uncle John’s Band. What a great tour.

Be sure to check in next week, as we’ll be exploring some intriguing material from 1969 and 1980, and other material between those years, and likely after. We try to surprise even ourselves. Feel free to write with questions or comments.

Please note that beginning today all Taper’s Section audio streams are served via a new media player in both Windows Media Audio and QuickTime Audio formats.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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sixstringsmoreorLesh's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
love peace & happines

tj crowley

IMAGINE...if everyone practiced their religion for more than an hour a week...IMAGINE

cactuswax's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Imagine if all the people here were in an actual room together

Wow man, that would be one fucked up crowd! Now where have I seen that before... heh

Anyway, interesting trajectory to this thread.. the initial shock, the wave of anger, then the inevitable armchair psychiatry theories (okay, I'm guilty) and more anger, now the backlash to the backlash and apologies for the attacks.

I propose that in the next 3 hours we all go listen to our favorite shows. Meet back here in a while. Then we can all ... I dunno, slap each other around some more.

If anyone's looking for me, I'll be burning, sipping a Boddington's and spinning 12/08/73...

Joined: Jun 20 2007
Looks like...

...we're all going to have to get back into trading again! I have to defend David Gans at this point, I don't care WHAT he said, his effort and contributions over the last umpteen years far outweighs pretty much ANY statement he may make about pretty much anything.
Let's do exactly what it looks like Rhino doesn't want us to do...get copies of all the Tapers Section downloads to everyone that wants it. I have sixty or seventy CDRs full of almost all the material that WAS available for download. I am missing the last six or seven weeks. I've already put out a request to someone for a trade for the missing material. Surely someone or a few someones out there (and myself) would be willing to get the trading ball rolling once again and offer to either trade CDRs of the Tapers Section stuff for other musical material or even do B&Ps for it. I am willing and I hope others will be too.

Joined: Jun 13 2007

I am truly ashamed at the amount of anger directed towards David Gans. David you brought us the music when we couldn't get the music and you sure as hell don't desreve this. For those of you bashing him, he at least has the stones to post here and try to put reason back in the discusion. David for you I give the finger to those bashing you, and also a BIG THANK YOU for doing what you have been for so many years. I can't tell you how many nights I stayed up, or made arrangements to listen to your shows over the years.
This whole discourse is starting to remind me of how bad the scene got back in the 90's. You know the ugly times when no venue wanted to host dead shows, the hanger's on in the parking lots without tickets, etc. Well now here it is again. Ugly, selfish banter and behavior. Do me a favor everyone. Put on your favorite show, watch the sunset, drink a cold frosty one and love the one you're with. Two weeks ago I had the most awesome experience driving through Yellowstone National Park cranking Nassau 90 with Branford. Know what? Smiling ear to ear and just enjoying the ride. Maybe we should all do this, chill and enjoy what we have. Again David, Thank you! .......Might and Glory.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
seroiusly folks

maybe they pulled the mp3's because people were trading amongst people. Its a well known no-no in the trading community not to trade mp3's. Maybe the people at GD didn't want inferiour recordings flooding the trading community?

i've never in my life seen so much bitching/whining/moaning/complaining. Anyone who knows anything knows there are other places to get GD music. This isn't the place to be begging for handouts. Be thankful for what they do give us. you are aiming your insults/bitching/moaning at the wrong people. D. Lemeuix and david gans are here to help folks. Mayeb write rhino and let them know what they are doing is wrong. But to keeping on whining to D. lemeuix and D. gans won't change anything. they have rules they are instructed to follow. If your only source of tunes is from i feel sorry for you. That is pathetic considering the pletherora of other dead trading sites/bnp vines ect ect....until rhino stops all that trading(god i hope not), all of your bitching/whining/moaning will really fall on deaf ears.

i can see after reading all these pathetic posts that if they do decide to pull would be due to these insulting demands.

seriously folks

Joined: Jun 8 2007
No Need

Something I just remembered after reading the latest posts: 1981, The "Aud" in Buffalo. Gates opened late. People were pushing toward the door. Flashes of the Who tragedy in Cincy. Deadheads crushed? I thought for sure the stampede to the floor would be a disaster. But the folks in the front turned around and said "No need!" People actually backed off! And it turned out to be an "orderly" entrance to the arena by the crowd. Maybe everyone needs to take one step back and think, "No need!"

Have a great and grateful weekend!

GrayFolded's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Found this on from 2005

The last sentence seems fitting for this situation, this I assume was from the suits at Rhino after the ARCHIVE.ORG 2005 Change of Policy regarding SBD downloads....

"The Grateful Dead and our managing organizations have long encouraged the purely non-commercial exchange of music taped at our concerts and those of our individual members. That a new medium of distribution has arisen - digital audio files being traded over the Internet - does not change our policy in this regard. Our stipulations regarding digital distribution are merely extensions of those long-standing principles and they are as follow:

No commercial gain may be sought by websites offering digital files of our music, whether through advertising, exploiting databases compiled from their traffic, or any other means.
All participants in such digital exchange acknowledge and respect the copyrights of the performers, writers and publishers of the music.
This notice should be clearly posted on all sites engaged in this activity.
We reserve the ability to withdraw our sanction of non-commercial digital music should circumstances arise that compromise our ability to protect and steward the integrity of our work."


Dead to the Core

sixstringsmoreorLesh's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
to be or not to be a deadhead

tj crowley

my thniking is that most of the posters here are NOT dead head...oh! they enjoy the music and stuff but have not climbed on board the bus ... it takes more than just a downloader or attndee to gigs..the deadhead thing goes deeper entering one's's spiritua's approach to the denizon's of this planet....listenning and enjoying the sounds of 'the boys' does not qualify for being a dead head. it's not limited to a few but rather the qualifier is special w/ an application of brotherly love and tolerance of other's and their defect of character and short coming's. things's part of the yin/yang..failure to accept create's inner tormoil and dis-harmony

Steve-O's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Enough already

The mp3's are not a God given right. Who do you people think you are? Be GREATFUL for what you had and stop with the whining about what you think you are owed. Thanks everyone for the great music that I will continue to enjoy til I die, and maybe when my son is born he will grow up listening and enjoying the music his father loves so much. Thanks again, and PLEASE keep it comming anyway you can.

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
....ever since they tore the jukebox down

I think its time to start playing hardball with these guys. I am considering suing for the following

Lost hours of my productive work time due to overuse of
200hrs*$0.5 = $100
Personal suffering resulting from stress induced flatulence in my dog
Replacing dead plants in my garden because I have been too preoccupied to water them $135
Royalties to Starbucks Inc for quoting Lily Allen lyrics
Mental anguish over exposure to profane language (real and virtual)
Loss of productive hours for my wife who has been trying to work out what the hell is wrong with me (she earns all the money round here)
RSI damages resulting from clunky navigation to the most recent post ;-) $913
Personal distress and prescription costs related to my failure to get Audacity to work
Compensation for my futile recent purchase of a 1 Terabyte HDD to store all future tapers section downloads (its true!)
Replacement of rare Wild Man Fischer LPs burnt in an irrational fit of anger on Monday

And finally
Carbon offset costs of all the hot air and foul gases generated by this business (and my dog)

Have wonderful weekends everyone, hope you all get to patch your bones and have some fun. Its mushroom season here so I'll be in the woods


…it could all start again on Monday......…

..........if that's what we really really want?


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