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The Gyps and Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders

Hey Now Freaks,
I've got a couple bands for you to check out.

The Gyps
- rock, jam, grunge, experimental
Stream and download for free -
On this show we do a hot Viola Lee Blues
Shows monthly at Phyllis' Musical Inn

Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders
- classic country, originals and covers
Stream and download for free -
Shows each month in Chicago at California Clipper, Bernice's

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Grateful Dead music and Lightshows go together

Well, I'm not in a band... but I know some guys that are!
And they let me do a lightshow for them. They are The Schwag, or may be known as 'Dead Ahead'. They have been interpreting Grateful Dead music for many years. I have been working with them for about the last 8 yrs. I shot on the main stage at their 5 yearly festivals, and in the Kansas City/Lawrence area when they pass through here. A great band and good friends - who also happen to play with Melvin Seals in The JGB Band!!!! (for whom I have also provided visual stimulation).

I couldn't find a short video of 'Cassidy' - so here is the first half of the set!!! Cassidy, Brown Eyed Women, Hey Pocky Way>Jam>Drums>Space>(Pt.2 begins w/ Doin That Rag). Hope you all enjoy.
And if YOU need a good lightshow for your band.... look me up!
Soulshine Concert Visuals / Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow

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sylvia's moon

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Solo piano renditions of Garcia-Hunter songs

Hey now,
Here are some lovingly rendered faves on solo piano.

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The Remnants

Our site says it all,

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The Window Panes

The Window Panes are a five-piece ensemble, based out of Winchester, VA, that performs in the acoustic rock / folk / jam genre. We are a middle-aged group of dead heads that have found a blend of acoustic guitars and mandolin with full drum kit and bass backbeats. Drawing from Grateful Dead roots this band has multiple singers in the band, singing originally written material, as well as favorite covers of jam bands of our time.

There are links to our upcming shows, site, as well as entire shows on (click on Set Lists) on our home page at: ...feel free to download free poster art by our mandolin player, Vince. We are hoping to expand our reach to the extended family. We appreciate your support (mailing list sign-up) and any feedback you may wish to dish. Thank you. -ddp, (~);}

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Scapesheep Skyship - 3 songs/videos

I decided to remove these
sorry for the blank post.

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Michael Martin & the Infidels doing Walk Me Out in the ...

I saw this great band the other night, Michael Martin & the Infidels, and then I saw them on You Tube doing a great version of a dead song:
You have to see this!

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All the SOUNDBOARD stuff from theCAUSE w/ KIMOCK

Video Playlist for Set I (with soundboard audio)...

Video Playlist for Set II (with soundboard audio)...

The whole show (soundboard audio) on ARCHIVE.ORG....

And here's LOOSE LUCY...


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