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A lot of folks here are musicians and play in bands. Here's the place to talk about them. What kind of music you play, upcoming gigs, etc.


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Looking for people to work with

I am Andy in Switzerland and i have a project called the Cosmic pimp band.
I am always looking for vocalists/keyboards/drums to collaborate with.
So far i have released 4 albums working with people i have never met, in fact none of the musicians have ever met which makes for much weirdness.
check out my stuff here
If anyone is interested in joining in the fun then blast me an email at
Thank you and keep on truckin`

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I'm not in a band, but I am a songwriter. I write commercial pop and country music, which I realize is not what you'd expect from a Deadhead. My commercial songs are professionally recorded with studio musicians and singers. You can head some of my work at

I also write some singer/songwriter material for myself, which I don't have professional recordings of. I recently tried my hand at self-producing one of them, which can be heard at the above link. That one is called "When It Came to You".

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Help On The Way?/Slipknot

Maybe I can shoot my distress signal here and someone will see it. I have lived in the foothills southeast of Sacramento, California for 27 years, and have not been able to start any kind of band, let alone one that plays originals, or any Left Coast music, like Quicksilver, New Riders, Airplane, not to mention the Dead. I am way beyond being totally exasperated over this issue. People here do Top 40, oldies and wine tasting stuff, and it's ALWAYS the same thing, over and over, and usually, not very good. (A lot of good people that I get along with, but no truly electric jams).

Over the last 5 years I have played solo acoustic (with occasional electric tunes) at the Jackson Farmer's market 2 or 3 times a summer. A lot of Dead songs - Bob & Jerry and even a Brent song one time - along with Allman Brothers, Jackson Brown, Paul Simon, Neil Young, David Crosby, CSN, Steve Stills, Hot Tuna, NRPS, Steely Dan, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell (Yvette in English) etc. I played Bob's "Only A River" on September 11th this past September. Anyone else trotted that one out yet? Even though, since 1966, my tastes have gone all the way from AC/DC and The Allman Brothers to Yes and ZZ Top. And "All points in between" - Zep, Stones, you know. (80's band in Ohio - Judas Priest, Billy Idol - on bass) - you name it. Sing and play. Both at the same time.

I bought new ceramic magnets for my guitar pickups, and learned a little about circuitry at the old Alembic store back in 1974. I talked with Tim Leary directly in Reno back in '92. I was working on a tugboat in San Francisco Bay the night of Bill Graham's helicopter crash. I worked on the pyro crew at the very last Oakland New Year's Eve show and met Mountain Girl that night. I saw Bob's Q&A in Angel's Camp at the Further Festival. I went to Terrapin in San Rafael last July 4th & 5th of 2015 for the simulcast, and Phil's brother-in-law sat down and had a few cocktails with me, and I have been there several times since then. I went to Wavy Gravy's birthday bash this past May to see the present version of NRPS. I personally wished Wavy a happy birthday. Steve Stills threw a guitar pick directly to me last June in Berkeley. I was right in front of the stage at Wheatland last June, alongside two other guitar pickers, to boot. I just talked with Steve Earl and met Shawn Colvin a couple of weeks ago. And I'm going to see Bob's Campfire Blue Mountain show in Oakland just a few hours from now.

Not a kid, nor a poseur - totally legit, and fully professional and employed full-time.

I am in DESPERATE NEED of a bass player and drummer who "get" a deep knowledge of the blues and bluegrass, have good skills and personalities, and can "swing like motherf----rs" in a jam. I've seen lots of this going on in Nevada City and Santa Cruz, but south of Sacramento it is not happening at all - it's a cultural wasteland. Musicians around here seem to think it's some kind of pathetic joke to do "hippie music", meaning, they are all about alcohol - period.

Not the fastest gun in the west, but ask anyone - I "sound really good". Not religiously respectful of the official recorded version of the songs, but I sure do know how to play 'em, and quite well, too. Better than a lot of the guys I've heard. And I write music, lyrics and arrange well, too.

Anyone within 100 miles of here?

Would it kill you to try?

Guild SC-100 with acorns and oak leaves carved in it, hence the term - - -

Acorn Axe


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gr8FLdüde & frenz - keepers of the flame in Atlanta, GA

Hey now! gr8FLdüde & frenz was formed in 2007 and has been performing throughout North Georgia on a regular basis ever since. Consisting of many veterans of the Atlanta jam-band scene, the band has become well-known for performing both on festival stages and "an evening with..." consisting of two long sets per show from a repertoire of well over 100 original compositions and cover songs (mainly comprised of Dead and Garcia tunes).

gr8FLdüde & frenz is the only band to perform at every one of the annual Jerry Day ATL celebrations.

Check out our FB page where you can check out some live performance videos from many gigs over the past 9+ years and stay in touch with what's happening on the DeadHead scene in Georgia as we are tightly connected with all of the Dead cover bands in the state.

Lewis Newmark, bandleader
gr8FLdüde & frenz

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Play guitar, piano, drums, bass

Hey now I am a solo artiest my name is Brian Leone . I have been playing since nine. I write most of my songs ,and i loving writhing music. its such a way to connect with your soul. I Really don't have style! i love playing blues, rock, folk, jazz. or just jamming until i can play anymore. I have been looking for other people to jam with. so If you are in PA let me know. i have been within to make a break , but at the same time fear holds me back. I have a version of Friend of a devil i do with i love playing. I can't sing for shit some people say i can others tell me to zip it. I prefer the honest ones.I have been wanting to jam with Micky , Bob, or Phil. I met Robert Hunter when he was here in Philly , my friend dan has none him for years. So people if you want to hear me play let me know or if you want to Jam.

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Built to Last

I should also mention that both bands are playing with Melvin Seals and JGB at the Built to Last festivals next week in the midwest.

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Frogleg/ Gypsy Lumberjacks

A couple head friendly projects out of Minneapolis:

Frog is gearing up to release a new album sometime next year. They've done after parties for DeadCo., Phish, and will be doing some WSP after parties in the midwest leg of their fall run.

Also check out Gypsy Lumberjacks -- Flamenco tinged Americana also out of Minneapolis

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New Speedway Boogie!

Hey everyone I an new here but i look forward to talking to some of you.

I recently did a cover of New Speedway Boogie. Guitars, Drums, Bass and all recording and editing done by me.
Check it out if you want!

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"Songs to Fill the Air" by David Bryan and Friends

hey now! doesn't seem like this page gets a lot of traffic, but just in case, wanted to share this with you all!

David Bryan, of David Bryan and Friends here! We were one of the "final four" of the covers project in 2015:

In 2014 I presented a full-blown grateful dead concert in a NYC historic landmark church on park avenue (featuring Kenny Brooks from Ratdog on sax). it was billed as a jerry garcia memorial concert, and was sponsored by the Mid-Manhattan Performing Arts Foundation. we had it professionally recorded, and that live recording is now up on itunes and google play.

IF YOU LOVE HARMONIES, THEN THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU!!! i hope some of you will check it out. :-) David Bryan and Friends performs regularly in NYC. I also have a band in NC doing the same music, with a different group of musicians: David Bryan and Friends, South.

Here's the link. Enjoy!

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In case you missed it....

Howdy! This link will take you to a 3 tune set of my music. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!


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