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Not if you live in Europe

I tried to order All the Years combine through the deadnet store, but.Shout (the company that is producing the set) won't ship to France. Duh. You can get it on Amazon for $25 more. What do they always make it such hard and expensive work for us foreigners? Eeeesh.

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All the Years Combine

is available for purchase here in the Store:

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All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection

Hello from Belarus!
Where to buy the upcoming All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection?
Or myabe someone can make me a gift?

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

I live in France... I bought one on Fast and not too expensive...

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Middle of Germany

Hallo Kenneth_Minor

Where in the middle of Germany? I am in the middle of Germany too.

Joined: Feb 15 2012
My (German) approach to the Dead

Hi everybody,

I'm new to the forum and therefore was looking around for the right place
to introduce you to my version of "Loser" that I recorded at home during a decisive period in my life.

I got to know the Dead through my neighbor when I was about 15/16 years old and still living in a small village in the middle of Germany.
He played me all those wonderful songs when I came around to see him to hang out, play guitar or whatever.

One of the songs he had played me was "Loser" and it's still one of my faves of the "Dead Set" record iand in general.
I especially like the beginning of the guitar solo...a moment of beautifulness and drama. And the would make no sense at all to do a one-to-one cover

So " it's about time", I told myself, to record my version of that song.
I invented a new guitar part and, in turn, picked up on that part to write my very own
song out of it eventually...So the Dead were inspiring, at least twice.

Here it is, hope you enjoy "Loser"

...And here's the song a wrote later on...:called "Spring Cleaning in the wintertime"

Cheers and keep on growing!

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European Deadheads Article


It’s 41 years since the invitation ‘Dead Freaks Unite’ appeared on the sleeve of the Skull and Roses album. This formalised the whole Deadhead phenomenon.

I live in the UK and have been a dedicated follower of the Dead since “Anthem of the Sun” and have seen them on each European tour.

A colleague and I have been invited to write an article about European Deadheads for a forthcoming edition of the academic journal “Popular Music and Society” dealing with themes relating to “fandom”. To help us to understand the band’s continuing importance to its European fanbase, we will very shortly be issuing a questionnaire. Initially, this will seek to gather basic information from respondents, such as age, gender, occupation, number of shows attended, etc. More importantly, we would also want to explore the overall significance of the Grateful Dead to its followers – the ‘meaning’ of the band (and its music); the place it occupies in the lives of Deadheads; the opportunities and constraints that come with Deadhead activity; the benefits to be derived. These responses will provide much of the material for the article.

Respondents will not be identified by name, and anonymity and confidentiality will be guaranteed. We would also hope, where possible, to interview a representative selection of Deadheads about their experiences.

The article will be published in late 2012/early 2013.

If you would like to receive the questionnaire and/or would be willing to be interviewed (in person or by telephone) please e-mail me at .If you have any questions, please contact me at the same e-mail address.

And please do forward this to others who might wish to participate!

Best wishes,

Pete Smith

Joined: Feb 4 2012
Re: Trying to remember a track

I guess you mean "Unbroken Chain" which can be found on the album "From The Mars Hotel".

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remember folks JAM IN THE DAM is from 14 to 16 March in Amsterdam at the Melkweg.
DSO - Mike Gordon - moe. - Keller Williams - Lotus
every band plays a full long set every night.

also, german GD tribute band COSMIC FINGER will be playing a pre-JITD party on that tuesday night at maloe melo.

Joined: Jul 21 2007
Europe '72 40 years on...

just in case any folk out there wern't aware, Dark Star Orchestra is playing a London show on March 18th when they plan to recreate a historic London show in its entirety from the GD Europe '72 Tour...can't wait!


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