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Our friends the Rhinos have various and sundry new releases in the development process, but they're always interested in hearing what you'd like to see hit the virtual shelves of the Store. No promises, but you never know...

This topic is for requesting new box sets. There are also topics for individual shows and DVDs.

If you've already requested something in the previous Requests topic, you don't really need to request it again, but hey, if you just can't help yourself...


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Box sets

In box sets and individual releases, there has been precious little product from the second half of the band's concert lifetime, 1981 through 1995. Two of the very best concerts we've heard on official releases from that era have been from the latter half of 1991 (Dick's 17 and the 1991 entry from Thirty Trips). How about a box of five or six shows from August and September of that year? There are some sublime shows there. And two keyboard players, to boot! Thanks.

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1980 Radio City and Warfield shows

Need these please !!! Acoustic sets too ...

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Fall 80 acoustic/electric box

A soundboard of the 10/18/80 show in NOLA exists (w/a handful of audience patches): (Charlie Miller transfer)

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Lets do Ron "Pigpen" McKernan some justice !!!

When are we going to see (hear) a box set or at least a compilation or anthology of Pigpen's contribution to this band, scene, etc. ???

He was a heck of a bluesman and lest ye forget, somewhat the center of attention on stage those first few formative years with his long rambling ad lib raps throughout some killer extended jams.

When we want to get raunchy who do we turn to ?..................PIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please, oh, Please!!

Fall '79 and Fall '83 are FAR TOO OFTEN overlooked! The Boise, Red Rocks and Santa Fe shows from '83 have deserved release for YEARS!

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Summer Solstice 06/19,20,21/80 Box Set?

Anchorage, AK. Great run of shows not in wide circulation.

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What about 1980 Radio City

What about 1980 Radio City and Warfield Shows including acoustic first sets ?

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Capitol Run 2/18-24/1971

This would make a nice box...

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Philly Spectrum 1989 Box

This was a nice three night run would make a great box set.

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Philly Spectrum 1989

I would love a Philly Spectrum 10/18, 19, 20/89 box set. These shows are well played, and mean a great deal to me personally.


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