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Joined: May 11 2012
Atlanta Fox 5-18-77, 5-7-77 Boston, also very nice

5-18-77 looking at my burn disc 2 of 3, LL > Sup, High Time (YES!!!), TMNS, Jack Straw, Ship O' Fools (YES!!!), EP > Eyes...
I Love a good High Time, this and Ship fun!!! Total faith and praises 4 Dave so far!!!!! Right on, brother in Deadness!!! Smoke 'em 'til the Wheels Fall Off!!! Miss you, Jer... PEACE!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
10-15-76 Shrine

The penultimate show from the comeback year of 1976, it's a high energy show with a great setlist and historic to boot. This show features the first He's Gone since the retirement and the last He's Gone since they took the tune off the shelf for good starting with Dick's Picks 29. This show would make a great bookend to demonstrate the evolution of the band from the '76 sound into the monster machine they became in May 1977. Check out the Other One, too!

Might As Well
Mama Tried
Row Jimmy
It's All Over Now
New Minglewood Blues
Lazy Lightnin'
Promised Land

Eyes of the World
Music Never Stopped
It Must Have Been the Roses
Samson and Delilah
He's Gone
The Other One
Comes a Time
Franklin's Tower
Sugar Magnolia

Joined: Jun 18 2008
Second for 8-2-'76

I have a listenable AUD of this show, and I have to say that this is an exceptional performance from that period. It's a relatively unknown show that ought to be widely heard in pristine CD quality. I would definitely buy this if were released on CD.

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Joined: Nov 10 2007
9/20/1970 Fillmore East!

Listening to this show now and would love to see it get the official treatment. This show features the most gorgeous acoustic Dead I've ever heard. I am also smitten with the American Beauty centered set list! By far, that is the band's best album and this year in their history is quite important as a result. Of course, this is my opinion but I feel that it is a legit one :-) Happy listening, folks!

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Joined: Feb 20 2012
oh it dont matter what you wear as long as you're there

09-03-1967 would be fantastic. it may be avalible in soundboard, but i really would love to see the artwork and improved sound. just to hear dancing in the street from that show in the hdcd format is bliss.

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
3/25/83 Compton Terrace

First show of 83 and the first Help>Slipknot>Franklin's since 1977. A mint show from beginning with Cold Rain & Snow to the end to the ending Sugar Magnolia. The Space>Throwing Stones was awesome as was the Black Peter.

I know a lot of people say that 83 was a throw-away year except for a very few shows (Broome Cty. Arena, Patrick Gym, Saratoga - to name a few) but this show was exceptional. It was the first show after an eleven week break for the Dead. I'm thinking maybe Jerry rehabbed during this period because the New year's run was so weak that year, Jerry nodding during all three sets at New years.

This was like a flash of lightning saying "We're backkk Baby"! Thing I'll listen to it again right now!

Joined: Jul 16 2011

need some live dead released on vinyl. What happened to the Europe '72 vol. 2 vinyl? Where is that? Also Dave's picks on vinyl would be great, I'd buy the 7-31-74 release on vinyl. Fingers crossed!

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Joined: Nov 19 2008
show was a riot

Colt Park 1976_08_02

would probably be a four disc offering, but some great performances that day, on a beautiful Summer New England day!

Joined: Nov 19 2011
Garcia's Wake...

The stuff that was played at Garcia's wake at the SF polo fields was some of the best stuff I've heard... old timey stuff...

anyone remember that?

anyone know what that was from ?

PLEASE release those tunes! ! !


lamagonzo (not verified)
Glens Falls Civic Center 5/5/81

This tour had a very high dose rate. At least 75% of this crowd was tripping on one substance or another. I hope a good matrix of this show exists in the vault.

The 2nd set is an all-out rocker:
Scarlet>Fire>Estimated>Eyes>Drumz>Space>Uncle John's>Truckin'>Alabama>JBG Enc. US Blues

The deadheads folded up all the chairs on the floor and turned this one in to a dance fest. Very Groovy show, good memory for a lot of people.


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