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marc the music man

" good thing, one good thing, when it hits you feel no pain..."

hey design for my cyber sight

music for of all ages that is...

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I played in a band called

I played in a band called Single Shipper for four months. We played pop-punk/ grunge (kind of different for these forums i know lol) we didnt play any shows because of money and travel problems. But we split cos' my drummer was heavily envolving himself around drinking and pot smokeing which was affecting his playing and concentration. But also cos'..... he wanted to play speed metal. A: Not really too much into that & B: I'm not that and what I mean by "that skilled" I mean "THAT SKILLED" enough to play that kind of music haha. I'm mostly good at three/four chord progressions, covers (Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Social Distortion, Sublime etc...) But before that and to this day I'm a solo artist and would rather prefer that over being in a band :)


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Check out the Lead Heads - a Teen Jam Band

It's worth checking out the Next Generation rocking Jerry's world

Joined: May 17 2011
I'm playing with Tom Constanten!!

I am in a band called Positive Mental Trip but this weekend, Saturday May 21st, 2011, I am playing at my festival, Positive Mental Trip Festival in Northville, NY with Tom Constanten in his band "In the Dark". A big deal for me and will be up on two songs with them. Anyone interested check out my site- . 3 days of camping and music in the Adirondack mountains of New York.

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tin foil hat 777

my project
tin foil hat

can be heard here

looking for members to start a new band.

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Playing In The Band

We would be most grateful if you would check out our band. We are an improv band consisting of 6 members from 3 cities in 3 different states. We only get together to play live and most everything is made up on the spot, we do fall into an occassional cover by The Dead, Pink Floyd,Dylan or an old traditional and an occassional original, but nothing is ever planned or rehearsed. Because of this we have hours and hours of live recordings but very little tracked out which makes it hard to post. Two people however have posted you tube videos of us, they can be found by googling Spongecake And The Fluff Ramblers. Also, our percussionist can be found on you tube playing with Robert Randolph and The Family Band and has recorded with Rob Wasserman,Stephen Perkins, Steven Molitz, and Willie waldman. Please check out our tunes and let us know what think.Peace and Love Spun Fluffington

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Live from Bakersfield

We started covering dead tunes while in college in the mid 70s, leaning heavily on Anthem, Aoxomoxoa, and Skullfuck. 36 years later we have reunited and are at it once again.

Seems we are stuck in Europe '72 and can't get out.

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Jam Fest on Long Island

We are a bunch of "old" dead heads who just love to jam as often as possible (our goal is once a week but life sometimes gets in the way) We just play for fun with no real agenda. We do the music of the Dead, Dylan, Beatles, other assorted stuff and even originals. I always like to say that we are a drum circle with a lot of guitars. But in fact we are looking for a drummer and or percussionist and keyboard player. If you are interested in joining us (even occasionally) contact me at Leave me your phone number and a little bit about you and we will contact you.

Joined: Nov 8 2010
Hello everyone. If you have

Hello everyone. If you have the time, give my band OVERMIND a listen. Positive experimental reggae with a message. You can hear all of our songs and download our EP for free at

let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy. Feel free to "like" our facebook page also!

Much respect

Joined: Feb 27 2011
Awesome Jam Session

On Monday my friend and I are going to have a jam/recording session. We are huge deadheads and have been jamming for a while. We thought it was time to honor the dead. Here are the tracks we are going to attempt to cover.

Ramble on Rose
Viola Lee Blues

Possible Darkstar


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