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Dave's Not Here, Man !

Well, the estimable Monsieur Lemieux says it best himself, elsewhere on "6/10/73 at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC, where the Dead played two shows with the Allman Brothers Band and Wet Willy. These shows have long been considered for release, and it's only a matter of time before we see them mastered properly and released. They're really exceptional."

So let's just get this show out there already--- PLEASE !

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CCC- Clarence Clemons Compilation

I would love to see a compilation of the best of the Big Man sitting in with The Grateful Dead and The Jerry Garcia Band.

You would sell a truckload in New Jersey

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Blu Ray Requests

I know there's got to be plenty of footage of stage shows, T.V. appearances and whatnot that aren't available to purchase on video. For example, the recent Bob Weir doc (The Other One) showed a clip of them playing Shakedown Street on some show (I think), probably around '78 or so, and it was a great performance. When considering introducing a friend to the Grateful Dead via live performance on video, I don't feel I have a lot to work with. Performances showcased on the Woodstock dvds, Festival Express, etc have very limited material. I've got the Grateful Dead Movie, Closing of Winterland, Trucking' Up To Buffalo, Dead Ahead and a few of the View from the Vault installments, but I know there must be a ton more from the '70s that haven't been officially released. If there aren't a lot of whole shows to put out, even a career spanning compilation of live performances would be nice. Just please don't make it a 20 disc/$400.00 set.

Thanks for your consideration!

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87-89 post coma box


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30 More Saturday Nights (in their entirety)

3/18/67 Winterland
11/11/67 Shrine
1/20/68 Eureka Municipal Aud.
2/03/68 Crystal Ballroom
4/05/69 Avalon
7/11/69 State Pav., Flushing, NY
11/15/69 Lanai Theatre, Crockett, Ca
9/19/70 Fillmore East
9/23/72 Palace Theatre
3/24/73 Spectrum
5/26/73 Kezar
10/19/74 Winterland
6/12/76 BMH
6/19/76 Capitol Theatre
2/26/77 Swing
5/07/77 Boston Garden
1/07/78 Golden Hall
4/15/78 Williamsburg, Va
7/08/78 Red Rocks
10/21/78 Winterland
2/17/79 Oakland-Alameda
12/01/79 Stanley Theatre
6/21/80 Anchorage
9/06/80 Lewiston
3/21/81 Rainbow
12/05/81 Indianapolis
4/16/83 Brendan Byrne
6/18/83 Saratoga PAC
10/15/83 Hartford
7/07/84 Alpine Valley

These are all Taper's Compendium Picks - here's to hopin' our new Dave's 15 from a Saturday night in Nashville, down by the Cumberland River, scorches, smokes and catches fire!

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New box set
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Alpine Valley: July 1989

A CD/DVD/Blu-ray Box Set of the July 17, 18, & 19 shows. That would be too awesome.

Joined: Jun 23 2015
July 2015 Shows

Probably a silly question. Are the July 4.5.6 shows going to be released on cd/DVD/blue ray ?

Joined: Jul 31 2013
Early 80s or Spr/Summer 85 sets, & re-rls complete F. West box!

First, I'll second the recent Wall of Sound shows box set request as a good choice- absolutely love '74- including a full 6/18/74 and 6/23/74 in a box set, for example. Or perhaps a good '71 box.

Even more so, though, I'd like to see releases from the first half of the 80s, which have been so neglected in the Dead discography-
some greats include 8/28/81, 4/19/82, 9/21/82, 4/16 and 4/17/83, and 7/22/84. Plus of course a bunch of '85 shows.

And speaking of '85- Spring and Summer of '85 had so many great shows- the band was crisp and energetic- 3/25, the Nassau shows, 3/31, Meriwether- 6/30/85! Great shows from later in the summer and early fall, too.

And while I do love '68-'74 most of all, and '77 quite a lot, obviously the early 80s have been so underrepresented (and are my favorite Dead era after those above)- not sure if it's simply the quality of the master tapes or what. There's enough strong and unique playing from that era to merit these kinds of releases.

Still, a re-release in some form of the Fillmore West 1969 Complete Recordings box set would be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED by many people here who missed getting it during the extremely brief period before it sold out- and from what I recall, it was fairly affordable by Dead box set standards.

Finally, on that note- please no more $200+ box sets, unless like Europe '72 the shows can be ordered individually!!

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Box set requests

Non-FE April 1971.

Manhattan Center 4/71
Felt Forum 12/71.
SUNY 10/30-31-70.
Boston Music Hall 4/71 and 12/71.

Rock on,


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