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Joined: May 14 2016
In case you missed it....

Howdy! This link will take you to a 3 tune set of my music. Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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I can't believe that myspace

I can't believe that myspace still has music saved!

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"DEAL" is awesome guys!

"DEAL" is awesome guys! totally enjoyed

Joined: Jul 22 2015
Stormcellar from Australia send the love ahead of our 3rd UStour

Hey DH's, long time listener, first time caller. (lol)

I'm typing from my secret cave at the rear of my house in sunlight when you're at night. I'm also from the future. The future says Hi.

My first GD exp was via an underground comic that hipped me to them - but almost more important than the music, it established in my head that there was an entire group of people who had a connection to a band in a sense of community, not fandom. I think that's really cool.

Anyway, we're a band on our own trip, but one that might have met with some GD nod of approval in an alternate universe. In fact this could be the alternate universe. We can't really ever be sure.

Down here, in Sydney, we're part of a blues and roots scene. We're a bit nuevo, a bit retro and a bit mutant. Quite a bit.

We've been touring the states for the last two years and finding our way. We've found that same sense of connection in the mid west of the US and we're coming back this year.

I'm not super organised enough to have a list of dates etc, but i know we'll be in Rockford, Illinois 8/27 and in Indianapolis and Bloomington IN on the labor day weekend. Plus whatever random dates we can hustle LOL.

On behalf of your friends in the Stormcellar, i'd like to invite you come and experience another sense of community with us. We're powered by love, in search of the ecstatic and keen for a good time.

To peer inside our head go to and because I can, here's one of our songs, written during our last tour, besides the Rock River, in Byron Illinois, and recorded at a studio about three blocks from my house in Five Dock, New South Wales Australia. Far out huh?

If this resonates with you, if you find us, be sure to come tell me.

Kind Regards

Michael 'MJEB' Barry
Things got weird and we turned pro.

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Grateful Dead Music - Saturday, 6/20 Haverhill, MA

Come shake your bones with Sunshine Daydream this Saturday night!!
No cover, cold beer, and a great time :-)
Kelley's - 75 S. Main St. Haverhill, MA 01835 - (978) 374-0132

Sunshine Daydream

Joined: Apr 18 2009
Grateful Dead Music - Saturday, 4/25 Haverhill, MA

Hey Now..
Sunshine Daydream will be doing two long sets of Grateful Dead and other jammy stuff this Saturday, 4/25 9PM at Kelly's Haverhill, MA.
75 S. Main St
Haverhill, MA 01835

Come on out and shake your bones!

Sunshine Daydream

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GD Tribute band from the late 90s

This *was* my GD tribute group.... Laughing Water. We are reuniting for a show in the Boston area this July - we think. Details still being worked out. I'm on keys.

I am doing new things now.. here's my current folk rock trio, Triptych.

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Lakewood, OH. Sunday, April 12 - Dead Related Event

Join the SLAP Jazz Quartet as they celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the founding of the Grateful Dead. The quartet will be performing a set of the Dead's music using jazz idioms and arrangements. The hour long set will be a condensation of the traditional two set Dead concert format, but will be true to form and flow of a show. Aside from a healthy dose of jamming, the show will contain many of Robert Hunter and John Barlow's best lyrical pieces.

Where: Lakewood Public Library, 15425 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

When: Sunday, April 12, 2 p.m.

Cost: FREE!

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Token Rhyme - March 28th - Live at Paladino's in Reseda Ca

If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area on Saturday night, March 28th @ 8pm - 'Token Rhyme' The Valley's premiere GD tribute band,celebrates 50 years of Grateful Dead music @Paladino's in Reseda, Ca. Bring your dancing shoes and come and shake your bones! Large dance floor, free parking. After 'Token Rhyme' comes 'The Led' - a Zeppelin tribute band, then 'Legacy' a Yes, ELP, Rush tribute band. These guys are pretty might want to stick around...

Joined: Feb 28 2015
Shakedown Street

I remember watching Shakedown Street play at Mishawaka in the Poudre Canyou in the early 90's. Great times! Keep on Truckin.


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