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Greets from Germany! Still 3

Greets from Germany! Still 3 months here and then off to Canada!

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Hey all ~ good vibes from

Hey all ~ good vibes from SW19 London, roots in South Africa, family left for California in 87', first show Great Western Forum 1989-02-10, live and work in London, going to California eventually someday.

Nice to have the Cosmic Charlies here, seen them just once and if I could I would see them more. They sound great.

peace Gman

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Scottish Heads

as Bro Esau said why not join Eurotraders and leave a message there. I know there is there is one dead head there (who is also here from time to time ) who lives in the Dumfries area!

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you probably want to get on

you probably want to get on the yahoo group "eurotraders" and in particular contact with "workingman's deed", the scottish dead cover band.

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Calling Scottish Deadheads?

Hello Friends,

At the end of April 2011 I am going with my girlfriend to Annan in Dumfries to visit her family. I have never been to Scotland and I thought it was be really fun to meet you Scottish Deadheads. My name is Larry and I live in Manhattan. I have been into the GD since '69. My girlfriend, although very open minded, is not into the GD - so any help with info or anything for the trip would be much appreciated.


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Request for stories

Friends -

I am writing the liner notes for three of the shows in the Europe 72 box: Jahrhunderthalle 26 April, Radio Luxembourg 16 May, and Lyceum 26 May.

Is there anyone among us here who attended any of these shows, or heard the Radio Luxembourg show over the air?

I'd be interested in a brief email conversation with an earwitness or two.

For that matter, I suppose it would be good to talk with someone who hit one of the other shows, for a sense of how the Grateful Dead were presented to the European market. What had you heard of them before they arrived? How were they received?

And of course, as these things go, I need it yesterday.

I will check back here later, but it would expedite matters if you sent your stories to me at or

Thank you!

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Scottish dead band

Scottish dead band Workingsman's Deed will be playing Saturday, April 16th in Manchester at the Briton's Protection Bar. A great opportunity to hear some good tunes and meet fellow deadheads in the UK. Discussions about football are not recommended .....

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Dr. Will

Brand new video with his brother Schorsch. I LOVE it!!/video/video.php?v=1720107976297&oid=202137041934&comments
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jamasutra featuring Barry the Fish Melton cd (Deadicace members)

jas obrecht Jamasutra "revolution down the road" cd review
First, a quick background check: Barry “The Fish” Melton played lead guitar on the San Francisco scene’s first psychedelic record, and went on to play the Monterey and Woodstock festivals. His new “neo-psychedelic” release with Parisian guitarist/vocalist Stephan Missri and band is, in a word, extraordinary. It’s trippy, politically and socially conscious, and brilliantly played. Deadheads – Garcia freaks in particular – will love Melton and Missri’s flowing solos, epitomized by the Jerry-esque joyride of “Jamasutra Mantra.” Like the early Allman Brothers Band and Steve Hunter-Dick Wagner with Lou Reed, Melton and Missri create intriguing two-guitar interplay without venturing into overkill. They freak-out Hendrix-style on “Vert,” and Barry resurrects his wicked vibrato of yore for “Le Dernier Homme en Ville.” His sea shanty-cum-ecological call to arms “Shady Grove” recalls his Country Joe & The Fish era and then segues into one of the album’s best jams.

International feels abound. Algerian-born Missri sings mostly in French, with a smooth, smoky voice. Rhythms and melodies seamlessly embrace rock, blues, psychedelic, Middle Eastern, and African influences. “This was truly a trans-Atlantic effort for me,” says Melton, who’s worked as a public defender in northern California. “Much of my early music was influenced by Middle Eastern music, which becomes immediately apparent were you to see me with Country Joe in the 1967 movie Monterey Pop.” Danish bassist Charles Jannic and French drummer Christophe Rossi excel at everything – hats off to these guys, as well as to Melton and Missri for their fine, fine playing and producing. Order this Seafood Records release at and

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that sounds like fun. i'm so

that sounds like fun.
i'm so used to facebook ... i was looking for the like button


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