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jamasutra featuring Barry the Fish Melton cd (Deadicace members)

jas obrecht Jamasutra "revolution down the road" cd review
First, a quick background check: Barry “The Fish” Melton played lead guitar on the San Francisco scene’s first psychedelic record, and went on to play the Monterey and Woodstock festivals. His new “neo-psychedelic” release with Parisian guitarist/vocalist Stephan Missri and band is, in a word, extraordinary. It’s trippy, politically and socially conscious, and brilliantly played. Deadheads – Garcia freaks in particular – will love Melton and Missri’s flowing solos, epitomized by the Jerry-esque joyride of “Jamasutra Mantra.” Like the early Allman Brothers Band and Steve Hunter-Dick Wagner with Lou Reed, Melton and Missri create intriguing two-guitar interplay without venturing into overkill. They freak-out Hendrix-style on “Vert,” and Barry resurrects his wicked vibrato of yore for “Le Dernier Homme en Ville.” His sea shanty-cum-ecological call to arms “Shady Grove” recalls his Country Joe & The Fish era and then segues into one of the album’s best jams.

International feels abound. Algerian-born Missri sings mostly in French, with a smooth, smoky voice. Rhythms and melodies seamlessly embrace rock, blues, psychedelic, Middle Eastern, and African influences. “This was truly a trans-Atlantic effort for me,” says Melton, who’s worked as a public defender in northern California. “Much of my early music was influenced by Middle Eastern music, which becomes immediately apparent were you to see me with Country Joe in the 1967 movie Monterey Pop.” Danish bassist Charles Jannic and French drummer Christophe Rossi excel at everything – hats off to these guys, as well as to Melton and Missri for their fine, fine playing and producing. Order this Seafood Records release at and

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that sounds like fun. i'm so

that sounds like fun.
i'm so used to facebook ... i was looking for the like button

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Dr. Will

Dr. Will is playing a blusey theatrical jammin show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, on 25th of March.
Can't wait!
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deadheads in uk

don't know about london, but the UK is full of deadheads.
you need to check out the eurotraders group on yahoo, that's your best bet. currently a concert is being planned in april for workingman's deed, a dead tribute band, one of various in the uk. although i think it is cosmic charlies which plays more around london.
if you hunt around my webpage you can also find links to all the dead cover abnds and jma bands in the uk as well as links to other sites and the SOL festival in UK as well.

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deadhead in London


Just wondering if there are any heads residing in or around the London area?


Has anyone tried any of the fine ale from Darkstar brewery?

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just a heads up for all jamband and funk fans living in spain. the Uks finest funk band "The New Mastersounds" will be on tour in Spain in February. These guys play all original funk, mainly instrumental, ten albums already released, and have been compared to the meters, in fact, Art "Poppa Funk" Neville was so impressed by a video of them doing a meters tribute session at the Mountain Aire festival he asked them to be his backing band for a show at Tipitina's in NOLA this Halloween. They spend most of their time touring the jamband circuit in the u.s., they played just about every major jamband festival this summer and fall, so this is a rare opportunity to catch them on this side of the Atlantic. These will be their first shows after Jam Cruise (3rd year in a row), so don't miss them. If you live in the UK they will be playing a free show in Leeds tomorrow December 22nd.

Thursday, February 3rd - Fender Club Getafe
Friday, February 4th - Durango Club Valencia
Saturday, February 5th - Booga Club Granada
Sunday, February 6th - Sala Malandar Sevilla w/ La Mula
Wednesday, February 9th - Vallado-Indy Music Series @ Sala Asklepios Valladolid
Thursday, February 10th - Hangar Burgos
Friday, February 11th - Jimmy Jazz Vitoria
Satruday, February 12th - Apolo [2] Barcelona
Sunday, February 13th - Sala Caracol Madrid

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Hey Now...Just a reminder

Hey Now...Just a reminder that is hosting another My First Grateful Dead Show this Wednesday evening from 9:00-11:30pm/ET. This will be our first in the series to showcase one of our "international" Deadheads so it's gonna be a really special show.

Please do join us in the Deadvids chat room ( to participate in the interview. We're bound to cover just a little more ground! Peace...

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though the stated provenance is good if the seller's willing to include a notarized statement to that effect.

ratsnkats (not verified)
Buyer beware

Both of the posters recently offered in this topic have been heavily counterfeited, just sayin'...

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you might be better off posting this in the Your Own Storefront topic.


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