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Our friends the Rhinos have various and sundry new releases in the development process, but they're always interested in hearing what you'd like to see hit the virtual shelves of the Store. No promises, but you never know...

This topic is for requesting new individual shows. There are also topics for box sets and DVDs.

If you've already requested something in the previous Requests topic, you don't really need to request it again, but hey, if you just can't help yourself...


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1978 Road Trips style releases

For Jan. '78, Nov. and Dec '78. All contain segments of quite fantastic and unique playing. See: 1-13-78 Dancin' thru Wharf Rat, 1-15-78 Terrapin>Playing in the Band. I have to delve deeper into November, but Dave has played cool examples on JOTW and Taper's (11-18). As for December, I really like the run from 12-12 thru 12-19. Not sure what kind of board sources exist for some of these tapes, as 1-15 and 12-16 I have only seen as audience tapes I think.

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3-6-81 Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh

The first set is very good, the second set is spectacular:

Samson and Delilah
It Must Have Been the Roses
Estimated Prophet
Franklin's Tower
The Other One
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

This Stella Blue is my all-time favorite. It is diaphanous in the literal sense of being light, delicate and translucent. It takes a while for Jerry to solo his way out of a really powerful TOO (featuring a few Phil bombs) and transition into SB with a few clunkers on the way, but they only make it all the more wondrous when he finally gets there so plaintive it sends shivers up my spine. Even if you don't release it, give it a listen. You'll be glad you did.

Why not do a Stanley Theatre box of 11-30-79, 12-01-79, 3-5-81 and 3-6-81? I can personally attest to their exceptional quality 'cause I was there for three of 'em and I've got a pristine 12-01-79 on cassette.

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July 13, 1981 - McNichols - Denver Pleazzzz!!

After getting the Scarlet-Fire download from Cornell I had to listen to the 81 Denver again and please please please. I was my girl friends first show and she became a lifelong deadhead.

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new Years 72

I'd like to se 12-31-1972 if the reels are in good shape. Not only is this the day I was born but after checking up I was born during the Other One to be exact. Ha...born under a good sign eh? Thanks Ma.

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Buckeye Lake 6.11.93

Sweet summer outdoor show.

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Stanley Theatre

Pittsburgh, PA 12-1-79

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Yes! It would be nice to have

Yes! It would be nice to have both shows!

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like to see...

I'd be very into a boxed set of Warfield and/or Radio City 1980

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10/29/77 NIU

Please release this, you Might As Well! Great fall '77 show.


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