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The Big Beat Acid Test was December 18, 1965


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I was there. My band, the Vipers, actually opened the show. I was the drummer, Ed Levin.

We weren't on the poster or the newspaper ad, but neither were the Dead.

Ralph Gleason still referred to them as the Warlocks in his review.
The "VIPs" was his misreading of our name, the Vipers.

Since we DID play at the gig, I humbly request to include The Vipers on the bill.

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The song played before the start of the 2nd set was actually "Fanfare for the Common Man"
by Aaron Copeland. It was used as the Olympic theme song. Jerry's nod to the venue!
The "2001" theme song (also sprach zarathustra)is similar but not what was played.
I was there, and can be heard on tapes, though I haven't found it on any archive recordings

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Since you listed the CC Rider tease before Lazy Lightning... I think it only fair to include th St Stephen tease during space. I was there, and it is clearly heard on any recording on the archive. After Spanish Jam, leading into Not Fade Away. There was a group of people walking in front of the stage carrying a sheet with "St Steven" and a skull & roses painted on it.

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Missing show between Low Library and Central Park

On May 4th, 1968, the band played SUNY - Stoney Brook - in the middle of Long Island. It was some sort of end of semester "dance". There was a cake backstage because it was Sunshine's 2nd birthday, which someone set firecrackers into at some point.Can't say I remember the set list, though!

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No apostrophe necessary :)

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October 31, 1969 concert at San Jose State College

I was part of the group of students who booked this GD show on Halloween 1969 to celebrate the opening of the new SJSU College Union. The poster image on this listing is wrong. The poster for the concert was by Scott Peterson and was a dark forest scene with a devilish ghoul cavorting around a fire in an evil woods, and I have a copy of that poster. Please fix this. I'm a hardcore Dead Head and saw about 15-20concerts, plus I own over 50 of their concert CDs.

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Not sure this qualifies, but the Roll Out The Barrel just before Eyes is pretty significant as a number. Your call.

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Yea.....what he said

Yea.....what he said

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The 30 trips around the sun USB

I have a Major important question
about the USB
Besides the fact that the USB
is the same price as the box set,
the fact we don't get the book
is an issue,
but I know you won't
be doing anything about that....
which honestly kinda sucks
Given the cost to produce the USB package
vs the cd package (but still charging the same don't seem right, if your being honest with should agree)
Most importantly.....
Will the 2nd sets of these shows
run uninterrupted ?
CDs fade out at end of disk two
Fading back into disk three.....
l hate that,
can't sit back and chill to a second set that way!
The reason I bought the USB
is so there would be no breaks
in the middle of the sets
like the CDs will obviously be.
This is probably a major issue
for all people buying the USB
(Even though there is only 1,000 of us)
We don't get the booklet or the fancy box
But that's not a problem,
if they run uninterrupted
I did not want the CDs
for that reason (and storage too)
as well as wanting 24/96 resolution (sweet)
Has this question been brought up by anyone?and I hope you guys were smart enough
to master the USB as uninterrupted shows, unlike the CDs
(more work for you guys but you are charging enough for this package now dubbed "BOXILLA")
I truly will be disappointed
if there is breaks in the middle of a set
This issue will be a major problem
I'll want my money back
if they are these interruptions, so.......
Look forward to a response
Thomas A. Violagis Jr.


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