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Our friends the Rhinos have various and sundry new releases in the development process, but they're always interested in hearing what you'd like to see hit the virtual shelves of the Store. No promises, but you never know...

This topic is for requesting new box sets. There are also topics for individual shows and DVDs.

If you've already requested something in the previous Requests topic, you don't really need to request it again, but hey, if you just can't help yourself...


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Shows in '91, '92, and '93

Very much agree. Have really (and unexpectedly) enjoyed the 91, 92 and 93 shows from the Thirty Trips box set. There is wonderful material in these years. Maybe there were not as many consistently good shows as in the 70s, but on the nights when the band was on, the music is thoroughly satisfying. A box set from the fall of 1991, for instance, would be terrific!

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Box Sets wishes

Mickey and the Hartbeats '68-all recordings/shows complete. I would love that myself.
I'm in total agreement with The Ark '69 complete.
And Berkeley Comm Th '72 complete.
I know. I'm a greedy S.O.B.

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alpine valley 89 video set!

Please release ALL of the alpine valley '89 video before I drop dead!

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Richfield coliseum in Richfield ohio

Some great shows there 1990 thru 1994. Or buckeye lake in central ohio.

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The Ark 69, Fox 72 boxes are fine ideas. I still think a box from 10/21/73 - 11/1/73 would great. That would allow them to do 12/18 as a single show release, or possibly 12/8, 12/12, and 12/18 as a small box someday.

I am surprised to hear that the Vault has multitracks of 7/18/76. I am wondering what other multitracks are in there. 12/31/72 maybe? 10/6/77? Fall '89 of course, but not sure what they could do with that, given what has already been released.

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The Ark, Boston, MA 4/21,22,23/69

I second the request.

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The Ark, Boston, MA 4/21,22,23/69

I would love to have an official release of The Ark shows, 21, 22, 23 April 1969 box set.

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Vegas/Red Rocks/Madison Square Garden box sets?

I would be "thrilled" to see any of the above box set come out.

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3 day run

My favorite box sets are both Winterlands. 3 shows, 9 discs. About $100 each. When box sets get too big, they get too expensive. Just my opinion. But I'd love a 3 day box from an important venue. Pick a Red Rocks 3 day run, or a Greek. Alpine 89 was 3 days. Put that out with video, too! Saratoga was always 1 show. Merriweather Post always 2. Now Saratoga from like 83, 83, & 85 might be interesting, but I'd like the 3 days in a row....

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Chinese New Years/Mardi Gras

How about some of those epic CNY or Mardi Gras from the 80's?


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