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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Liquid Sun Day

Liquid Sun Day is a new band based in Sonoma County, California. We've been rehearsing for a year and are now starting to do gigs. We're looking for venues to play in the Bay Area, if you can suggest any let me know!

We play: Grateful Dead, Allmans, Dylan, The Band, Stones, Beatles and more along those lines.

Find us on Facebook. Here's a link to our current website:

Joined: Sep 9 2010
Play Dead (New Orleans)

Just wanted to tell you about our new Dead tribute band here in New Orleans, Play Dead.

A clip from our first show is on youtube (it's kind of dark). At just type in Dave Easley, Franklin's and the clip should come right up, Franklin's-Feel Like A Stranger-Franklin's.

Also, Anderson/Easley Project plays every Sunday night at Madigan's on Carrollton and Maple in the Big Easy, 9 to midnight, originals, funk, jazz, free-jazz, blues, and a little Dead as well.

Joined: Jul 7 2007
I will be recording my debut solo acoustic album in a week

those of you who know me on facebook can get a free stream link to a live performance of one of my originals that will be on that upcoming album - the link is on my homepage right below the profile picture - hope y'all like it :)

peace and mellow music to all, have a grateful day as always,


ps to those few people out there who have never even met me in person and have been sending me threatening and annoying messages, PLEASE STOP THAT. IT CAN BE REALLY DANGEROUS TO BELIEVE RUMOURS - THEY OFTEN TURN OUT TO BE FALSE.

some of you seem to have heard rumors that i am some horrible person - i'm not. ask anyone who's met me and they'll tell you that. i have been touring with GD, JGB, Phil, DSO, Furthur, Weir, etc etc for years. nobody at any show has ever had a problem with me. not once.

those of you who persist in the activity of sending me or anyone annoying messages should please cease it and mind your own business. it's why i don't come here much anymore.

Deadheads should be respectful of others, not annoying towards them. thank you for considering that thought :) have a grateful day :)

Joined: Jun 8 2007
Free EP for Facebook friends

Hey there, I plugged my band up in one of the first few folders a while back. Our second album is due soon, and to help get things moving again we've finally put a Facebook page together today (a lot of you already signed on to our ol' MySpace page... thanks!)

Anyhoo.... we'll be putting up rough mixes, outtakes, etc. on the new Facebook page, and we're also putting together a new EP that we'll distribute freely exclusively to our new Facebook fans.

If you're interested visit us here ,click on the "Like" button at the top of the page, and we'll notify you regarding the free EP shortly.

Take care, now!

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Joined: Mar 28 2010
Crack In The Wall

My band is called Crack In The Wall. we are an art rock, experimental band from Austin, TX that has been playing for 7 years. Our music is at Any deadheads in Austin or TX are welcome to come to our shows and tape them. We are looking for people to tape our shows.

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Joined: Jul 20 2010
Since 1998

My band, together since 1998, plays once a month at our local "Dead" bar here in Richmond, VA, it's called King Solomon's Marbles. We also will play other places (parties, an occassional acoustic show, ect.). Check us out at

Yes, that's how the link is spelled...sorry...

Joined: Jul 19 2010

WE ARE BLUNDO. Based out of Columbus, OH. A high energy, fun band. We have originals and play some covers. I will attach a link to our myspace and to a recording of a few select covers and an original titled "Jambalaya" on archive, but actually is titled "Blind Seeing-Eye Dog" If you like what you hear and are within a couple hundred miles of Columbus, OH we're totally up for making a trek. Thanks Heads!

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Joined: May 8 2010
My band

My band is named the crystal skulls we are tribute band to the Grateful Dead. But we do many other covers to The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix

Joined: Aug 21 2007
Cover - Eyes of the world

Here´s a clip of my band Reform doing a cover of Eyes of the world.... We´d only attempted it once before but it turned out ok. A bit of a problem with the video, hence the clips of stars and planets.

Joined: Jan 6 2009
Dead Project!

We're Red Grenadine, a Grateful Dead tribute band from Summit Hill PA. We've recently played the Sol Gathering festival over Memorial Day weekend, and we've got opportunity to get booked for plenty of gigs and festivals. We just need a keyboard player to fill out our sound! Below are some links to check out. We've only been together over a 2 month period and already have over 20 tight songs that we have performed live.

Our myspace page contains 3 songs we recorded at a rehearsal (Casey Jones, Eyes of the World, Franklin's Tower)

Here's a video of us playing China Cat Sunflower-->I Know You Rider

If you're even somewhat interested, send us a message. We practice bi-weekly, learning the songs at home and then getting together. Most of us are available to get together to rehearse multiple times per week if needed.

If you're not a keyboard player, check out the music and let us know what you think! Thanks guys.


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