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Joined: Jul 12 2007
Grateful Tees?

Anyone out there know where I can find a European retailer of decent GD T-shirts? The designs on DJTees (UK) are awful and has a very limited European retailer choice (Loud Distribution) but loads of US-based stuff (Liquid Blue, nightmare for delivery time and surcharges). I'm in Italy but any European info would be massively appreciated (gotta get that Xmas gift list started!) Geedus71

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Joined: May 26 2007
somebody help this guy out...

it's morning in California and all I can hear is Paul McCartney singing Back in the USSR. And I know that's not right.

Joined: Nov 22 2011
Trying to remember a track

Clearly I'm not a 'Head' as such...bit of a late arrival to the scene.

Trying to remember the title of a track that has the sound of a jet aircraft in the background. Short of buying up the entire catalogue I don't know which album to start with!

Anyone help me out there?



Joined: Jan 29 2008
JITD and dutch coffee shops

no worries, the only smoke free policy at the Milky Way is for tobacco. marijuan legislation has not changed in the netherlands. there now exists a "weed pass" only available for local residents, but this is not at a national level, rather it is only implemented locally by towns which have a problem with people coming just to stock up (principally the border towns with germany, where long lines and traffic jams are the result with no real boon to the local economy). this policy has not nor will be in the foreseeable future implemented in Amsterdam which relies heavily on coffeeshop tourism. there has also been talk of reclassifying high intensity marijuana, but that is pretty much a no goer, because there is no practical way to test samples for THC content without dragging it off to a lab. so for those of you who are enticed by the idea of 3 nights of jam music while freely toking away, rest assured, at JITD it's possible. as for cheap digs, can't help there, but it's a city frequented by international tourists and more than its share of hippies, backpackers and college students, so i imagine there is a grand variety of lodging options.

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Joined: Jul 2 2007

that's a tough one-sleeping cheap in Amsterdam. I stayed in a youth hostel once, a bazillion years ago-will see whether I can dig up the address for it.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Can we stay cheaply in Amsterdam?

Going on a tour with my wife. This festival sounds interesting despite the Netherlands changing laws.

Joined: Jan 29 2008

The people who put on Jam In The Dam (march 2012 in Amsterdam) are looking for street team volunteers to put up posters in major european cities (live music clubs, jamband friendly record stores, etc..) if you are interested, please send an email to
(sorry, no free tickets, but there is JITD merchandise to be dispensed)

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Joined: Feb 5 2011


London Deadhead 'for the moment' that's been all around this world ;) and has re-planted roots in California SD from South Africa, it's a long story.

The only thing I ask for is to get a message to Billy, Mickey, Phil and Bobby and ask them from the fondest of my heart to travel to London next year.

Easy wind going cross the Bayou today....

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
copy/paste the url tia (:+D)

rainbow_trout say digital deadhead has old Rock + Roll at

Joined: Aug 19 2011
London Deadheads

I've just started a meetup group of London Deadheads. You can find out about it here:


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