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Joined: Jul 8 2013
Bald Grateful Dead Impersonator

My first post...and it's just an advertisement for myself. Sorry. Anyway, I'm known as Bald Grateful Dead Impersonator. So far I have one subscriber on YouTube! I do have 232 likes on the Facebook page however. I'm just a huge Dead fan and I play Grateful Dead songs on an acoustic guitar as a tribute act. So far I've posted 18 videos of myself performing Grateful Dead songs on my YouTube page and I'm hoping to record ten more this weekend. I'm actually an accomplished bass guitar player, but as bass guitar isn't much of a solo instrument, I'm picking up acoustic guitar. I'm a bit of a goofball as I have more experience in musical comedy than in regular music, but I'm trying to take this reasonably seriously. Hope you check out some songs! And subscribe! Take care.

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Joined: May 10 2012
Oh Yeh

Im Andy, i am fro scotland but i live in switzerland.I play in a band called COSMIC PIMP BAND,,,
Im looking for keyboards for a new album project,,if interested, contact me here...

Joined: Feb 24 2013
Jam band

Hey guys im in a band, inspired by The Dead, Allmans, and the early clapton stuff

This is a song that weve titled "The depths", a live version we happened to record, have look :)

Joined: Jun 13 2012
s.s. scapesheep - our family

Joined: Jun 13 2012
Happy Hallowmas Class of 2012

"I've been spoken to by a higher order of intelligence - I thought it was God. It was a very personal God in that it had exactly the same sense of humor that I have. (laughter)"
- Jerry Garcia

"And this idea of the 2012 when everything tops out, well, I would love to be here for it. I'll buy into that belief - I don't want to miss it!"
- Jerry Garcia -
(when asked about Terrence Mckenna's idea of Archaic Revival.)

Joined: Jun 13 2012
S.S. Scapesheep - the end

Joined: Mar 23 2012
Folksy,psychedelic,trippy rock n roll

See the page at Reverbnation or on Facebook:
Band: ~nottheeverlybrothers~
Members: Phil Summers, guitar and vocals; Don Eacret, drums, guitar, keys and vocals
Location: West Central Indiana
CD: Twenty Copier (20 copier). Listen to songs at Reverbnation. Entire CD for sale
Comment: Try it you will like it! A masterful blend of sex drugs and rock n roll

Joined: Mar 17 2009
The Gyps and Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders

Hey Now Freaks,
I've got a couple bands for you to check out.

The Gyps
- rock, jam, grunge, experimental
Stream and download for free -
On this show we do a hot Viola Lee Blues
Shows monthly at Phyllis' Musical Inn

Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders
- classic country, originals and covers
Stream and download for free -
Shows each month in Chicago at California Clipper, Bernice's

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Joined: Sep 18 2012
Grateful Dead music and Lightshows go together

Well, I'm not in a band... but I know some guys that are!
And they let me do a lightshow for them. They are The Schwag, or may be known as 'Dead Ahead'. They have been interpreting Grateful Dead music for many years. I have been working with them for about the last 8 yrs. I shot on the main stage at their 5 yearly festivals, and in the Kansas City/Lawrence area when they pass through here. A great band and good friends - who also happen to play with Melvin Seals in The JGB Band!!!! (for whom I have also provided visual stimulation).

I couldn't find a short video of 'Cassidy' - so here is the first half of the set!!! Cassidy, Brown Eyed Women, Hey Pocky Way>Jam>Drums>Space>(Pt.2 begins w/ Doin That Rag). Hope you all enjoy.
And if YOU need a good lightshow for your band.... look me up!
Soulshine Concert Visuals / Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow

Joined: Jun 13 2012
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