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Joined: Aug 2 2013

Kodiak, Alaska here
Here's a Cassidy > Other One via digital 8 track September 2013

Multi-instrumentalist Frank Barton lives and records in Kodiak, Alaska. Frank is a veteran musician with over 25 years of live performance experience. Frank's music can be accessed globally at (over 200 songs and live performances) Listeners in the United States can access Frank's music for download at itunes or purchase his compact discs online.
Frank's official Facebook page :
Frank's official YouTube channel :

Dark Star (April 22, 2013) Kodiak, Alaska
Playing In the Band (February 2013) Kodiak, Alaska
Uncle John's Band (April 16, 2010) Hilo, Hawaii
All Along The Watchtower (2013) Kodiak, Alaska

Jam , All Along The Watchtower, Franklin's Tower, Crossroads, Sara, Badfish
Funky Blue Muskrats (August 7, 2010) Seneca Falls, New York (32:28)

Joined: Oct 1 2013
Thank You 26

Hi my name is Chris Dopey,
Im 47. Been writing music since I can remember. I can't say i'm a dead head, but my Aunt did take me to a show as a child. Boy did she get in trouble. Boy did it open my ears. Because of that show I began digging thru her albums much to her dismay. I was blown away, not just by the dead. I found Rare earth the tower of power. These massive jam bands the sound was everywhere. Changed my writing style for life. I no longer heard a single instrument but multitudes in my head. But sadly those weren't the bands I could create at the time so I wrote for 3 and 4 piece bands. Though I still heard the full potential of each song in my head. I always wanted to write a dead song but I could never get that sound. When Jerry Garcia died I was learning box of rain from a song book. I thought it strange when I found out. I was learning a dead song when I got the sad news. So I went to the index of the book. Something happened I can't explain it, the song title began to tell a story. so I grabbed up my guitar and wrote Thank you 26 in 5 minutes. Ever since I wrote it I all ways wanted to get it to the band. Whether they liked it or not wasn't the point. I just wan't them to know how much there music influenced me. So here is my last attempt. And I'm fine with that. Anyone who wan't it can have it for free. Just contact me. and I will email mp3. Here is the the link for the slideshow on youtube. plz don't come after me for photo rights I took them from google images. And I am very poor you won't get much.
Chris Dopey

Joined: Apr 18 2009
New Hampshire Dead band seeks keyboardist

Established Dead band in Nashua, NH seeking a keyboardist.
We're ready to play out, just need to add some keys!


Joined: Jan 19 2012

I don't play in a band however if I did I would want to play in the band Yarn. They are my favorite band right now. Yarn is an Americana band from Brooklyn NY. They write their own songs and play their own instruments. They play every night of the week for anyone that will listen. You can Download a show from the archive, stream there brand new acoustic album which came out last week, find out where they are playing, read there BIO, or watch them cover the Dead or play an original song at the following links. Just wait to you see Andrew Hendryx play his Electric Mandolin. He makes that little instrument sing. The whole band has so much talent and chemistry.

Joined: Sep 17 2013
Cryptical Development (The Band), Los Angeles, California

Please "like" our band, and more importantly, come see us - next gig is at The Steel Pit in Tujunga on October 12 - Hope to see you there...

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Joined: May 30 2008
My Band-Venice Gas House Trolley

We believe the world needs more poets! In hopes of keeping the connection alive between The Beats>The Hippies>The Jammers>etc etc Venice Gas House Trolley combines poetry and music into cerebral grooves that spin both body and mind. "If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine..."

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Hey, Antwerp!

You look like Walter white from Breaking Bad!

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Joined: Jul 8 2013
Here's a sample of my stuff

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Joined: Jul 8 2013
Bald Grateful Dead Impersonator

My first post...and it's just an advertisement for myself. Sorry. Anyway, I'm known as Bald Grateful Dead Impersonator. So far I have one subscriber on YouTube! I do have 232 likes on the Facebook page however. I'm just a huge Dead fan and I play Grateful Dead songs on an acoustic guitar as a tribute act. So far I've posted 18 videos of myself performing Grateful Dead songs on my YouTube page and I'm hoping to record ten more this weekend. I'm actually an accomplished bass guitar player, but as bass guitar isn't much of a solo instrument, I'm picking up acoustic guitar. I'm a bit of a goofball as I have more experience in musical comedy than in regular music, but I'm trying to take this reasonably seriously. Hope you check out some songs! And subscribe! Take care.

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Joined: May 10 2012
Oh Yeh

Im Andy, i am fro scotland but i live in switzerland.I play in a band called COSMIC PIMP BAND,,,
Im looking for keyboards for a new album project,,if interested, contact me here...


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