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A lot of folks here are musicians and play in bands. Here's the place to talk about them. What kind of music you play, upcoming gigs, etc.


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Ukulelien plays China Cat>I Know You Rider

Check out this video of a Uke version we did at Garcia's last night.

It's our first attempt at the Dead. Enjoy.

More videos at:

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2014 has been a great year for theCAUSE, highlighted by our show with Steve Kimock in March

upcoming shows for theCAUSE in Pittsburgh
Nov 1st Halloween Show at Moondogs
Nov 29th Thanksgiving Weekend at Sq Hill Sports Bar (former Frankies')
Dec 31st New Years Eve at the Rex Theater (FREE SHOW!!)

and on March 21st , 16th annual D Jam, a benefit for Greater Pgh Community Food Bank with Jeff Mattson from Dark Star Orchestra at the Rex Theater

more info at

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Check out The Higgs there an original jam band from Orange County California.

They tour the west coast alot and are slowly making there way to the east.

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Hi my name is John. I started playing guitar in 1966 when I was 15. I have always played rythmn
guitar. Over the years I played on and off with various bands. Then a couple of years ago finally
hooked up with my old bass player from 68. We are now working on alot of original music and
after all these years of playin now takin lessons to play lead. Really getting into lead and my old
friend is now playin rythmn so basically two guys goin back to our old roots. Also when all
said and done we already check into recording a Cd. But I have learned over the years music will
always be a big part of my life.

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check out our website

check out our website

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Florida GD Tribute band - seeking rhythm guitarist/vocalist

Florida GD Tribute band, Crazy Fingers, is seeking an experienced professional rhythm guitarist/vocalist for full time work. Must have a track record of playing GD music. Video auditions by way of youtube only to begin, possible personal audition to follow. Email link to video along with your information to :

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New Hamphsire - Sunshine Daydream: Friday, 8/22 Raymond, NH

Hey Now..
Sunshine Daydream is a 5 piece tribute from Nashua, NH.
We're playing Friday, 8/22 with 3 sets starting at @ 9PM:
The Cork N Keg - 4 Essex Rd, Raymond, NH (

Sunshine Daydream

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Calling fellow musios


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Me and My Dreadful Grapes.

ONLY About~23 - 28 years ago, I was the lead singer/part-time percussionist for a (mainly-mostly) cover band in the redwoods-region called the Dreadful Grapes (our groupies/fans went by the name 'Grape Nuts'!). We had two guitarists - both of whom dosed before each & every show (I did NOT: Someone had to remember (to sing/) the lyrics; Jeff and Nick kept me 'on my toes: there never was a 'set' playlist.... they would jam after a previous song until (just like the Band) a musical sequence/ chord would 'pop up' and I (after dancin' with the audience off-stage) would hafta get back up there and attempt to remember the words ''on-the-fly'': which Wasn't That Easy to do! Just 'You Tubed' my old band's name (wondering if anyone had taped any of our shows): got an ''avant-garde'' fusion jazz-rock band somewhere out there recently: Cool!

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Cave Street

When I left Texas in 2007 I lost my band. I was thinking I'd need a name for my new musical project when I was driving through New Providence near Clarksville. I saw a street sign that said Cave Street and it stuck with me.

Six years have passed and in that time I've recorded dozens of songs and soundscapes, some on my own and some with help from friends far and wide. Currently, I'm participating in the National Solo Album Month Challenge.

I wouldn't say that my music necessarily sounds like the Grateful Dead, but without the Dead's influence my music would surely not sound like it does.

Cave Street music is a 'first take' experimental blend of modern folk sensibilities, psychedelic textures, and stream-of-consciousness lyrics.

Immersing yourself in this improvisation-minded music can be like entering another person's dream but leaving before it's finished...


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